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Interaction of tumor‑associated macrophages with stromal and immune components in solid tumors: Research progress (Review)

Anna Kazakova, Tatiana Sudarskikh, Oleg Kovalev, Julia Kzhyshkowska, Irina Larionova

Article Number: 32 Published online on: 16 January 2023
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Extracellular vesicle‑mediated miR‑126‑3p transfer contributes to inter‑cellular communication in the liver tumor microenvironment

Anuradha Moirangthem, Piyush Gondaliya, Irene K. Yan, Adil Ali Sayyed, Julia Driscoll, Tushar Patel

Article Number: 31 Published online on: 16 January 2023

Perspectives on miRNAs directly targeting BDNF for cancer diagnosis and treatment (Review)

Ziteng Xie, Xiaomeng Xu, Wenbo Cao, Luyun He, Chen Kou, Jiajia He, Yaping Guo, Mingjin Yue, Saijun Mo

Article Number: 30 Published online on: 10 January 2023
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Review Open Access

Combined PARP inhibitors and small molecular inhibitors in solid tumor treatment (Review)

Ning Jin, Yu Xia, Qinglei Gao

Article Number: 28 Published online on: 04 January 2023
Article Open Access

Identification of recurrent 3q13.31 chromosomal rearrangement indicates LSAMP as a tumor suppressor gene in neuroblastoma

Angela Martinez-Monleon, Jennie Gaarder, Anna Djos, Per Kogner, Susanne Fransson

Article Number: 27 Published online on: 03 January 2023
Review Open Access

Dual inhibition of EGFR‑VEGF: An effective approach to the treatment of advanced non‑small cell lung cancer with EGFR mutation (Review)

Qian Wang, Anqi Zeng, Min Zhu, Linjiang Song

Article Number: 26 Published online on: 03 January 2023
Retraction Open Access

[Retracted] Tripartite motif 16 inhibits hepatocellular carcinoma cell migration and invasion

Linlin Li, Lei Dong, Xiaotong Qu, Shi Jin, Xiupeng Lv, Guang Tan

Article Number: 25 Published online on: 02 January 2023
Review Open Access

Blocking the Wnt/β‑catenin signaling pathway to treat colorectal cancer: Strategies to improve current therapies (Review)

Yuxiang Chen, Mo Chen, Kai Deng

Article Number: 24 Published online on: 27 December 2022

Role of the tumor microenvironment in cancer hallmarks and targeted therapy (Review)

Rayan Naser, Isabelle Fakhoury, Adam El-Fouani, Ralph Abi-Habib, Mirvat El-Sibai

Article Number: 23 Published online on: 27 December 2022
Retraction Open Access

[Retracted] miRNA‑1207‑5p is associated with cancer progression by targeting stomatin‑like protein 2 in esophageal carcinoma

Xuan Yang, Wenqiao Zang, Xiaoyan Xuan, Zhongquan Wang, Zhicai Liu, Jinwu Wang, Jing Cui, Guoqiang Zhao

Article Number: 22 Published online on: 19 December 2022
Review Open Access

Landscape of circular RNAs in different types of lung cancer and an emerging role in therapeutic resistance (Review)

Fan Wang, Chuting Yu, Ling Chen, Sheng Xu

Article Number: 21 Published online on: 16 December 2022
Article Open Access

Upregulation of the EGFR/MEK1/MAPK1/2 signaling axis as a mechanism of resistance to antiestrogen‑induced BimEL dependent apoptosis in ER+ breast cancer cells

Mackenzie L. Hagan, Suchreet Mander, Carol Joseph, Michael McGrath, Amanda Barrett, Allison Lewis, William D. Hill, Darren Browning, Meghan E. McGee‑Lawrence, Haifeng Cai, Kebin Liu, John T. Barrett, David A. Gewirtz, Muthusamy Thangaraju, Patricia V. Schoenlein

Article Number: 20 Published online on: 16 December 2022
Article Open Access

Genome stability‑related lncRNA ZFPM2‑AS1 promotes tumor progression via miR‑3065‑5p/XRCC4 in hepatocellular carcinoma

Jie Liu, Hao Zhang, Peng Xia, Yimin Zhu, Kequan Xu, Zhisu Liu, Yufeng Yuan

Article Number: 19 Published online on: 14 December 2022
Retraction Open Access

[Retracted] MicroRNA‑488 inhibits proliferation, invasion and EMT in osteosarcoma cell lines by targeting aquaporin 3

Jing Qiu, Yongzhi Zhang, Hu Chen, Zhi Guo

Article Number: 18 Published online on: 12 December 2022
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