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Telomere length as a predictive biomarker in osteoporosis (Review)

Fotios Kakridonis, Spyros G. Pneumatikos, Elena Vakonaki, Aikaterini Berdiaki, Manolis N. Tzatzarakis, Persefoni Fragkiadaki, Demetrios A. Spandidos, Stella Baliou, Petros Ioannou, Eleftheria Hatzidaki, Dragana Nikitovic, Aristidis Tsatsakis, Elias Vasiliadis

Article Number: 87 Published online on: 03 October 2023
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When age is not an obstacle: A case series of endoscopic transsphenoidal resection of pituitary macroadenomas in older patients

Konstantinos Faropoulos, Ifigeneia Gioti, Vasiliki Epameinondas Georgakopoulou, Demetrios A. Spandidos, Petros Papalexis, Ioannis G. Lempesis, Nikolaos Trakas, Ilias Trakas, Andreas Anagiotos, George Fotakopoulos

Article Number: 86 Published online on: 03 October 2023
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Comprehensive analysis of mitochondrial DNA variants, mitochondrial DNA copy number and oxidative damage in psoriatic arthritis

Materah Salem Alwehaidah, Manhel Alsabbagh, Ghada Al‑kafaji

Article Number: 85 Published online on: 26 September 2023
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Pathophysiology of cervical myelopathy (Review)

George Fotakopoulos, Vasiliki Epameinondas Georgakopoulou, Ioannis G. Lempesis, Petros Papalexis, Pagona Sklapani, Nikolaos Trakas, Demetrios A. Spandidos, Konstantinos Faropoulos

Article Number: 84 Published online on: 25 September 2023
Article Open Access

Antiproliferative activity and apoptosis‑inducing effects of Trametes polyzona polysaccharides against human breast cancer cells

Budi Kurniawan, Wichanee Bankeeree, Pattamawadee Yanatatsaneejit, Sehanat Prasongsuk

Article Number: 83 Published online on: 25 September 2023
Article Open Access

Differentiation of glioblastoma and primary central nervous system lymphomas using multiparametric diffusion and perfusion magnetic resonance imaging

Nguyen Duy Hung, Nguyen Ngoc Anh, Nguyen Dinh Minh, Dang Khanh Huyen, Nguyen Minh Duc

Article Number: 82 Published online on: 22 September 2023
Review Open Access

Research trends and perspectives on immediate facial reanimation in radical parotidectomy (Review)

Iulian Filipov, Lucian Chirila, Federico Bolognesi, Mihai Sandulescu, Sergiu Drafta, Corina Marilena Cristache

Article Number: 81 Published online on: 21 September 2023
Article Open Access

Linear and non‑linear indices of vagal nerve in relation to sex and inflammation in patients with Covid‑19

Luba Hunakova, Peter Sabaka, Milan Zvarik, Iveta Mikolaskova, Yori Gidron, Maria Bucova

Article Number: 80 Published online on: 20 September 2023

Associations of leptin receptors and miRNA polymorphisms with susceptibility to hypertension

Young Ree Kim, Seung-Ho Hong

Article Number: 79 Published online on: 15 September 2023
Article Open Access

The association between sleep deprivation and the risk of cardiovascular diseases: A systematic meta‑analysis

Yuan Pan, Yantao Zhou, Xianghua Shi, Suifen He, Weibo Lai

Article Number: 78 Published online on: 12 September 2023
Article Open Access

The diagnostic or prognostic values of FADD in cancers based on pan‑cancer analysis

Chenyu Wang, Xianglai Jiang, Qiqi Zhao, Zhiyuan Xie, Hui Cai

Article Number: 77 Published online on: 11 September 2023
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