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Pooled analysis of case-control studies on malignant brain tumours and the use of mobile and cordless phones including living and deceased subjects

Lennart Hardell, Michael Carlberg, Kjell Hansson Mild

Pages: 1465-1474 Published online on: 17 February 2011

Anticancer effects of phytocannabinoids used with chemotherapy in leukaemia cells can be improved by altering the sequence of their administration

Katherine A. Scott, Angus G. Dalgleish, Wai M. Liu

Pages: 369-377 Published online on: 29 May 2017
Open Access

World Health Organization, radiofrequency radiation and health - a hard nut to crack (Review)

Lennart Hardell

Pages: 405-413 Published online on: 21 June 2017
Open Access

Case-control study of the association between malignant brain tumours diagnosed between 2007 and 2009 and mobile and cordless phone use

Lennart Hardell, Michael Carlberg, Fredrik Söderqvist, Kjell Hansson Mild

Pages: 1833-1845 Published online on: 24 September 2013
Open Access

Pooled analysis of case-control studies on acoustic neuroma diagnosed 1997-2003 and 2007-2009 and use of mobile and cordless phones

Lennart Hardell, Michael Carlberg, Fredrik Söderqvist, Kjell Hansson Mild

Pages: 1036-1044 Published online on: 22 July 2013

Oleocanthal exerts antitumor effects on human liver and colon cancer cells through ROS generation

Antonella Cusimano, Daniele Balasus, Antonina Azzolina, Giuseppa Augello, Maria R. Emma, Caterina Di Sano, Roberto Gramignoli, Stephen C. Strom, James A. McCubrey, Giuseppe Montalto, Melchiorre Cervello

Pages: 533-544 Published online on: 21 June 2017
Open Access

Breast cancer in European Union: An update of screening programmes as of March 2014 (Review)

E. Altobelli, A. Lattanzi

Pages: 1785-1792 Published online on: 01 September 2014
Open Access

[Retracted] Epidermal growth factor-stimulated human cervical cancer cell growth is associated with EGFR and cyclin D1 activation, independent of COX-2 expression levels

Rajkishen Narayanan, Hye Na Kim, Narayanan K. Narayanan, Dominick Nargi, Bhagavathi Narayanan

Pages: 337-337 Published online on: 18 October 2016

Inhibitory effects of Yangzheng Xiaoji on angiogenesis and the role of the focal adhesion kinase pathway

Wen G. Jiang, Lin Ye, Ke Ji, Natasha Frewer, Jiafu Ji, Malcolm D. Mason

Pages: 1635-1642 Published online on: 11 September 2012
Open Access

A novel method for the in vivo isolation of circulating tumor cells from peripheral blood of cancer patients using a functionalized and structured medical wire

Nadia Saucedo-Zeni, Steffi Mewes, Robert Niestroj, Lukasz Gasiorowski, David Murawa, Piotr Nowaczyk, Tatiana Tomasi, Ekkehard Weber, Grzegorz Dworacki, Nils G. Morgenthaler, Heike Jansen, Corinna Propping, Karolina Sterzynska, Wojciech Dyszkiewicz, Maciej Zabel, Marion Kiechle, Ute Reuning, Manfred Schmitt, Klaus Lücke

Pages: 1241-1250 Published online on: 16 July 2012
Open Access

ERGO: A pilot study of ketogenic diet in recurrent glioblastoma Erratum in /ijo/45/6/2605

Johannes Rieger, Oliver Bähr, Gabriele D. Maurer, Elke Hattingen, Kea Franz, Daniel Brucker, Stefan Walenta, Ulrike Kämmerer, Johannes F. Coy, Michael Weller, Joachim P. Steinbach

Pages: 1843-1852 Published online on: 11 April 2014
Open Access

Suppression of growth and invasive behavior of human prostate cancer cells by ProstaCaidTM: Mechanism of activity

Jiahua Jiang, Isaac Eliaz, Daniel Sliva

Pages: 1675-1682 Published online on: 04 April 2011

Case-control study on risk factors for testicular cancer.

L Hardell, A Näsman, C G Ohlson, M Fredrikson

Pages: 1299-1602 Published online on: 01 December 1998

Novel monoclonal antibodies specific for CTLD-SSC and sialomucin domains of endosialin, a mural cell marker of tumor vasculature

Soňa Kontseková, Anna Ohradanova Repic, Katarína Polčicová, Pauliina Tuomaala, Jaromír Pastorek, Silvia Pastoreková, Seppo Parkkila, Monika Baráthová

Pages: 1365-1372 Published online on: 23 July 2012
Open Access

Importance of osteoprotegrin and receptor activator of nuclear factor κB in breast cancer response to hepatocyte growth factor and the bone microenvironment in vitro

Sioned Owen, Andrew J. Sanders, Malcolm D. Mason, Wen G. Jiang

Pages: 919-928 Published online on: 15 January 2016
Open Access

[Corrigendum] Candidate of metastasis 1 regulates in vitro growth and invasion of bladder cancer cells

Peng Du, Lin Ye, Yong Yang, Wen G. Jiang

Pages: 1364-1364 Published online on: 16 February 2018

Crude phenolic extracts from extra virgin olive oil circumvent de novo breast cancer resistance to HER1/HER2-targeting drugs by inducing GADD45-sensed cellular stress, G2/M arrest and hyperacetylation of Histone H3

Cristina Oliveras-Ferraros, Salvador Fernández-Arroyo, Alejandro Vazquez-Martin, Jesús Lozano-Sánchez, Sílvia Cufí, Jorge Joven, Vicente Micol, Alberto Fernández-Gutiérrez, Antonio Segura-Carretero, Javier A. Menendez

Pages: 1533-1547 Published online on: 30 March 2011
Open Access

Heat shock protein 27 is a potential indicator for response to YangZheng XiaoJi and chemotherapy agents in cancer cells

Sioned Owen, Huishan Zhao, Alwyn Dart, Yamei Wang, Fiona Ruge, Yong Gao, Cong Wei, Yiling Wu, Wen G. Jiang

Pages: 1839-1847 Published online on: 06 September 2016
Open Access

Glucocorticoid receptor overexpression slightly shifts microRNA expression patterns in triple-negative breast cancer

Dominik Buschmann, Ricardo González, Benedikt Kirchner, Claudia Mazzone, Michael W. Pfaffl, Gustav Schelling, Ortrud Steinlein, Marlene Reithmair

Pages: 1765-1776 Published online on: 27 March 2018

Mobile phone radiation causes brain tumors and should be classified as a probable human carcinogen (2A) (Review)

L. Lloyd Morgan, Anthony B. Miller, Annie Sasco, Devra Lee Davis

Pages: 1865-1871 Published online on: 25 February 2015
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October 2018
Volume 53 Issue 4

Print ISSN: 1019-6439
Online ISSN: 1791-2423

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