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Dietary fiber in irritable bowel syndrome (Review)

Magdy El-Salhy, Synne Otterasen Ystad, Tarek Mazzawi, Doris Gundersen

Pages: 607-613 Published online on: 19 July 2017
Open Access

Piperlongumine decreases cognitive impairment and improves hippocampal function in aged mice

Jun Go, Tae‑Shin Park, Geun‑Hee Han, Hye‑Yeon Park, Young‑Kyoung Ryu, Yong‑Hoon Kim, Jung Hwan Hwang, Dong‑Hee Choi, Jung‑Ran Noh, Dae Youn Hwang, Sanghee Kim, Won Keun Oh, Chul‑Ho Lee, Kyoung‑Shim Kim

Pages: 1875-1884 Published online on: 18 July 2018
Open Access

Morin hydrate attenuates the acrylamide-induced imbalance in antioxidant enzymes in a murine model

Mahendra Pal Singh, Rekha Jakhar, Sun Chul Kang

Pages: 992-1000 Published online on: 07 August 2015
Open Access

Oxidative stress in electrohypersensitivity self‑reporting patients: Results of a prospective in vivo investigation with comprehensive molecular analysis

Philippe Irigaray, Daniela Caccamo, Dominique Belpomme

Pages: 1885-1898 Published online on: 12 July 2018
Open Access

Reversal of the Warburg effect with DCA in PDGF‑treated human PASMC is potentiated by pyruvate dehydrogenase kinase‑1 inhibition mediated through blocking Akt/GSK‑3β signalling

Bingbing Li, Yuling Zhu, Qing Sun, Chunfang Yu, Lian Chen, Yali Tian, Jie Yan

Pages: 1391-1400 Published online on: 27 June 2018
Open Access

Upregulated EFNB2 and EPHB4 promotes lung development in a nitrofen-induced congenital diaphragmatic hernia rat model

Hao Liu, Xue Li, Wen Qian Yu, Cai Xia Liu

Pages: 2373-2382 Published online on: 14 August 2018
Open Access

Eleutheroside B1 mediates its anti-influenza activity through POLR2A and N-glycosylation

Wen Yan, Chunge Zheng, Jiayang He, Wenjie Zhang, Xin‑An Huang, Xiong Li, Yutao Wang, Xinhua Wang

Pages: 2776-2792 Published online on: 07 September 2018
Open Access

Anti‑apoptotic effects of human placental hydrolysate against hepatocyte toxicity in vivo and in vitro

Dong‑Ho Bak, Jungtae Na, Mi Ji Choi, Byung Chul Lee, Chang Taek Oh, Jeom‑Yong Kim, Hae Jung Han, Moo Joong Kim, Tae Ho Kim, Beom Joon Kim

Pages: 2569-2583 Published online on: 17 August 2018
Open Access

Comprehensive literature data-mining analysis reveals a broad genetic network functionally associated with autism spectrum disorder

Cheng Xu, Hongbao Cao, Fuquan Zhang, Chris Cheadle

Pages: 2353-2362 Published online on: 28 August 2018
Open Access

Deduction of novel genes potentially involved in hypoxic AC16 human cardiomyocytes using next-generation sequencing and bioinformatics approaches

Wen‑Hsien Lee, Ming‑Ju Tsai, Wei‑An Chang, Ling‑Yu Wu, Han‑Ying Wang, Kuo‑Feng Chang, Ho‑Ming Su, Po‑Lin Kuo

Pages: 2489-2502 Published online on: 31 August 2018
Open Access

Identification of 13 novel susceptibility loci for early-onset myocardial infarction, hypertension, or chronic kidney disease

Yoshiji Yamada, Kimihiko Kato, Mitsutoshi Oguri, Hideki Horibe, Tetsuo Fujimaki, Yoshiki Yasukochi, Ichiro Takeuchi, Jun Sakuma

Pages: 2415-2436 Published online on: 04 September 2018
Open Access

The interplay of BMP4 and IL‑7 regulates the apoptosis of intestinal intraepithelial lymphocytes under conditions of ischemia̸reperfusion

Binyu Luo, Kang Chen, Qi Feng, Weidong Xiao, Dan Ma, Hua Yang, Chaojun Zhang

Pages: 2640-2650 Published online on: 09 February 2018

Downregulation of adult and neonatal Nav1.5 in the dorsal root ganglia and axon of peripheral sensory neurons of rats with spared nerve injury

Jun Wang, Shao-Wu Ou, Yun-Fei Bai, Yun-Jie Wang, Zhi-Qing David Xu, Guo-Ming Luan

Pages: 2225-2232 Published online on: 30 January 2018

Transcriptional regulation of HIV-1 host factor COMMD1 by the Sp family

Eriko Kudo, Manabu Taura, Mary Ann Suico, Hiroki Goto, Hirofumi Kai, Seiji Okada

Pages: 2366-2374 Published online on: 15 January 2018
Open Access

Human umbilical cord blood mononuclear cells and chorionic plate-derived mesenchymal stem cells promote axon survival in a rat model of optic nerve crush injury

Sokjoong Chung, Seungsoo Rho, Gijin Kim, So-Ra Kim, Kwang-Hyun Baek, Myungseo Kang, Helen Lew

Pages: 1170-1180 Published online on: 17 March 2016
Open Access

3,5-Di-C-β-D-glucopyranosyl phloroacetophenone, a major component of Melicope ptelefolia, suppresses fibroblast activation and alleviates arthritis in a mouse model: Potential therapeutics for rheumatoid arthritis

Hyun Jong Kim, Ji Hyun Choi, Jung‑Hwan Hwang, Kyong‑Shim Kim, Jung‑Ran Noh, Dong‑Hee Choi, Sung Je Moon, Hyun‑Yong Kim, Sang‑Woo Kim, Sangho Choi, Sang Mi Eum, Tran The Bach, Jaerang Rho, Ju Yong Lee, Jung Geun Park, Sei‑Ryang Oh, Chul‑Ho Lee, Won Keun Oh, Yong‑Hoon Kim

Pages: 2763-2775 Published online on: 30 August 2018
Open Access

miR‑760 mediates hypoxia-induced proliferation and apoptosis of human pulmonary artery smooth muscle cells via targeting TLR4

Yu‑Zhong Yang, Yun‑Feng Zhang, Lei Yang, Jing Xu, Xu‑Ming Mo, Wei Peng

Pages: 2437-2446 Published online on: 07 September 2018
Open Access

Pterostilbene inhibits nutrient metabolism and induces apoptosis through AMPK activation in multiple myeloma cells

Huiling Mei, Yu Xiang, Heng Mei, Bin Fang, Qiuguo Wang, Dedong Cao, Yu Hu, Tao Guo

Pages: 2676-2688 Published online on: 05 September 2018
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November 2018
Volume 42 Issue 5

Print ISSN: 1107-3756
Online ISSN: 1791-244X

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