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ERGO: A pilot study of ketogenic diet in recurrent glioblastoma Erratum in /ijo/45/6/2605

Johannes Rieger, Oliver Bähr, Gabriele D. Maurer, Elke Hattingen, Kea Franz, Daniel Brucker, Stefan Walenta, Ulrike Kämmerer, Johannes F. Coy, Michael Weller, Joachim P. Steinbach

Pages: 1843-1852 Published online on: 11 April 2014

The characteristic ultrasound features of specific types of ovarian pathology (Review)

Ahmad Sayasneh, Christine Ekechi, Laura Ferrara, Jeroen Kaijser, Catriona Stalder, Shyamaly Sur, Dirk Timmerman, Tom Bourne

Pages: 445-458 Published online on: 18 November 2014
Review Open Access

The Akt pathway in oncology therapy and beyond (Review)

George Mihai Nitulescu, Maryna Van De Venter, Georgiana Nitulescu, Anca Ungurianu, Petras Juzenas, Qian Peng, Octavian Tudorel Olaru, Daniela Grădinaru, Aristides Tsatsakis, Dimitris Tsoukalas, Demetrios A. Spandidos, Denisa Margina

Pages: 2319-2331 Published online on: 16 October 2018
Article Open Access

Differential dependency of human glioblastoma cells on vascular endothelial growth factor‑A signaling via neuropilin‑1

Jungwhoi Lee, Kyuha Chong, Jungsul Lee, Chungyeul Kim, Jae-Hoon Kim, Kyungsun Choi, Chulhee Choi

Article Number: 122 Published online on: 29 August 2022
Article Open Access

HHLA2 promotes tumor progression by long non‑coding RNA H19 in human gallbladder cancer

Yizhou Zhang, Hanrong Li, Chao Lv, Baokang Wu, Yang Yu, Chongli Zhong, Qi Lang, Zhiyun Liang, Yang Li, Yu Shi, Jian Zhang, Feng Xu, Yu Tian

Article Number: 112 Published online on: 01 August 2022
Review Open Access

Mechanisms and management of 3rd‑generation EGFR‑TKI resistance in advanced non‑small cell lung cancer (Review)

Jingyi He, Zhengrong Huang, Linzhi Han, Yan Gong, Conghua Xie

Article Number: 90 Published online on: 24 September 2021
Retraction Open Access

[Retracted] MicroRNA‑511 inhibits malignant behaviors of breast cancer by directly targeting SOX9 and regulating the PI3K/Akt pathway

Yuying Zhao, Weifeng Pang, Ning Yang, Ling Hao, Lei Wang

Article Number: 123 Published online on: 30 August 2022
Article Open Access

Liproxstatin‑1 induces cell cycle arrest, apoptosis, and caspase‑3/GSDME‑dependent secondary pyroptosis in K562 cells

Hai-Qun Dong, Shi-Jing Liang, Yu-Ling Xu, Yi Dai, Na Sun, Dong-Hong Deng, Peng Cheng

Article Number: 119 Published online on: 17 August 2022
Article Open Access

Activation of DDX58/RIG‑I suppresses the growth of tumor cells by inhibiting STAT3/CSE signaling in colon cancer

Yuying Deng, Han Fu, Xue Han, Yuxi Li, Wei Zhao, Xuening Zhao, Chunxue Yu, Wenqing Guo, Kaijian Lei, Tianxiao Wang

Article Number: 120 Published online on: 19 August 2022
Article Open Access

miR‑382 inhibits breast cancer progression and metastasis by affecting the M2 polarization of tumor‑associated macrophages by targeting PGC‑1α

Hua Zhou, Mingyu Gan, Xin Jin, Meng Dai, Yuanyuan Wang, Youyang Lei, Zijing Lin, Jia Ming

Article Number: 126 Published online on: 06 September 2022
Review Open Access

Triple‑negative breast cancer therapy: Current and future perspectives (Review)

Kwang‑Ai Won, Charles Spruck

Pages: 1245-1261 Published online on: 16 October 2020
Review Open Access

World Health Organization, radiofrequency radiation and health - a hard nut to crack (Review)

Lennart Hardell

Pages: 405-413 Published online on: 21 June 2017
Review Open Access

Hepatocellular carcinoma: Novel understandings and therapeutic strategies based on bile acids (Review)

Wenyu Luo, Shiqi Guo, Yang Zhou, Junfeng Zhu, Jingwen Zhao, Mengyao Wang, Lixuan Sang, Bingyuan Wang, Bing Chang

Article Number: 117 Published online on: 05 August 2022
Article Open Access

GDNF regulates lipid metabolism and glioma growth through RET/ERK/HIF‑1/SREBP‑1

Zhi-Yun Yu, Hong-Jiang Li, Meng Wang, Wen-Zheng Luo, Ya-Ke Xue

Article Number: 109 Published online on: 27 July 2022
Article Open Access

A multi‑omics study of diagnostic markers and the unique inflammatory tumor micro‑environment involved in tuberous sclerosis complex‑related renal angiomyolipoma

Zhan Wang, Xiaoyan Liu, Wenda Wang, Jing Wei, Samuel Seery, Jiyu Xu, Haidan Sun, Yuncui Yu, Yang Zhao, Xu Wang, Zhangcheng Liao, Yanan Li, Wei Sun, Lulu Jia, Yushi Zhang

Article Number: 132 Published online on: 15 September 2022
Retraction Open Access

[Retracted] MicroRNA‑873 targets HOXA9 to inhibit the aggressive phenotype of osteosarcoma by deactivating the Wnt/β‑catenin pathway

Yilin Liu, Yuqiang Wang, Hao Yang, Liang Zhao, Ruipeng Song, Hongyu Tan, Limin Wang

Article Number: 130 Published online on: 12 September 2022
Article Open Access

Long non‑coding RNA CASC11 interacts with YBX1 to promote prostate cancer progression by suppressing the p53 pathway

Xianchao Sun, Shiyong Xin, Ying Zhang, Liang Jin, Xiang Liu, Jiaxin Zhang, Wangli Mei, Bihui Zhang, Weiguo Ma, Lin Ye

Article Number: 110 Published online on: 27 July 2022
Review Open Access

Anticancer peptide: Physicochemical property, functional aspect and trend in clinical application (Review)

Wararat Chiangjong, Somchai Chutipongtanate, Suradej Hongeng

Pages: 678-696 Published online on: 10 July 2020
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Volume 61 Issue 5

Print ISSN: 1019-6439
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