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MRI contrast agents: Classification and application (Review)

Yu-Dong Xiao, Ramchandra Paudel, Jun Liu, Cong Ma, Zi-Shu Zhang, Shun-Ke Zhou

Pages: 1319-1326 Published online on: 21 September 2016
Review Open Access

Association of endometriosis with cardiovascular disease: Genetic aspects (Review)

Vassilios M. Vazgiourakis, Maria I. Zervou, Louis Papageorgiou, Dimitrios Chaniotis, Demetrios A. Spandidos, Dimitrios Vlachakis, Elias Eliopoulos, George N. Goulielmos

Article Number: 29 Published online on: 15 February 2023
Review Open Access

The crucial role of protein phosphorylation in cell signaling and its use as targeted therapy (Review)

Fatima Ardito, Michele Giuliani, Donatella Perrone, Giuseppe Troiano, Lorenzo Lo Muzio

Pages: 271-280 Published online on: 22 June 2017
Review Open Access

Mitochondrial electron transport chain, ROS generation and uncoupling (Review)

Ru‑Zhou Zhao, Shuai Jiang, Lin Zhang, Zhi‑Bin Yu

Pages: 3-15 Published online on: 08 May 2019
Review Open Access

Zinc and respiratory tract infections: Perspectives for COVID‑19 (Review)

Anatoly V. Skalny, Lothar Rink, Olga P. Ajsuvakova, Michael Aschner, Viktor A. Gritsenko, Svetlana I. Alekseenko, Andrey A. Svistunov, Demetrios Petrakis, Demetrios A. Spandidos, Jan Aaseth, Aristidis Tsatsakis, Alexey A. Tinkov

Pages: 17-26 Published online on: 14 April 2020
Article Open Access

Irisin attenuates acute lung injury by suppressing the pyroptosis of alveolar macrophages

Zhuoxiao Han, Jiao Ma, Ying Han, Guanli Yuan, Rui Jiao, Aihong Meng

Article Number: 32 Published online on: 07 March 2023
Retraction Open Access

[Retracted] Mitochondrial DNA induces inflammation and increases TLR9/NF‑κB expression in lung tissue

Jian-Zheng Zhang, Zhi Liu, Jia Liu, Ji-Xin Ren, Tian-Sheng Sun

Article Number: 28 Published online on: 13 February 2023
Article Open Access

Comparison of isolation methods of exosomes and exosomal RNA from cell culture medium and serum

Yue-Ting Tang, Yi-Yao Huang, Lei Zheng, Si-Hua Qin, Xu-Ping Xu, Tai-Xue An, Yong Xu, Ying-Song Wu, Xiu-Mei Hu, Bao-Hong Ping, Qian Wang

Pages: 834-844 Published online on: 24 July 2017
Article Open Access

Exhaustion‑like dysfunction of T and NKT cells in an X‑linked severe combined immunodeficiency patient with maternal engraftment by single‑cell analysis

Wei Dong, Wenyan Li, Shaojin Zhang, Xian Zeng, Qi Qin, Huifeng Fan, Zhonghui Tang, Xia Wu, Gen Lu

Article Number: 25 Published online on: 06 February 2023

Cigarette smoking and gastrointestinal diseases: The causal relationship and underlying molecular mechanisms (Review)

L. F. Li, R. L.Y. Chan, L. Lu, J. Shen, L. Zhang, W. K.K. Wu, L. Wang, T. Hu, M. X. Li, C. H. Cho

Pages: 372-380 Published online on: 22 May 2014
Review Open Access

Role of ceramides in diabetic foot ulcers (Review)

Ying Wang, Zhen Sun, Guangyao Zang, Lili Zhang, Zhongqun Wang

Article Number: 26 Published online on: 06 February 2023
Review Open Access

Neuronal injuries in cerebral infarction and ischemic stroke: From mechanisms to treatment (Review)

Yunfei Zhao, Xiaojing Zhang, Xinye Chen, Yun Wei

Article Number: 15 Published online on: 08 December 2021
Review Open Access

The molecular basis of fertilization (Review)

Katerina Georgadaki, Nikolas Khoury, Demetrios A. Spandidos, Vasilis Zoumpourlis

Pages: 979-986 Published online on: 31 August 2016
Review Open Access

Recent advances on the mechanisms of kidney stone formation (Review)

Zhu Wang, Ying Zhang, Jianwen Zhang, Qiong Deng, Hui Liang

Article Number: 149 Published online on: 11 June 2021
Review Open Access

Role of m6A RNA methylation in cardiovascular disease (Review)

Yuhan Qin, Linqing Li, Erfei Luo, Jiantong Hou, Gaoliang Yan, Dong Wang, Yong Qiao, Chengchun Tang

Pages: 1958-1972 Published online on: 06 October 2020
Review Open Access

Current and innovative methods for the diagnosis of COVID‑19 infection (Review)

Luca Falzone, Giuseppe Gattuso, Aristidis Tsatsakis, Demetrios A. Spandidos, Massimo Libra

Article Number: 100 Published online on: 12 April 2021
Review Open Access

Dietary fiber in irritable bowel syndrome (Review)

Magdy El-Salhy, Synne Otterasen Ystad, Tarek Mazzawi, Doris Gundersen

Pages: 607-613 Published online on: 19 July 2017
Article Open Access

Free fatty acids induce coronary microvascular dysfunction via inhibition of the AMPK/KLF2/eNOS signaling pathway

Yanda Zhang, Jian Zhao, Changzhen Ren, Bowen Hu, Ru Ding, Zhiqing He, Chun Liang

Article Number: 34 Published online on: 13 March 2023
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Volume 51 Issue 4

Print ISSN: 1107-3756
Online ISSN: 1791-244X

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