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miRNA‑384‑5p regulates the progression of Parkinson's disease by targeting SIRT1 in mice and SH‑SY5Y cell

Hongli Tao, Yan Liu, Yingjuan Hou

Pages: 441-450 Published online on: 12 December 2019
Open Access

Amyloid precursor protein promotes the migration and invasion of breast cancer cells by regulating the MAPK signaling pathway

Xiong Wu, Shuanglong Chen, Chuanhui Lu

Pages: 162-174 Published online on: 13 November 2019
Open Access

Cancer‑related fatigue during combined treatment of androgen deprivation therapy and radiotherapy is associated with mitochondrial dysfunction

Li Rebekah Feng, Brian S. Wolff, Josephine Liwang, Jeniece M. Regan, Sarah Alshawi, Sumiyya Raheem, Leorey N. Saligan

Pages: 485-496 Published online on: 18 December 2019
Open Access

The role of myoglobin in epithelial cancers: Insights from transcriptomics

Anne Bicker, Theresa Nauth, Daniela Gerst, Mostafa Ahmed Aboouf, Joachim Fandrey, Glen Kristiansen, Thomas Alexander Gorr, Thomas Hankeln

Pages: 385-400 Published online on: 18 December 2019
Open Access

AMP-activated protein kinase stimulates osteoblast differentiation and mineralization through autophagy induction

Yi Li, Jiajia Su, Wenchao Sun, Lin Cai, Zhouming Deng

Pages: 2535-2544 Published online on: 16 February 2018
Open Access

Oxidative stress in electrohypersensitivity self‑reporting patients: Results of a prospective in vivo investigation with comprehensive molecular analysis

Philippe Irigaray, Daniela Caccamo, Dominique Belpomme

Pages: 1885-1898 Published online on: 12 July 2018
Open Access

β-glucans and cholesterol (Review)

Petr Sima, Luca Vannucci, Vaclav Vetvicka

Pages: 1799-1808 Published online on: 22 January 2018
Open Access

Precision medicine for human cancers with Notch signaling dysregulation (Review)

Masuko Katoh, Masaru Katoh

Pages: 279-297 Published online on: 04 December 2019
Open Access

Metformin attenuates the D‑galactose‑induced aging process via the UPR through the AMPK/ERK1/2 signaling pathways

Hua Cai, Baoai Han, Yujuan Hu, Xueyan Zhao, Zuhong He, Xubo Chen, Haiying Sun, Jie Yuan, Yongqin Li, Xiuping Yang, Wen Kong, Wei‑Jia Kong

Published online on: January 8, 2020
Open Access

Evidence for acupoint catgut embedding treatment and TRPV1 gene deletion increasing weight control in murine model

Chanya Inprasit, Yu‑Chuen Huang, Yi‑Wen Lin

Published online on: January 10, 2020
Open Access

Prenatal ethanol exposure enhances the susceptibility to depressive behavior of adult offspring rats fed a high‑fat diet by affecting BDNF‑associated pathway

Ying Yu, Dan Xu, Siyuan Cheng, Li Zhang, Zhaokun Shi, Jun Qin, Zhaohui Zhang, Hui Wang

Pages: 365-374 Published online on: 19 December 2019
Open Access

Weighted gene co‑expression network analysis to identify key modules and hub genes associated with atrial fibrillation

Wenyuan Li, Lijun Wang, Yue Wu, Zuyi Yuan, Juan Zhou

Pages: 401-416 Published online on: 03 December 2019
Open Access

MicroRNA‑15a‑5p induces pulmonary artery smooth muscle cell apoptosis in a pulmonary arterial hypertension model via the VEGF/p38/MMP‑2 signaling pathway

Wenmei Zhang, Yanna Li, Xin Xi, Guangfa Zhu, Shenghao Wang, Yan Liu, Man Song

Pages: 461-474 Published online on: 18 December 2019
Open Access

The aqueous extract of Gentianella acuta improves isoproterenol‑induced myocardial fibrosis via inhibition of the TGF‑β1/Smads signaling pathway

Hong‑Xia Yang, Geng‑Rui Xu, Chuang Zhang, Jia‑Huan Sun, Yue Zhang, Jun‑Na Song, Yun‑Feng Li, Yu Liu, Ai‑Ying Li

Pages: 223-233 Published online on: 21 November 2019
Open Access

Silencing of synaptotagmin 13 inhibits tumor growth through suppressing proliferation and promoting apoptosis of colorectal cancer cells

Qin Li, Shun Zhang, Miao Hu, Ming Xu, Xiaohua Jiang

Pages: 234-244 Published online on: 26 November 2019

A novel mutation in GPD1‑L associated with early repolarization syndrome via modulation of cardiomyocyte fast sodium currents

Jun Fan, Cheng‑Cheng Ji, Yun‑Jiu Cheng, Hao Yao, Xu‑Miao Chen, Zi‑Heng Zheng, Su‑Hua Wu

Published online on: January 8, 2020
Open Access

miR‑20b inhibits the senescence of human umbilical vein endothelial cells through regulating the Wnt/β‑catenin pathway via the TXNIP/NLRP3 axis

Feifei Dong, Shaohua Dong, Ying Liang, Ke Wang, Yongwen Qin, Xianxian Zhao

Published online on: January 8, 2020
Open Access

Apelin and apelin receptor in human placenta: Expression, signalling pathway and regulation of trophoblast JEG‑3 and BeWo cells proliferation and cell cycle

Ewa Mlyczyńska, Patrycja Kurowska, Eliza Drwal, Małgorzata Opydo‑Chanek, Wacław Tworzydło, Małgorzata Kotula‑Balak, Agnieszka Rak

Published online on: January 7, 2020
Open Access

Silencing CDC25A inhibits the proliferation of liver cancer cells by downregulating IL‑6 in vitro and in vivo

Si Chen, Yanping Tang, Chun Yany, Kezhi Li, Xiaoqing Huang, Ji Cao

Published online on: January 9, 2020
Open Access

Astragaloside IV inhibits oxidized low‑density lipoprotein‑induced endothelial damage via upregulation of miR‑140‑3p

Weibin Qian, Qiuhai Qian, Xinrui Cai, Ru Han, Wenjun Yang, Xinyue Zhang, Hongmin Zhao, Ranran Zhu

Pages: 847-856 Published online on: 26 June 2019
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February 2020
Volume 45 Issue 2

Print ISSN: 1107-3756
Online ISSN: 1791-244X

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