23rd World Congress on Advances in Oncology and 22nd International Symposium on Molecular Medicine

September 20-22, 2018

Athens Marriott Hotel, Athens, Greece


109. Cold plasma-stimulated transfusion (PLAST) induces necroptosis in murine and human osteosarcoma cell lines. T. Ando, M. Suzuki-Karasaki, H. Haro, Y. Suzuki-Karasaki (Yamanashi; Tochigi; Tokyo, Japan)

113. Circular dumbbell RNAs loaded with miR34a: A novel anti-angiogenic approach. M. Gnanamony, C.S. Gondi (Peoria, IL, USA)

130. Atopic dermatitis and stress. K. Nordlind (Stockholm, Sweden)

139. Proteomics insights into complexity and molecular heterogeneity of bone marrow failure disorders. A. Alaiya, Z. Shinwari, H. Alzahrani, T. Owaidah, F. AlMohareb, F. Al Sharif, R. AlNounou, W. Rasheed, R. ElFakih, A. Hanbali, M. Shaheen, F. Alfraih, H. Shahrukh, M. Dasouki, N. Chaudhri, O.A. Syed, M. Aljurf (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia)

146. Apoferritin as a nanoscaled delivery vehicle for anticancer agents. T. Cerna, J. Hrabeta, Z. Heger, S. Dostalova, R. Indra, V. Adam, M. Stiborova, T. Eckschlager (Prague; Brno, Czech Republic)

172. MicroRNA-374c-5p regulates TGF-β1 induced epithelial-mesenchymal transition and migration of cervical cancer cell. Y. Huang, H. Huang, M. Li, X. Zhang, Y. Liu, Y. Wang (Guangdong, P.R. China)

173. Vitamin D receptor gene and its regulation by all-trans-retinoic acid in normal blood cells and in leukemic blasts. E. Marcinkowska (Wroclaw, Poland)

178. Platelet-derived microparticles (MPs), pro-thrombinase-induced clotting times and phospholipids in a cohort of patients with deep vein thrombosis: A pilot study. S.S. Signorelli, G. Oliveri Conti, M. Fiore, F. Cangiano, P. Zuccarello, M. Ferrante (Catania, Italy)

215. Biomarkers of radio-sensitivity and radio-resistance. R. Di Pietro (Chieti, Italy)

225. Use of mesenchymal stem cells for protection of kidney cells against cisplatin toxicity. N. Eliopoulos (Montreal, Canada)

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