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Effects of nitric oxide on the biological behavior of HepG2 human hepatocellular carcinoma cells

Lei Zhou, Heng Zhang, Jie Wu

Pages: 1875-1880 Published online on: 02 March 2016
Open Access

Pediatric obesity: Causes, symptoms, prevention and treatment (Review)

Shumei Xu, Ying Xue

Pages: 15-20 Published online on: 11 November 2015
Open Access

An inventory of medicinal products causing skin rash: Clinical and regulatory lessons

Robert Ancuceanu, Mihaela Dinu, Florentina Furtunescu, Daniel Boda

Pages: 5061-5071 Published online on: 31 July 2019
Open Access

A paediatric influenza update 100 years after the Skyros island Spanish flu outbreak

Ioannis N. Mammas, Maria Theodoridou, Prakash Thiagarajan, Angeliki Melidou, Georgia Papaioannou, Paraskevi Korovessi, Chryssie Koutsaftiki, Alexia Papatheodoropoulou, Marcos Calachanis, Tina Dalianis, Demetrios A. Spandidos

Pages: 4327-4336 Published online on: 22 April 2019
Open Access

The role of heart rate variability in sports physiology (Review)

Jin‑Guo Dong

Pages: 1531-1536 Published online on: 23 February 2016

Role of quetiapine beyond its clinical efficacy in bipolar disorder: From neuroprotection to the treatment of psychiatric disorders (Review)

Márcio G. Soeiro‑de‑Souza, Vasco Videira Dias, Giovanni Missio, Vicent Balanzá‑Martinez, Leandro Valiengo, André F. Carvalho, Ricardo Alberto Moreno

Pages: 643-652 Published online on: 23 January 2015

Biological therapies for atopic dermatitis: An update (Review)

Diana Deleanu, Irena Nedelea

Pages: 1061-1067 Published online on: 19 November 2018
Open Access

Case series of an alternative therapy for generalised lichen planus: Four case studies

Lawrence Chukwudi Nwabudike, Magdalena Miulescu, Alin Laurentiu Tatu

Pages: 943-948 Published online on: 14 June 2019
Open Access

Obesity and hypertension (Review)

Shu‑Zhong Jiang, Wen Lu, Xue‑Feng Zong, Hong‑Yun Ruan, Yi Liu

Pages: 2395-2399 Published online on: 06 September 2016

Prebiotics and probiotics in atopic dermatitis (Review)

Emilia Rusu, Georgiana Enache, Raluca Cursaru, Alexandra Alexescu, Raluca Radu, Oana Onila, Teodora Cavallioti, Florin Rusu, Mihaela Posea, Mariana Jinga, Gabriela Radulian

Pages: 926-931 Published online on: 14 June 2019

Biological and therapeutic activities, and anticancer properties of curcumin (Review)

Donatella Perrone, Fatima Ardito, Giovanni Giannatempo, Mario Dioguardi, Giuseppe Troiano, Lucio Lo Russo, Alfredo De Lillo, Luigi Laino, Lorenzo Lo Muzio

Pages: 1615-1623 Published online on: 17 September 2015
Open Access

Potential role of probiotics in the management of gastric ulcer (Review)

Ghalia Khoder, Asma A. Al‑Menhali, Farah Al‑Yassir, Sherif M. Karam

Pages: 3-17 Published online on: 26 April 2016

Therapeutic options in patients with biochemical recurrence after radical prostatectomy (Review)

Ovidiu Gabriel Bratu, Camelia Cristina Diaconu, Dan Liviu Dorel Mischianu, Traian Constantin, Ana Maria Alexandra Stanescu, Simona Gabriela Bungau, Florentina Ionita‑Radu, Radu Dragos Marcu

Pages: 5021-5025 Published online on: 20 August 2019
Open Access

An analysis on treatment effect of blue light phototherapy combined with Bifico in treating neonatal hemolytic jaundice

Yan Jiao, Yuting Jin, Huanhuan Meng, Meizhang Wen

Pages: 1360-1364 Published online on: 21 June 2018
Open Access

Effects of plyometric training on soccer players (Review)

Ying-Chun Wang, Na Zhang

Pages: 550-554 Published online on: 03 June 2016

Anti-inflammatory effect of patchouli alcohol isolated from Pogostemonis Herba in LPS-stimulated RAW264.7 macrophages

Yan-Fang Xian, Yu-Cui Li, Siu-Po Ip, Zhi-Xiu Lin, Xiao-Ping Lai, Zi-Ren Su

Pages: 545-550 Published online on: 21 March 2011
Open Access

ERK/MAPK signalling pathway and tumorigenesis (Review)

Yan‑Jun Guo, Wei‑Wei Pan, Sheng‑Bing Liu, Zhong‑Fei Shen, Ying Xu, Ling‑Ling Hu

Pages: 1997-2007 Published online on: 15 January 2020
Open Access

Ki-67 as a prognostic marker according to breast cancer subtype and a predictor of recurrence time in primary breast cancer

Reiki Nishimura, Tomofumi Osako, Yasuhiro Okumura, Mitsuhiro  Hayashi, Yasuo Toyozumi, Nobuyuki Arima

Pages: 747-754 Published online on: 21 July 2010
Journal Cover

Volume 19 Issue 5

Print ISSN: 1792-0981
Online ISSN: 1792-1015

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