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Ki-67 as a prognostic marker according to breast cancer subtype and a predictor of recurrence time in primary breast cancer

Reiki Nishimura, Tomofumi Osako, Yasuhiro Okumura, Mitsuhiro  Hayashi, Yasuo Toyozumi, Nobuyuki Arima

Pages: 747-754 Published online on: 21 July 2010

A long non-coding RNA, PTCSC3, as a tumor suppressor and a target of miRNAs in thyroid cancer cells

Min Fan, Xinying Li, Wei Jiang, Yun Huang, Jingdong Li, Zhiming Wang

Pages: 1143-1146 Published online on: 30 January 2013

Gas plasma sterilization of microorganisms and mechanisms of action (Review)

Hideharu Shintani, Akikazu Sakudo, Peter Burke, Gerald McDonnell

Pages: 731-738 Published online on: 21 July 2010

miR-497 induces apoptosis of breast cancer cells by targeting Bcl-w

Lei Shen, Jia Li, Liping Xu, Jie Ma, Hua Li, Xigang Xiao, Junyong Zhao, Lin Fang

Pages: 475-480 Published online on: 22 December 2011

Genotoxicity and carcinogenicity of cobalt-, nickel- and copper-based nanoparticles (Review)

Ruth Magaye, Jinshun Zhao, Linda Bowman, Min Ding

Pages: 551-561 Published online on: 07 August 2012

Biological and therapeutic activities, and anticancer properties of curcumin (Review)

Donatella Perrone, Fatima Ardito, Giovanni Giannatempo, Mario Dioguardi, Giuseppe Troiano, Lucio Lo Russo, Alfredo De Lillo, Luigi Laino, Lorenzo Lo Muzio

Pages: 1615-1623 Published online on: 17 September 2015

Effects of propofol on renal ischemia/reperfusion injury in rats

Shun Yang, Wei-Ping Chou, Ling Pei

Pages: 1177-1183 Published online on: 18 September 2013

Meta-analysis of broad-spectrum antibiotic therapy in patients with active inflammatory bowel disease

Sheng-Lan Wang, Zhi-Rong Wang, Chang-Qing Yang

Pages: 1051-1056 Published online on: 20 September 2012

Anti-inflammatory effect of patchouli alcohol isolated from Pogostemonis Herba in LPS-stimulated RAW264.7 macrophages

Yan-Fang Xian, Yu-Cui Li, Siu-Po Ip, Zhi-Xiu Lin, Xiao-Ping Lai, Zi-Ren Su

Pages: 545-550 Published online on: 21 March 2011

Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects of Astragalus polysaccharide on EA.hy926 cells

Wei Min Huang, Yong Qi Liang, Li Jun Tang, Yue Ding, Xiao Hong Wang

Pages: 199-203 Published online on: 23 April 2013
Open Access

Combination of chemotherapy and mild hyperthermia enhances the anti-tumor effects of cisplatin and adriamycin in human bladder cancer T24 cells in vitro

Youko Itoh, Yoshiaki Yamada, Yoshiaki Kazaoka, Tsuneo Ishiguchi, Nobuaki Honda

Pages: 319-323 Published online on: 01 March 2010

Tumor suppressive microRNA‑424 inhibits osteosarcoma cell migration and invasion via targeting fatty acid synthase

Xing Hua Long, Jian Hua Mao, Ai Fen Peng, Yang Zhou, Shan Hu Huang, Zhi Li Liu

Pages: 1048-1052 Published online on: 18 February 2013

Rosuvastatin suppresses platelet‑derived growth factor‑BB‑induced vascular smooth muscle cell proliferation and migration via the MAPK signaling pathway

Jianting Gan, Ping Li, Zhengdong Wang, Jian Chen, Xiangwen Liang, Ming Liu, Wenchao Xie, Ruixing Yin, Feng Huang

Pages: 899-903 Published online on: 20 August 2013

microRNA-192, -194 and -215 are frequently downregulated in colorectal cancer

Yeunpo Chiang, Yongxi Song, Zhenning Wang, Zhuangkai Liu, Peng Gao, Jiwang Liang, Jinliang Zhu, Chengzhong Xing, Huimian Xu

Pages: 560-566 Published online on: 28 December 2011

1H NMR-based metabolomic analysis for identifying serum biomarkers to evaluate methotrexate treatment in patients with early rheumatoid arthritis

Zhigang Wang, Zhe Chen, Sisi Yang, Yu Wang, Lifang Yu, Bicheng Zhang, Zhiguo Rao, Jianfei Gao, Shenghao Tu

Pages: 165-171 Published online on: 03 May 2012

Effects of quercetin on apoptosis, NF-κB and NOS gene expression in renal ischemia/reperfusion injury

M. Kenan Kinaci, Nilufer Erkasap, Aysegul Kucuk, Tulay Koken, Murat Tosun

Pages: 249-254 Published online on: 16 November 2011

Role of high‑mobility group box‑1 in myocardial ischemia/reperfusion injury and the effect of ethyl pyruvate

Yunling Lin, Lianglong Chen, Weiwei Li, Jun Fang

Pages: 1537-1541 Published online on: 13 February 2015

Therapeutic potential of caffeic acid phenethyl ester and its anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory effects (Review)

Ferah Armutcu, Sumeyya Akyol, Seyfettin Ustunsoy, Fatime Filiz Turan

Pages: 1582-1588 Published online on: 11 March 2015

Beyond free radical scavenging: Beneficial effects of edaravone (Radicut) in various diseases (Review)

Kiyoshi Kikuchi, Nobuyuki Takeshige, Naoki Miura, Yoko Morimoto, Takashi Ito, Salunya Tancharoen, Kei Miyata, Chiemi Kikuchi, Narumi Iida, Hisaaki Uchikado, Naohisa Miyagi, Naoto Shiomi, Terukazu Kuramoto, Ikuro Maruyama, Motohiro Morioka, Ko-Ichi Kawahara

Pages: 3-8 Published online on: 20 September 2011
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January 2018
Volume 15 Issue 1

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