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Novel advances in Interstitial Lung Diseases: From translational research to patient-centered care

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    university of crete

ILDs are including mainly fibrotic chronic lung diseases affecting predominantly older adults, with a history of smoking. The current model of disease natural course is that recurrent injury of the alveolar epithelium in the context of advanced aging/cellular senescence is followed by defective re-epithelialization and scar tissue formation. Currently, two drugs, nintedanib and pirfenidone, that modify disease progression have been approved worldwide for the treatment of IPF. However, despite treatment, patients with fibrosis are not cured, and eventually, disease advances in most treated patients. Enhancing biogenomic and metabolic research output, its translation into clinical precision and optimal service delivery through patient-centeredness are key elements to support effective IPF care. In this issue, we will summarize therapeutic options currently investigated for fibrosis and sarcoidosis based on the major pathogenetic pathways and molecular targets that drive pulmonary fibrosis.