24th World Congress on Advances in Oncology
24th International Symposium on Molecular Medicine

October 10-12, 2019
Mystras Grand Palace Resort, Sparta, Greece

The list is incomplete and will be updated periodically:

Mildred Acevedo Duncan
 - (USA) - PKC-ι and PKC-ζ are heavily responsible of upregulating epithelial-mesenchymal transition (EMT) and activating Vimentin to facilitate cellular motility in prostate cancer cell lines.

Ayodele Alaiya
 - (Saudi Arabia) - Plasma proteomics biomarkers for redefining HER-2/neu status in breast cancer patients regardless of their hormone receptors.

Itamar Barash
 - (Israel) - De-regulated Stat5 activity during pregnancy represents a risk factor for latent breast cancer development: studies in transgenic mouse model.

Martin Berger
 - (Germany) - The alkylphosphocholine erufosine is a multifaceted antineoplastic agent for its anticancer activities are based on interference with multiple signaling pathways.

Walburgis Brenner
 - (Germany) - Inhibition of p38 in breast cancer is a questionable strategy.

Sabrina Bimonte
 - (Italy) - Naloxone Counteracts the Promoting Tumor Growth Effects Induced by Morphine in an Animal Model of Triple Negative Breast Cancer.

Hanna Romanska
 - (Poland) - FGFR2-mediated Stimuli in Progression of Breast Cancer: Implications for Development of hormone-independence.

Marina De Rosa
 - (Italy) - Lithium Chloride increases sensitivity to photon radiation treatment in primary mesenchymal colon cancer cells.

Alessia Finotti
 - (Italy) - Identification of dysregulated miRNAs in liquid biopsies from colorectal cancer (CRC) patients: impact for personalized miRNA therapeutics.

Nicolaas Franken
 - (The Netherlands) - Hyperthermia combined with olaparib to radiosensitize cervical cancer cells.

Roberto Gambari
 - (Italy) - Targeting microRNAs in cystic fibrosis (CF).

Roberto Gambari
 - (Italy) - Up-regulation of miR-34a-3p and miR-744-3p is associated with down-regulation of PTEN in lymphoblastoid cells from Shwachman-Diamond Syndrome patients.

Roberto Gambari
 - (Italy) - Sirolimus-mediated induction of HbF in beta-thalassemia: impact of the XmnI and polymophisms.

Roberto Gambari
 - (Italy) - New isoxazole derivatives as potent inducers of fetal hemoglobin in beta-thalassemia.

Roberto Gambari
 - (Italy) - LYAR is down-regulated following HbF induction in mithramycin-treated K562 cells.

Roberto Gambari
 - (Italy) - MiRNome as a possible tool for the detection of autologous blood transfusion misuse in sport.

Roberto Gambari
 - (Italy) - A GFP based model for the screening of PNAs for gene editing.

Roberto Gambari
 - (Italy) - A peptide nucleic acid targeting the acpP gene of Pseudomonas aeruginosa inhibits bacterial induced biological alterations in cystic fibrosis cells.

Roberto Gambari
 - (Italy) - CFTR induction by masking PNAs targeting the miR-145-5p binding sites of the CFTR mRNA.

Thomas W. Grunt
 - (Austria) - Hit one to eliminate all during cancer treatment: the crucial role of fatty acid synthase (FASN) in ovarian cancer (OC) growth.

Christopher Gondi
 - (USA) - Role of Cathepsin B circular RNAs in tumor cells.

Hanxian Gong
 - (China) - Effective antitumor immunity against murine gliomas using dendritic cells transduced with hTERTC27 recombinant adenovirus.

Torbjörn Gräslund
 - (Sweden) - Drug conjugates based on affibody molecules.

Ramesh Gupta
 - (USA) - Milk Exosomes as a novel nano platform for delivery of small drugs and siRNA.

Balazs Gyorffy
 - (Hungary) - Druggable kinases activated by disruptive TP53 mutations in solid tumors.

Martin Kana
 - (Czech Republic) - Micellar polymer drug delivery systems in treatment of chemoresistant tumors.

Sophia Karagiannis
 - (UK) - Antibody-mediated re-programming of macrophages against tumours: new insights for cancer immunotherapy.

Toru Kondo
 - (Italy) - Toru Kondo.

Anna Koumarianou
 - (Greece) - Toxicities of modern immunotherapies.

Marek Kovar
 - (China) - Ritonavir as novel antitumor drug candidate.

Miloslav Kverka
 - (Czech Republic) - Oral antibiotics have immunomodulatory effects both dependent and independent on gut microbiota.

Nan Li
 - (China) - miR-182-5p promotes growth in oral squamous cell carcinoma by inhibiting CAMK2N1.

Jin Liang Chen
 - (China) - EGF in exhaled breath condensate as diagnostic method for non-small cell lung cancer.

Zhan Liao
 - (China) - Effects of Dominant-negative Mutants of Insulin-like Growth Factor1 Receptor(IGF1R)on Osteosarcoma.

Yanan Lu
 - (China) - The Study of Molecular Mechanism that Pyruvate kinase M2 (PKM2) Regulates Cellular Proliferation of Liver Cancer.

Pavol Lukac
 - (Czech Republic) - Immunobiological changes in human colorectal cancer and 3D cancer modelling in vitro.

Fernando Mendez Lopez
 - (Mexico) - Carcinogenesis: a Systems Biology Approach.

Mike Makrigiorgos
 - (USA) - Recent developments in liquid biopsy of cancer.

Ratajczak Mariusz
 - (USA) - Cancer from the perspective of stem cells and misappropriated tissue regeneration mechanisms.

Helmout Modjtahedi
 - (UK) - Targeted therapy of HER family members and CDK in liver cancer.

Luis Fernando Mendez Lopez
 - (Mexico) - Carcinogenesis: a Systems Biology Approach.

Filomena de Nigris
 - (Italy) - Diagnostic use of PD-L1 staining and a patient-derived spheroid model to predict response to immune checkpoint inhibitors in chordoma patients.

Popov A.M.
 - (Russia) - Comparative evaluation of the antitumor activity of tryptanthrin and its synthetic water soluble analog mostotrin.

Pedro A. Lazo
 - (Spain) - Regulation of chromatin remodeling by VRK1 in tumor biology.

Weng Onn Lui
 - (Sweden) - Viral evasion of autophagy in Merkel cell carcinoma.

Gianpaolo Perletti
 - (Italy) - Is Chronic Prostatitis a Risk Factor for Prostate Cancer?

Lenka Rajsiglova
 - (Czech Republic) - In vitro and in vivo evaluation of ferric and ferritine-based nanoparticles in theranostic perspective.

Janina Ratajczak
 - (USA) - The complement cascade as a mediator of human malignant hematopoietic cell trafficking.

Paul Rennie
 - (Canada) - Development of small molecule Myc-Max inhibitors as potential therapeutics for prostate cancer.

Ketteler Robin
 - (UK) - Identification of novel interaction partners of oncogenic Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor.

Loredana Salerno
 - (Italy) - Inhibition of heme oxygenase-1 to improve cancer therapy.

Sevtap Savas
 - (Canada) - The SWI/SNF complex subunit genes and their relation to patient survival times in human cancers.

Milada Sirova
 - (Czech Republic) - Polymer prodrugs for treatment of solid tumors and immunomodulation.

Ladislav Sivak
 - (Czech Republic) - Overcoming multidrug resistance with P-gp inhibitor bound to HPMA copolymer carrier as a potential therapeutic approach in cancer treatment.

Xiaohui Shen
 - (China) - Loss function of PITX1 contributes to poor prognosis of gastric cancer patients by enhancing chemotherapy resistance to 5-fluorocytosine and cisplatin.

Nitin Telang
 - (USA) - Stem Cells from a Model for Genetically Predisposed Colon Cancer.

Paolo Tenti
 - (Czech Republic) - Lysyl Oxidases and formation of the early tumoral niche.

Fabio Timeus
 - (Italy) - Reduction of CFU-GM and circulating hematopoietic progenitors in a subgroup of children with chronic autoimmune neutropenia associated with severe infections and delayed recovery.

Jakub Tomala
 - (Czech Republic) - On the way to cytokine-antibody single-chain fusions for cancer immunotherapy.

Luca Vannucci
 - (Czech Republic) - Rethinking tumor microenvironment.

Luca Vannucci
 - (Czech Republic) - Colorectal carcinoma diagnosis in Slovakia: A challenge for family doctors.

Anne Vral
 - (Belgium) - Radiosensitivity analysis in patients with a primary immunodeficiency disease.

Dimitra Vageli
 - (USA) - Biliary tumorigenic effect on hypopharyngeal cells is significantly enhanced by pH reduction.

Dimitra Vageli
 - (USA) - Temporal characteristics of NF-κB inhibition in blocking bile-induced oncogenic molecular events in hypopharyngeal cells.

Dimitra Vageli
 - (USA) - The effect of STAT3 inhibition in bile-related oncogenic mRNA phenotype in hypopharyngeal cells.

Yi Wang
 - (China) - PKM2, the linkage between cancer metabolism and DNA repair.

Ming Wei
 - (China) - Proteolytic Clostridial spores for the targeted destruction of solid tumours' hypoxic microenvironments.

Xiaoru Xin
 - (China) - The Study of Epigenetic Mechanism that miR-155 Promotes Cellular Growth of Liver Cancer

Hui Yu Wang
 - (China) - UV-curable functional coating for CTCs capture

Yuyang Zhang
 - (China) - Comparison between DHMEQ and tacrolimus ointments on anti-atopic dermatitis activity in mouse model without stratum corneum.

Menghan Zhou
 - (China) - Methylation pattern of H3K9me3, H3K36me3 and H4K20me3 correlated with patient prognosis contributes to esophageal squamous cell carcinoma.

Maha Abdullah
 - (Malaysia) - Immunogenetic influence on acute lymphoblastic leukaemia.

Ceylan Ayada
 - (Turkey) - "Hypertension and Adipokines", "Polymorphic overview about Lung Diseases".
Rakhmetkazhy Bersimbaev
 - (Kazakhstan) - Residential radon exposure and lung cancer risk in Kazakhstan.

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