Scientific Poster sessions unlike anything you've ever seen.

In this year’s conference, posters will be presented electronically with the use of the innovative ePostersLive platform, for both its ease of use for the poster authors as well as its environmental friendliness.

Specifically, the conference posters can be created either with the award-winning PosterGenius™ software application, which will be provided to the poster authors, or any other software the authors wish to use, i.e.: PowerPoint. Submission of the e-posters will take place over the Internet quickly and easily, with the click of a button for users of PosterGenius™, or through a few-step, user-friendly wizard for users of PowerPoint or an alternative software.

With the ePostersLive platform, no printing, carrying and hanging of posters will be needed. The e-posters will be presented in the conference hall through two different techniques: on a large number of desktop computers where every participant will be able to search and review any poster, anytime during the conference, as well as on large, high-definition displays with time-scheduling, instead of the traditional poster boards. Furthermore, the abstracts of the e-posters will be published online, through the conference website.

All e-poster authors will be notified individually through email, with all the guidelines and instructions regarding the submission of their e-poster, until 30th of August 2019.