24th World Congress on Advances in Oncology and 24th International Symposium on Molecular Medicine

October 10-12, 2019

Mystras Grand Palace Resort, Sparta, Greece


103. The SWI/SNF complex subunit genes and their relation to patient survival times in human cancers. S. Savas,G. Skardasi, Y. Yu (St. John's, Canada)

111. Hit one to eliminate all during cancer treatment: The crucial role of fatty acid synthase (FASN) in ovarian cancer (OC)growth. A. Slany, R. Wagner, G. Stübiger, M. Semkova, R. Colomer, M.L. López-Rodríguez, C. Gerner, T.W. Grunt (Vienna, Austria; Madrid, Spain)

114. Immunomodulatory properties of dietary components, commensal microbiota and antibiotics. M. Kverka, K. Kostovcikova,Z. Jiraskova Zakostelska, S. Coufal, Z. Stehlikova, N. Galanova, A. Fajstova, T. Hudcovic, T. Hrncir, M. Kostovcik,H. Tlaskalova-Hogenova (Prague; Novy Hradek, Czech Republic)

129. Merkel cell polyomavirus oncoproteins induce microRNAs that suppress multiple key genes in autophagy. S. Kumar,H. Xie, H. Shi, J. Gao, C.C. Juhlin, V. Björnhagen, A. Höög, L. Lee, C. Larsson, W.-O. Lui (Stockholm; Linköping, Sweden; Tianjin, P.R. China)

168. Protein kinase Cι and Wnt/β-catenin signaling: Alternative pathways to Kras/Trp53-driven lung adenocarcinoma. N. Yin, Y. Liu, A. Khoor, X. Wang, E.A. Thompson, M. Leitges, V. Justilien, C. Weems, N.R. Murray,A.P. Fields (Jacksonville, FL, USA; St. John's, Canada)

183. Bioinformatics and clinical practice: Predictive models in the stratification of cancer patients and the identification of novel therapies. K. Tian, E. Bakker, M. Hussain, A. Guazzelli, H. Alhebshi, P. Meysami, C. Demonacos, J.‑M. Schwartz, L. Mutti, M. Krstic‑Demonacos (Salford; Preston; Cardiff; Manchester, UK; Philadelphia, PA, USA)

191. Impact of fecal microbiota transplantation on short chain fatty acid levels in feces of patients with inflammatory bowel diseases. E. Zhgun, Y. Kislun, A. Pavlenko, T. Kalachniuk, E. Ilina (Moscow, Russia)

242. Identification of pro-inflammatory microRNAs as diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers for oral cancer. L. Falzone, S. Vivarelli, R. Salemi, S. Candido, M. Libra (Catania, Italy)

257. Targeting of the epigenetic integrator UHRF1 in cancer cells by natural products. M. Alhosin (Jeddah, Saudi Arabia)

277. Determination of the effectiveness of serum cytokeratins as tumor markers for early stage breast cancer. M. Karlikova, O. Topolcan, A. Narsanska, R. Kucera, H. Rezackova, V. Treska (Pilsen, Czech Republic)

282. Autophagy dependence of small molecule angiokinase inhibitors in colorectal cancer. L. Louadj, P. Mésange, M. Sabbah, A.K. Larsen (Paris, France)

304. KDM1A and SMOX: Dual inhibition of regulatory pathways for cancer metastasis. S. Holshouser, M. Dunworth, T. Murray Stewart, Y.K. Peterson, P. Burger, H.-H. Chen, R.A. Casero Jr, P.M. Woster (Charleston, SC; Baltimore, MD, USA)

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