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ERK/MAPK signalling pathway and tumorigenesis (Review)

Yan‑Jun Guo, Wei‑Wei Pan, Sheng‑Bing Liu, Zhong‑Fei Shen, Ying Xu, Ling‑Ling Hu

Pages: 1997-2007 Published online on: 15 January 2020
Open Access

Pulmonary fibrosis in the aftermath of the Covid-19 era (Review)

Eirini Vasarmidi, Eliza Tsitoura, Demetrios A. Spandidos, Nikolaos Tzanakis, Katerina M. Antoniou

Pages: 2557-2560 Published online on: 09 July 2020
Open Access

[Opinion] COVID‑19 pandemic: Monitoring space‑time data and learning from global experience

Emmanouil K. Symvoulakis, George Sourvinos, Demetrios A. Spandidos, Christos Lionis

Article Number: 73 Published online on: 10 September 2020
Open Access

[Comment] COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on mental health of healthcare professionals

Konstantinos Tsamakis, Emmanouil Rizos, Athanasios J. Manolis, Sofia Chaidou, Stylianos Kympouropoulos, Eleftherios Spartalis, Demetrios A. Spandidos, Dimitrios Tsiptsios, Andreas S. Triantafyllis

Pages: 3451-3453 Published online on: 07 April 2020

Evaluation of IC50 levels immediately after treatment with anticancer reagents using a real‑time cell monitoring device

Mai Hazekawa, Takuya Nishinakagawa, Tomoyo Kawakubo‑Yasukochi, Manabu Nakashima

Pages: 3197-3205 Published online on: 13 August 2019
Open Access

Lactoferrin for the treatment of COVID‑19 (Review)

Yidan Wang, Puxiu Wang, Haoran Wang, Yifan Luo, Long Wan, Mingyan Jiang, Yang Chu

Article Number: 272 Published online on: 27 October 2020
Open Access

Obesity and hypertension (Review)

Shu‑Zhong Jiang, Wen Lu, Xue‑Feng Zong, Hong‑Yun Ruan, Yi Liu

Pages: 2395-2399 Published online on: 06 September 2016

Treatment and prognosis of COVID‑19: Current scenario and prospects (Review)

Xuemei Li, Tao Li, Huihui Wang

Article Number: 3 Published online on: 02 November 2020
Open Access

Pediatric obesity: Causes, symptoms, prevention and treatment (Review)

Shumei Xu, Ying Xue

Pages: 15-20 Published online on: 11 November 2015
Open Access

Antimicrobial properties of hydrophobic compounds in garlic: Allicin, vinyldithiin, ajoene and diallyl polysulfides (Review)

Masato Nakamoto, Kayo Kunimura, Jun‑Ichiro Suzuki, Yukihiro Kodera

Pages: 1550-1553 Published online on: 27 December 2019
Open Access

The role of heart rate variability in sports physiology (Review)

Jin‑Guo Dong

Pages: 1531-1536 Published online on: 23 February 2016
Open Access

Recent progress regarding kaempferol for the treatment of various diseases (Review)

Jie Ren, Yifei Lu, Yanhong Qian, Bozhou Chen, Tao Wu, Guang Ji

Pages: 2759-2776 Published online on: 13 August 2019
Open Access

Natural skin‑whitening compounds for the treatment of melanogenesis (Review)

Wenhui Qian, Wenya Liu, Dong Zhu, Yanli Cao, Anfu Tang, Guangming Gong, Hua Su

Pages: 173-185 Published online on: 24 April 2020

Effects of nitric oxide on the biological behavior of HepG2 human hepatocellular carcinoma cells

Lei Zhou, Heng Zhang, Jie Wu

Pages: 1875-1880 Published online on: 02 March 2016

Significance and impact of dietary factors on systemic lupus erythematosus pathogenesis (Review)

Maria‑Magdalena Constantin, Iuliana Elena Nita, Rodica Olteanu, Traian Constantin, Stefana Bucur, Clara Matei, Anca Raducan

Pages: 1085-1090 Published online on: 16 November 2018
Open Access

COVID‑19 and its consequences on mental health (Review)

Konstantinos Tsamakis, Dimitrios Tsiptsios, Andreas Ouranidis, Christoph Mueller, Dimitrios Schizas, Christos Terniotis, Nikolaos Nikolakakis, Georgios Tyros, Stylianos Kympouropoulos, Andreas Lazaris, Demetrios A. Spandidos, Nikolaos Smyrnis, Emmanouil Rizos

Article Number: 244 Published online on: 22 January 2021
Open Access

Management of acute intradialytic cardiovascular complications: Updated overview (Review)

Delia Timofte, Maria-Daniela Tanasescu, Daniela Gabriela Balan, Adrian Tulin, Ovidiu Stiru, Ileana Adela Vacaroiu, Andrada Mihai, Cristian Constantin Popa, Cristina-Ileana Cosconel, Mihaly Enyedi, Daniela Miricescu, Raluca Ioana Papacocea, Dorin Ionescu

Article Number: 282 Published online on: 26 January 2021
Open Access

Multiple sclerosis: Pathology, diagnosis and treatments (Review)

Wen‑Juan Huang, Wei‑Wei Chen, Xia Zhang

Pages: 3163-3166 Published online on: 28 April 2017
Open Access

Effects of plyometric training on soccer players (Review)

Ying-Chun Wang, Na Zhang

Pages: 550-554 Published online on: 03 June 2016
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Volume 21 Issue 4

Print ISSN: 1792-0981
Online ISSN: 1792-1015

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