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Prevention of amyloid β-induced memory impairment by fluvastatin, associated with the decrease in amyloid β accumulation and oxidative stressin amyloid β injection mouse model

Hitomi Kurinami, Naoyuki Sato, Mitsuru Shinohara, Daisuke Takeuchi, Shuko Takeda, Munehisa Shimamura, Toshio Ogihara, Ryuichi Morishita

Pages: 531-537 Published online on: 01 May 2008

Osteogenic potential of embryonic stem cells in tooth sockets

Hyun ki Kang, Sangho Roh, Gabsang Lee, Seong-Doo Hong, Hoin Kang, Byung-Moo Min

Pages: 539-544 Published online on: 01 May 2008

An immunohistochemical, histological, and electron-microscopic study of the human periodontal ligament during orthodontic treatment

Giuseppe Anastasi, Giancarlo Cordasco, Giovanni Matarese, Giuseppina Rizzo, Riccardo Nucera, Manuela Mazza, Angela Militi, Marco Portelli, Giuseppina Cutroneo, Angelo Favaloro

Pages: 545-554 Published online on: 01 May 2008

Molecular detection of circulating tyrosinase mRNA: Optimization in a preclinical xenograft mouse melanoma model and further evaluation in samples from advanced melanoma patients

Mariano R. Gabri, Valeria Vazquez, Santiago Girón, Mónica a. Castro, Gabriela Cinat, Roberto e. Gomez, Federico m. Santoro, Daniel e. Gomez, Daniel f. Alonso

Pages: 555-559 Published online on: 01 May 2008

BigH3 protein expression as a marker for breast cancer

Gloria m. Calaf, C. Echiburú-Chau, Y. l. Zhao, Tom k Hei

Pages: 561-568 Published online on: 01 May 2008

Immunoglobulin heavy chain gene analysis in bone marrow biopsies and corresponding lymph node specimens: Dependency on pre-treatment, histological subtype and extension of B-cell lymphoma

Margarete Odenthal, Udo Siebolts, Karen Ernestus, Daniel Disse, Hans Peter Dienes, Claudia Wickenhauser

Pages: 569-576 Published online on: 01 May 2008

Ganoderic acids suppress growth and invasive behavior of breast cancer cells by modulating AP-1 and NF-κB signaling

Jiahua Jiang, Brian Grieb, Anita Thyagarajan, Daniel Sliva

Pages: 577-584 Published online on: 01 May 2008

Thermosensitization by parthenolide in human lung adenocarcinoma A549 cells and p53- and hsp72-independent apoptosis induction via the nuclear factor-κB signal pathway

Sachiko Hayashi, Masanori Hatashita, Akio Hayashi, Hideki Matsumoto, Hiroki Shioura, Ryuhei Kitai

Pages: 585-592 Published online on: 01 May 2008

Steroidogenic acute regulatory protein gene expression, steroid-hormone secretion and proliferative activity of adrenocortical cells in the presence of proteasome inhibitors: In vivo studies on the regenerating rat adrenal cortex

Marcin Rucinski, Cinzia Tortorella, Agnieszka Ziolkowska, Magdalena Nowak, Gastone g. Nussdorfer, Ludwik k. Malendowicz

Pages: 593-597 Published online on: 01 May 2008

Protection of telomeres 1 protein levels are associated with telomere length in gastric cancer

Kiyomu Fujii, Tomonori Sasahira, Yukiko Moriwaka, Naohide Oue, Wataru Yasui, Hiroki Kuniyasu

Pages: 599-604 Published online on: 01 May 2008

Autocrine stimulation of human hepatocytes triggers late DNA synthesis and stabilizes long-term differentiation in vitro

Kerstin Leckel, Christoph Strey, Wolf O. Bechstein, Kim A. Boost, Marcus K.H. Auth, Amal El Makhfi, Eva Juengel, Steffen Wedel, Jon Jones, Dietger Jonas, Roman A. Blaheta

Pages: 611-620 Published online on: 01 May 2008

Pseudomonas fluorescens proliferates in a mouse organ homogenate at low temperature

Yota Tatara, Takahiro Terakawa, Youhei Yamagata, Takafumi Uchida

Pages: 621-626 Published online on: 01 May 2008

Gene expression profiling of breast cells induced by X-rays and heavy ions

D. Roy, P. Guida, G. Zhou, C. Echiburu-Chau, G. m. Calaf

Pages: 627-636 Published online on: 01 May 2008

Bufalin induces growth inhibition, cell cycle arrest and apoptosis in human endometrial and ovarian cancer cells

Noriyuki Takai, Tami Ueda, Masakazu Nishida, Kaei Nasu, Hisashi Narahara

Pages: 637-643 Published online on: 01 May 2008

p53-related apoptosis resistance and tumor suppression activity in UVB-induced premature senescent human skin fibroblasts

Wenqi Chen, Jian Kang, Jiping Xia, Yanhua li, Bo Yang, Bin Chen, Weiling Sun, Xiuzu Song, Wenzhong Xiang, Xiaoyong Wang, Fei Wang, Yinsheng Wan, Zhigang Bi

Pages: 645-653 Published online on: 01 May 2008

TP53 gene mutations as an independent marker for urinary bladder cancer progression

Thorsten h. Ecke, Markus d. Sachs, Severin v. Lenk, Stefan a. Loening, Horst h. Schlechte

Pages: 655-661 Published online on: 01 May 2008
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May 2008
Volume 21 Issue 5

Print ISSN: 1107-3756
Online ISSN: 1791-244X

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