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The role of biofactors in the diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation of cardiovascular disease

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    Dr Wen-Jun Tu Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences & Peking Union Medical CollegeThis link is disabled., China

ardiovascular diseases (CVDs) encompass a range of heart and blood vessel disorders, including coronary heart disease, cerebrovascular disease, and peripheral arterial disease. Remarkable progress has been made in the diagnosis, prevention, treatment, and care of CVD in recent years. However, CVDs remain the primary cause of global mortality and disability. Notably, comorbidities involving the heart in neurological diseases and the brain in cardiovascular diseases are prevalent, yet interactions within the brain-heart axis on disease development and progression remains poorly understood. Several CVDs share common risk factors, and a deeper comprehension of these conditions will provide valuable insights for future treatment and personalized healthcare. Biomarkers present a dynamic and robust approach to comprehending the spectrum of CVD. They find utility in observational and analytic epidemiology, randomized clinical trials, screening, diagnosis, and prognosis. Biomarkers have the potential to reflect the entire continuum of disease, ranging from its earliest manifestations to terminal stages. Nevertheless, meticulous evaluation of biomarker validity is necessary, taking into account the stage of the disease. Variability in biomarker measurements can stem from individual factors as well as laboratory procedures. The role of biomarkers has been proposed in the context of the aging brain, stroke, and cardiac failure, which are two prevalent and debilitating vascular pathologies. This Special Issue aims to explore the significance of biomarkers in CVD, shedding light on the physiological and pathogenic mechanisms underlying these conditions. Additionally, we will discuss treatment, rehabilitation, and prevention options utilizing biomarkers for CVD and associated risk factors. Special attention will be given to biomarkers and cardiac dysfunction in the context of stroke. For this research topic, we invite original research articles and comprehensive reviews centered around the following themes: • Diagnostic and prognostic markers in stroke and coronary heart disease • Predictive, diagnostic, and prognostic markers for atherosclerosis • Epidemiological characteristics and risk factors of Cardiovascular diseases • The physiological and pathogenesis role of biomarkers in Cardiovascular diseases • Main prevention, diagnosis, and treatment strategies for biomarkers in Cardiovascular diseases • From basic to clinical application- Clinical translational research of Cardiovascular diseases • The effectiveness and feasibility of Cardiovascular disease treatment • Cardiac dysfunction and oxidative stress and inflammation markers in the setting of stroke

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