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Investigation of the pro-apoptotic effects of arbutin and its acetylated derivative on murine melanoma cells

Liyan Jiang, Di Wang, Yongfeng Zhang, Junyang Li, Zhiping Wu, Zhi Wang

Pages: 1048-1054 Published online on: 16 November 2017
Open Access

Detection of N6‑methyladenosine modification residues (Review)

Wei Zhu, Jing‑Zi Wang, Zhiqiang Xu, Mengda Cao, Qiaoli Hu, Chen Pan, Miao Guo, Ji‑Fu Wei, Haiwei Yang

Pages: 2267-2278 Published online on: 18 April 2019

Cigarette smoking and gastrointestinal diseases: The causal relationship and underlying molecular mechanisms (Review)

L. F. Li, R. L.Y. Chan, L. Lu, J. Shen, L. Zhang, W. K.K. Wu, L. Wang, T. Hu, M. X. Li, C. H. Cho

Pages: 372-380 Published online on: 22 May 2014
Open Access

Sirt1 promotes autophagy and inhibits apoptosis to protect cardiomyocytes from hypoxic stress

Guiping Luo, Zhao Jian, Yun Zhu, Yu Zhu, Baicheng Chen, Ruiyan Ma, Fuqin Tang, Yingbin Xiao

Pages: 2033-2043 Published online on: 06 March 2019
Open Access

Protective effects of CXCR3/HO‑1 gene‑modified BMMSCs on damaged intestinal epithelial cells: Role of the p38‑MAPK signaling pathway

Mingli Yin, Zhongyang Shen, Liu Yang, Weiping Zheng, Hongli Song

Pages: 2086-2102 Published online on: 04 March 2019

Deregulated WWOX is involved in a negative feedback loop with microRNA-214-3p in osteosarcoma

Kaituo Gao, Jijuan Yin, Jian Dong

Pages: 1850-1856 Published online on: 10 November 2016
Open Access

Global brain ischemia in rats is associated with mitochondrial release and downregulation of Mfn2 in the cerebral cortex, but not the hippocampus

Katarina Klacanova, Maria Kovalska, Maria Chomova, Ivana Pilchova, Zuzana Tatarkova, Peter Kaplan, Peter Racay

Pages: 2420-2428 Published online on: 16 April 2019

MRI contrast agents: Classification and application (Review)

Yu-Dong Xiao, Ramchandra Paudel, Jun Liu, Cong Ma, Zi-Shu Zhang, Shun-Ke Zhou

Pages: 1319-1326 Published online on: 21 September 2016

Bezafibrate prevents palmitate-induced apoptosis in osteoblastic MC3T3-E1 cells through the NF-κB signaling pathway

Xing Zhong, Lingling Xiu, Guohong Wei, Tianrong Pan, Yuanyuan Liu, Lei Su, Yanbing Li, Haipeng Xiao

Pages: 535-542 Published online on: 16 June 2011
Open Access

Comparison of isolation methods of exosomes and exosomal RNA from cell culture medium and serum

Yue-Ting Tang, Yi-Yao Huang, Lei Zheng, Si-Hua Qin, Xu-Ping Xu, Tai-Xue An, Yong Xu, Ying-Song Wu, Xiu-Mei Hu, Bao-Hong Ping, Qian Wang

Pages: 834-844 Published online on: 24 July 2017
Open Access

Lycopene restores the effect of ischemic postconditioning on myocardial ischemia‑reperfusion injury in hypercholesterolemic rats

Lian Duan, Changbin Liang, Xuying Li, Zijun Huang, Shuang Liu, Nan Wu, Dalin Jia

Pages: 2451-2461 Published online on: 15 April 2019
Open Access

Abnormal expression of SIRTs in psoriasis: Decreased expression of SIRT 1-5 and increased expression of SIRT 6 and 7

Xiaojing Fan, Kexiang Yan, Qinqin Meng, Rui Sun, Xinrong Yang, Dingfen Yuan, Fulun Li, Hui Deng

Published online on: April 24, 2019

Protective effects of gomisin A isolated from Schisandra chinensis against CCl4-induced hepatic and renal injury

In Sik Hwang, Jee Eun Kim, Yong Ju Lee, Moon Hwa Kwak, Young Hwan Choi, Byeong Cheol Kang, Jin Tae Hong, Dae Youn Hwang

Pages: 888-898 Published online on: 31 January 2013
Open Access

Molecular genetics and targeted therapy of WNT-related human diseases (Review)

Masuko Katoh, Masaru Katoh

Pages: 587-606 Published online on: 19 July 2017

Comparison of experimental mouse models of inflammatory bowel disease

Soo Youn Oh, Kyung-Ah Cho, Jihee Lee Kang, Kwang Ho Kim, So-Youn Woo

Pages: 333-340 Published online on: 27 November 2013
Open Access

MicroRNA‑199a‑5p suppresses migration and invasion in oral squamous cell carcinoma through inhibiting the EMT‑related transcription factor SOX4

Dongyi Wei, Weixin Wang, Baohong Shen, Yanjun Zhou, Xiaodong Yang, Guangjian Lu, Jianbin Yang, Yuebao Shao

Published online on: April 25, 2019
Open Access

Genome editing: A perspective on the application of CRISPR/Cas9 to study human diseases (Review)

Diana Raquel Rodríguez‑Rodríguez, Ramiro Ramírez‑Solís, Mario Alberto Garza‑Elizondo, María De Lourdes Garza‑Rodríguez, Hugo Alberto Barrera‑Saldaña

Pages: 1559-1574 Published online on: 26 February 2019
Open Access

Comparison of molecular profiles of human mesenchymal stem cells derived from bone marrow, umbilical cord blood, placenta and adipose tissue

June Seok Heo, Youjeong Choi, Han-Soo Kim, Hyun Ok Kim

Pages: 115-125 Published online on: 19 November 2015
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June 2019
Volume 43 Issue 6

Print ISSN: 1107-3756
Online ISSN: 1791-244X

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