Ensure that your manuscript makes the best impact upon submission with the use of our English Language Editing Service. We can help you to effectively communicate your research with clarity and consistency, giving you the best start in the publication process.

Our London-based editorial team provides the highest quality in scientific communication, with a fast turn-around time and an affordable range of services. See the links below for the different services we can offer...

English Language Editing Standard

A high-quality proofreading service provided by an editor with English as their first language. We correct errors and strive to make your message clearer by improving the flow and use of English Language...


English Language Editing Premium

Have your manuscript edited by an experienced subject-area editor. The senior editor will pay particular attention to the construction and flow of sentences, and identify areas that may require further information from you…


Manuscript Formatting

Avoid having your manuscript returned to you without review! We can save you time by ensuring the layout, style and references follow the requirements of your intended publisher…


Figure Preparation

High quality images, figures and tables are essential for communicating your results. We can help you by making the resolution, size, fonts, labeling and format of your figures match the requirements of your intended publisher…



The content of this webpage is also available for download in Chinese.

Disclaimer: Please note the that editing of manuscript files by Spandidos Publications English Language Editing service in no way implies that your article will be automatically selected for peer review or accepted by a journal of Spandidos Publications, or any other publisher. Journal editing is a completely independent process, and a journal editor’s decision will be based on the quality and suitability of the manuscript for their journal. The use of the Spandidos Publications English Language Editing service is an option that is intended to help authors present their results and interpretation clearly to journal editors, peer reviewers and readers effectively, using good English. Articles that are submitted to Spandidos Publications do not have to be prior submitted to the English Language Editing service in order to be considered for publication. It remains the author’s responsibility to ensure that the manuscript they submit to a journal contains no unattributed text and that they disclose the use of our English Language Editing service where appropriate.