English Language Editing

Make the best first impression with your manuscript by ensuring that your scientific data is communicated clearly and effectively. Choose our English Language Editing service to ensure that language will not be a barrier to publishing your research.


The content of this webpage is also available for download in Chinese.

To submit your project, please click on the Spandidos Publications logo and follow the instructions listed on the page.

For enquiries, please contact us at languageediting@spandidos-publications.com

Editing Services Available

Service Type Standard Premium
Edited by: An experienced scientific editor An experienced scientific editor
Service includes: Correction of erroneous word choice, sentence construction, punctuation, article usage, grammar and consistency throughout your manuscript, plus attention to the flow, structure and style of your manuscript.  Everything included with Standard, plus the editor will highlight certain scientific problem areas and make context-related suggestions.
Re-editing: - Two rounds of free re-editing for any changes and/or additions made, up to 10% of the original word count, within the next 183 days.

For both services, you can expect the following:

  • Fast and reliable turnaround time
  • • Manuscript edits made by a proficient English-speaking professional with relevant scientific and technical expertise
  • Confidential handling of your data
  • Certification confirming that your manuscript was edited by our highly trained staff

Our standard service offers an affordable and comprehensive level of editing by an experienced scientific editor, who will ensure that the spelling, grammar, terminology and phrasing are of a high standard.

Our premium service adds an additional level of proofreading and offers you a further assessment of the language and flow of the document. Any comments that the Editor deems useful for your manuscript will be added to your manuscript using the “Comments” feature on Microsoft Word.

Custom formatting is offered upon request to meet the requirements of your target journal. Please note that formatting will be applied free of charge for all Spandidos Publications journals (please see “Manuscript Formatting” for further details of this service).

Please ensure that you accurately calculate the number of words in your manuscript in order to select the correct price-band. For further details regarding the calculation of an accurate word count, please visit the “Pricing and Payment” section of our website. Please note that we do not edit the references / bibliography, therefore these are not considered when generating a word count. Please include any figure legends or table headings in the word count. Please tick the respective boxes in your submission page to clearly indicate which sections you wish or do not wish to have edited. Please note that the word count will be verified upon submission. 


Manuscript Formatting

Demonstrate to your future publishers that you have invested time and care in tailoring your manuscript to the specific requirements of their journal. Let our formatting service maximize the impact of your data and interpretation by presenting them in the most accurate, consistent and fluid style.

Each journal has its own formatting requirements. Our expert staff can save you valuable time by determining these requirements and subsequently preparing your document to the formatting style of the journal you wish to publish with.

What to expect:

  • Fast turn-around time and an affordable service 
  • • Our editors will follow the formatting guidelines of your target journal based on the URL provided upon submission 
  • • In-text citations, preferred tenses, figures and figure legends and manuscript layout will be modified to your journal’s requirements
  • • Allow 1 extra day for manuscript formatting when chosen in conjunction with our English language editing service.

When submitting your manuscript, please detail the journal to which you are planning to submit to, together with a URL link to the journal’s formatting guidelines to avoid any discrepancies. These guidelines can usually be found in a “For Authors” section on most journals’ websites. We will use the URL link that you provide as our reference for formatting your text.

Figure Preparation

The figures in your manuscript are the best communication of your data, and should be the most prominent feature of your publication. Let us help you to present your figures in the clearest and most logical format, to ensure that they are the highlight of your manuscript.

What to expect:

  • • Great rates, high quality, fast turn-around time
  • • Image composition from individual parts
  • • Sizing and resolution adjustments
  • • Legible, concise and appropriate figure labeling
  • • Ensuring consistency between the legend and the figure (if both are provided)

We recommend that you submit your best version showing your intended layout. Images and photographs will not be manipulated in any way so as to distort or misrepresent any of the data. We will provide a flat TIFF or JPEG file of your final figure together with an editorial certificate. 

When submitting a figure editing, or combined manuscript and figure, project, please ensure that:

• You provide all figures in one of the following formats: .tiff, .jpeg, .pptx, .pdf or .docx. We will not accept figures in .raw format.
• Each figure to be edited is provided as a separate file (unless submitted as a .pdf)
• All figures have a minimum DPI of 300. If your figure has too low or too high a resolution, we may not be able to edit it effectively.
• All figures have a maximum width of 20cm. If your figure is too large, we may not be able to edit it effectively.
• Any specific instructions are provided, either in the submission form under 'Further Information', or as a separate .docx file.
• If possible, please provide all original, layered images, as well as a final version/diagram depicting your intended layout.

We can work with most types of image and your draft versions of figure layout. We can work from Photoshop and Microsoft® PowerPoint files (although we request that the original files used to produce them are also provided). We will work to ensure that the final version of a figure will present your data clearly and faithfully; where applicable, any adjustments we make to images such as color balance/tone, color space, rotation and trimming to exclude irrelevant areas, unsharp masking etc will be applied to entire images or panels and not to individual elements within them. It will remain the authors’ responsibility to check and be completely satisfied that the version we offer is a correctly labeled, honest and accurate representation of the original images given to us, before submitting it for publication. Please bear in mind that the final result will largely depend on the quality of the initial figure provided.

An example of what to expect from our Figure Preparation service is shown below:

Example of Figure prepartaion