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Molecular mammalian reproduction

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    Professor Ayman Swelum King Saud University Saudi Arabia

Although mammalian reproductive efficiency has improved over the past decades, studying molecular networks involved in reproductive processes is essential. Omics technologies and reproductive systems biology are emerging concepts of molecular reproduction. Omics refers to collective and high-throughput analyses including genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, and metabolomics/lipidomics that are integrated through robust systems biology, bioinformatics, and computational tools to study the mechanism, interaction, and function of cell populations’ tissues, organs, and the whole organism at the molecular level in a non-targeted and non-biased manner which involved in the regulation of reproductive processes and playing key roles in some sterility and infertility disorders. This Research Topic welcomes ongoing basic and applied research that contributes to discovering, identifying, and/or validating new molecules with potential roles as biomarkers of reproductive physiology, sterility, and infertility disorders. In addition, critical reviews gather current knowledge and upcoming challenges on molecular biomarkers in mammalian reproduction.

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Oviduct epithelial cell‑derived extracellular vesicles promote the developmental competence of IVF porcine embryos

Xun Fang, Seonggyu Bang, Bereket Molla Tanga, Chaerim Seo, Dongjie Zhou, Gyeonghwan Seong, Islam M. Saadeldin, Sanghoon Lee, Xiang-Shun Cui, Jongki Cho

Article Number: 122 Published online on: 12 May 2023
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Print ISSN: 1791-2997
Online ISSN: 1791-3004

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