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Novel signaling pathway and therapy in gastrointestinal neoplasms

Lead Editor:
    Dr Eriko Katsuta Department of Oncology, Yokohama City University Graduate School of Medicine Japan

We have made tremendous progress in early detection, prevention, and treatment of gastrointestinal (GI) cancer in the past few decades. The advance in technology of GI endoscopy has contributed to the early detection of GI cancer. Eradicating Helicobacter pylori by antibiotics has reduced gastric cancer prevalence. Development of molecular targeting agents and immune checkpoint inhibitors have provided new treatment strategies and improved patient prognosis in GI malignancy. Nevertheless, GI malignancies still account for more than 25% of all cancer incidence and 35% of cancer related death in worldwide. Therefore, investigating molecular mechanisms of tumor development, progression, resistance and metastasis is crucial. In addition, clinical studies of GI cancer detection, prevention and treatment would bring new insight into GI cancers in order to improve GI cancer patient prognosis. In this special issue, we aim to elucidate the molecular mechanisms underlying cancer development, progression, metastasis, and drug resistance in GI cancer. Furthermore, we will also focus on clinical studies of novel prevention, detection, and treatment proposals and innovative approaches to develop novel strategies to manage GI malignancies.

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Print ISSN: 1792-0981
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