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Plausible use of citicoline as an adjuvant in central nervous system infections: A case report and review of the literature

Muhammad Habiburrahman, Stefanus Sutopo, Widya Khairunnisa Sarkowi

Article Number: 39 Published online on: 11 June 2024
Article Open Access

Association between neutrophil recruitment and lung inflammation in type I hypersensitivity reaction

Raed Madhi, Anwar Algaber, Maha Chasib Munshid, Khadija Ibrahim Jassim

Article Number: 38 Published online on: 11 June 2024
Case Report Open Access

Neonatal hyperglycaemia in extremely preterm and extremely low birth weight infants: A report of a rare case and a review of the literature

Silvana Saputri, Beryl Alodia, Muhammad Habiburrahman

Article Number: 37 Published online on: 10 June 2024
Article Open Access

Correlation between MUAC z‑score and the anthropometric indexes, weight and height, in the assessment of the nutritional status of pediatric inpatients 

Thuc My Thi Luu, Ha Ngoc Vu, An Thanh Thi Vo, Linh Thuy Tran

Article Number: 36 Published online on: 07 June 2024
Article Open Access

Impact of COVID‑19 infection on emergency obstetric and gynecological transport 

Tamami Tsuzuki, Marina Minami, Ryuhei Nagai, Hina Miyata, Kingo Nishiyama, Narufumi Suganuma, Nagamasa Maeda

Article Number: 35 Published online on: 04 June 2024
Article Open Access

A single‑office experience of day‑case water vapor thermal therapy for benign prostatic hyperplasia

Takashi Okabe

Article Number: 34 Published online on: 04 June 2024
Article Open Access

Role of clinical examination in the evaluation of patients with breast lumps: A cytopathological study

Santosh Kumar Sharma, Sompal Singh, Sanjay Kumar

Article Number: 33 Published online on: 04 June 2024
Case Report Open Access

Insular thyroid carcinoma in the background of follicular thyroid carcinoma: A report of a rare case and mini‑review of the literature

Abdulwahid M. Salih, Ari M. Abdullah, Hiwa O. Baba, Goran L. Omer, Imad J. Habibullah, Aso S. Muhialdeen, Rebaz O. Mohammed, Hardi M. Dhahir, Marwan N. Hassan, Shko H. Hassan, Fahmi H. Kakamad

Article Number: 32 Published online on: 31 May 2024
Article Open Access

Five side populations isolated from rat bone marrow‑derived mesenchymal stem cells

Dalia Al Saied Moustafa Ahmed, Mahmoud Elhussiny Salama, Ahmed Abdou Emam, Sara Mohamed Farrag, Basma Hamed Othman, Shaimaa Hassan Haiba, Mohamed Mosaad Salama

Article Number: 31 Published online on: 30 May 2024
Article Open Access

Mechanistic pathway of herbs in the amelioration of NAFLD: A systematic review

Neti Eka Jayanti, Rozzana Mohd Said, Suhaidah Mohd Jofrry, Chee-Yan Choo

Article Number: 30 Published online on: 21 May 2024
Article Open Access

Insight into the role of angiopoietin‑like protein 4 in podocypopathies (Review)

Vincenzo Calabrese, Fortunata Zirino, Federica Giada Vienna, Rossella Siligato, Valeria Cernaro, Domenico Santoro

Article Number: 29 Published online on: 19 April 2024
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July-August 2024
Volume 6 Issue 4

Print ISSN: 2632-2900
Online ISSN: 2632-2919

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