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Chamomile: A herbal medicine of the past with a bright future (Review)

Janmejai K. Srivastava, Eswar Shankar, Sanjay Gupta

Pages: 895-901 Published online on: 27 September 2010

Hydroxychloroquine protects melanocytes from autoantibody-induced injury by reducing the binding of antigen-antibody complexes

Dong‑Guang Li, Wen‑Zhi Hu, Hui‑Jun Ma, Wen Liu, Qing‑Qi Yang, Guang Zhao

Pages: 1275-1282 Published online on: 01 June 2016
Article Open Access

Small molecular compounds efficiently convert human fibroblasts directly into neurons

Jijuan Yang, Huimei Cao, Shengnan Guo, Hong Zhu, Hong Tao, Linna Zhang, Zhangping Chen, Tao Sun, Shuhong Chi, Qikuan Hu

Pages: 4763-4771 Published online on: 02 October 2020
Article Open Access

Blockage of Drp1 phosphorylation at Ser579 protects neurons against Aβ1‑42‑induced degeneration

Dan Xu, Ping Yang, Zhang-Jian Yang, Qiu-Gen Li, Ye-Tong Ouyang, Ting Yu, Jian-Hui Shangguan, Yu-Ying Wan, Li-Ping Jiang, Xin-Hui Qu, Xiao-Jian Han

Article Number: 657 Published online on: 15 July 2021
Article Open Access

Nicotinic acid modulates intracellular calcium concentration and disassembles the cytoskeleton

Jiejing Li, Yanxi Li, Penghui Zhang, Hua Niu, Yu Shi

Pages: 2805-2810 Published online on: 18 September 2014
Article Open Access

Cholinesterase inhibitors as Alzheimer's therapeutics (Review)

Kamlesh Sharma

Pages: 1479-1487 Published online on: 11 June 2019

Long non‑coding RNA DANCR represses the viability, migration and invasion of multiple myeloma cells by sponging miR‑135b‑5p to target KLF9

Linlin Wu, Liang Xia, Huimin Jiang, Yue Hu, Lingling Li, Li Xu, Ruixiang Xia

Article Number: 649 Published online on: 13 July 2021
Article Open Access
Article Open Access

Solanum nigrum Linne improves DNCB‑induced atopic dermatitis‑like skin disease in BALB/c mice

Sooyeon Hong, Bina Lee, Jae‑Hyun Kim, Eun‑Young Kim, Minsun Kim, Boguen Kwon, Hye‑Rin Cho, Youngjoo Sohn, Hyuk‑Sang Jung

Pages: 2878-2886 Published online on: 28 July 2020

κ-carrageenan induces the disruption of intestinal epithelial Caco-2 monolayers by promoting the interaction between intestinal epithelial cells and immune cells

Hai-Yue Jiang, Feng Wang, Hai‑Min Chen, Xiao‑Jun Yan

Pages: 1635-1642 Published online on: 14 October 2013

Correlation between atrial fibrillation, serum amyloid protein A and other inflammatory cytokines

Tao Cheng, Xiao-Fei Wang, Yun-Tian Hou, Li Zhang

Pages: 581-584 Published online on: 06 June 2012
Article Open Access

COVID‑19 vaccination and IgG and IgA antibody dynamics in healthcare workers

Sabina Zurac, Luciana Nichita, Bogdan Mateescu, Cristian Mogodici, Alexandra Bastian, Cristiana Popp, Mirela Cioplea, Claudiu Socoliuc, Carolina Constantin, Monica Neagu

Article Number: 578 Published online on: 13 June 2021
Article Open Access

Chronic effects of soft drink consumption on the health state of Wistar rats: A biochemical, genetic and histopathological study

Adel Alkhedaide, Mohamed Mohamed Soliman, Alaa‑Eldin Salah‑Eldin, Tamer Ahmed Ismail, Zafer Saad Alshehiri, Hossam Fouad Attia

Pages: 5109-5117 Published online on: 27 April 2016

Asiaticoside reduces autophagy and improves memory in a rat model of dementia through mTOR signaling pathway regulation

Min Guo, Jianmeng Xu, Shiwei Wang, Baohua Dong

Article Number: 645 Published online on: 12 July 2021
Review Open Access

Dysregulated inflammation may predispose patients with serious mental illnesses to severe COVID‑19 (Review)

Sergej Nadalin, Hrvoje Jakovac, Vjekoslav Peitl, Dalibor Karlović, Alena Buretić‑Tomljanović

Article Number: 611 Published online on: 28 June 2021
Review Open Access

Obesity ‑ a risk factor for increased COVID‑19 prevalence, severity and lethality (Review)

Demetrios Petrakis, Denisa Margină, Konstantinos Tsarouhas, Fotios Tekos, Miriana Stan, Dragana Nikitovic, Demetrios Kouretas, Demetrios A. Spandidos, Aristidis Tsatsakis

Pages: 9-19 Published online on: 05 May 2020
Editorial Open Access

[Editorial] Possibility of transmission through dogs being a contributing factor to the extreme Covid‑19 outbreak in North Italy

Marina Goumenou, Demetrios A. Spandidos, Aristidis Tsatsakis

Pages: 2293-2295 Published online on: 23 March 2020
Article Open Access

Curcumin reverses doxorubicin resistance via inhibition the efflux function of ABCB4 in doxorubicin‑resistant breast cancer cells

Chunjie Wen, Lijuan Fu, Jiafeng Huang, Yi Dai, Bin Wang, Ge Xu, Lanxiang Wu, Honghao Zhou

Pages: 5162-5168 Published online on: 22 April 2019
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Volume 24 Issue 3

Print ISSN: 1791-2997
Online ISSN: 1791-3004

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