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The effect of eugenol on the cariogenic properties of Streptococcus mutans and dental caries development in rats

Jing-Shu Xu, Yao Li, Xue Cao, Yun Cui

Pages: 1667-1670 Published online on: 17 April 2013
Open Access

Therapeutic effect of resveratrol on mice with depression

Zheng Gu, Liujie Chu, Yaqiong Han

Pages: 3061-3064 Published online on: 26 February 2019

Effect of saw palmetto extract on PI3K cell signaling transduction in human glioma

Yang Yang, Lv Hui, Che Yuqin, Li Jie, Hou Shuai, Zhou Tiezhu, Wang Wei

Pages: 563-566 Published online on: 04 June 2014

Prebiotics and probiotics in atopic dermatitis (Review)

Emilia Rusu, Georgiana Enache, Raluca Cursaru, Alexandra Alexescu, Raluca Radu, Oana Onila, Teodora Cavallioti, Florin Rusu, Mihaela Posea, Mariana Jinga, Gabriela Radulian

Pages: 926-931 Published online on: 14 June 2019
Open Access

Identification of key pathways and biomarkers in sorafenib‑resistant hepatocellular carcinoma using bioinformatics analysis

Danping Huang, Weiqu Yuan, Hanmin Li, Shaodong Li, Zuanguang Chen, Hongzhi Yang

Pages: 1850-1858 Published online on: 09 July 2018
Open Access

The potential effects of Ankaferd blood stopper and fibrin sealent on sleeve gastrectomy staple‑line healing: An experimental study

Alkan Sakar, Tuna Bilecik, Burhan Mayir, Tahir Oruç

Published online on: August 2, 2019
Open Access

Role of stress in modulation of skin neurogenic inflammation

Ovidiu Grigore, Alexandra Ioana Mihailescu, Iulia Solomon, Daniel Boda, Constantin Caruntu

Pages: 997-1003 Published online on: 05 December 2018
Open Access

A seven‑miRNA expression‑based prognostic signature and its corresponding potential competing endogenous RNA network in early pancreatic cancer

Xue Bai, Donglan Lu, Yan Lin, Yufeng Lv, Liusheng He

Pages: 1601-1608 Published online on: 03 July 2019
Open Access

Expression and role of CaMKII and Cx43 in a rat model of post‑stroke depression

Shuiliang Tao, Mengmeng Jia, Tao Qiu

Pages: 2153-2159 Published online on: 17 July 2019
Open Access

Current diagnostic imaging of pheochromocytomas and implications for therapeutic strategy (Review)

Filip Čtvrtlík, Pavel Koranda, Jan Schovánek, Jozef Škarda, Igor Hartmann, Zbyněk Tüdös

Pages: 3151-3160 Published online on: 14 February 2018

Vitamin E slows down the progression of osteoarthritis (Review)

Xi Li, Zhongli Dong, Fuhou Zhang, Junjie Dong, Yuan Zhang

Pages: 18-22 Published online on: 10 May 2016

Efficacy of 3% hypertonic saline in bronchiolitis: A meta‑analysis

Zhi‑Yong Wang, Xiao‑Dong Li, Ai‑Ling Sun, Xue‑Qin Fu

Pages: 1338-1344 Published online on: 18 June 2019
Open Access

Probiotic effect on Helicobacter pylori attachment and inhibition of inflammation in human gastric epithelial cells

Hanyi Song, Long Zhou, Dongyan Liu, Lihui Ge, Yan Li

Pages: 1551-1562 Published online on: 05 July 2019

Incidence of fatalities of road traffic accidents associated with alcohol consumption and the use of psychoactive drugs: A 7-year survey (2011-2017)

Athanasia H. Papalimperi, Sotirios A. Athanaselis, Areti D. Mina, Ioannis I. Papoutsis, Chara A. Spiliopoulou, Stavroula A. Papadodima

Pages: 2299-2306 Published online on: 17 July 2019
Open Access

Metachromatic leukodystrophy: Characterization of two (p.Leu433Val, p.Gly449Arg) arylsulfatase A mutations

Yangyang Wang, Xiang Chen, Chan Liu, Shamin Wu, Qingfeng Xie, Quan Hu, Shan Chen, Yiwei Liu

Pages: 1738-1744 Published online on: 09 July 2019
Open Access

miR‑125a‑5p inhibits the expression of NLRP3 by targeting CCL4 in human vascular smooth muscle cells treated with ox‑LDL

Jiawang Wang, Qiong Wu, Jing Yu, Xufen Cao, Zesheng Xu

Pages: 1645-1652 Published online on: 01 July 2019
Open Access

Downregulation of miR‑3934‑5p enhances A549 cell sensitivity to cisplatin by targeting TP53INP1

Aijun Ren, Zhenzhen Wen, Liangjie Zheng

Pages: 1653-1660 Published online on: 01 July 2019

Role and effective therapeutic target of gut microbiota in NAFLD/NASH (Review)

Qun Liu, Shousheng Liu, Lizhen Chen, Zhenzhen Zhao, Shuixian Du, Quanjiang Dong, Yongning Xin, Shiying Xuan

Pages: 1935-1944 Published online on: 17 July 2019
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September 2019
Volume 18 Issue 3

Print ISSN: 1792-0981
Online ISSN: 1792-1015

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