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Ki67 is a promising molecular target in the diagnosis of cancer (Review)

Lian Tao Li, Guan Jiang, Qian Chen, Jun Nian Zheng

Pages: 1566-1572 Published online on: 10 November 2014

Effect of CCL2 siRNA on proliferation and apoptosis in the U251 human glioma cell line

Bin Lu, Yue Zhou, Zhongzhou Su, Ai Yan, Peng Ding

Pages: 3387-3394 Published online on: 15 July 2017

Chamomile: A herbal medicine of the past with a bright future (Review)

Janmejai K. Srivastava, Eswar Shankar, Sanjay Gupta

Pages: 895-901 Published online on: 27 September 2010
Open Access

Expression of HIF‑1α in cycling stretch‑induced osteogenic differentiation of bone mesenchymal stem cells

Haibo Yu, Wenyi Yu, Ying Liu, Xiao Yuan, Rongtao Yuan, Qingyuan Guo

Pages: 4489-4498 Published online on: 30 September 2019
Open Access

Intestinal injury following liver transplantation was mediated by TLR4/NF-κB activation-induced cell apoptosis

Dong‑Dong Yuan, Xin‑Jin Chi, Yi Jin, Xi Li, Mian Ge, Wan‑Ling Gao, Jian‑Qiang Guan, Ai‑Lan Zhang, Zi‑Qing Hei

Pages: 1525-1532 Published online on: 24 December 2015
Open Access

MicroRNA‑146a as a potential regulator involved in the pathogenesis of atopic dermatitis

Fenggen Yan, Weiwei Meng, Siqi Ye, Xian Zhang, Xiumei Mo, Junfeng Liu, Dacan Chen, Ying Lin

Pages: 4645-4653 Published online on: 20 September 2019
Open Access

Discovery of potent telomerase activators: Unfolding new therapeutic and anti-aging perspectives

Dimitris Tsoukalas, Persefoni Fragkiadaki, Anca Oana Docea, Athanasios K. Alegakis, Evangelia Sarandi, Maria Thanasoula, Demetrios A. Spandidos, Aristidis Tsatsakis, Mayya Petrovna Razgonova, Daniela Calina

Pages: 3701-3708 Published online on: 23 August 2019

High-density lipoprotein synthesis and metabolism (Review)

Lingyan Zhou, Congcong Li, Ling Gao, Aihong Wang

Pages: 4015-4021 Published online on: 15 June 2015

MicroRNA-29c targets β-site amyloid precursor protein-cleaving enzyme 1 and has a neuroprotective role in vitro and in vivo

Guoshuai Yang, Yanmin Song, Xiaoyan Zhou, Yidong Deng, Tao Liu, Guohu Weng, Dan Yu, Suyue Pan

Pages: 3081-3088 Published online on: 05 May 2015
Open Access

Differences in the expression profiles of claudin proteins in human gastric carcinoma compared with non‑neoplastic mucosa

Luoluo Yang, Xun Sun, Xiangwei Meng

Pages: 1271-1278 Published online on: 01 June 2018
Open Access

Rab7‑mediated autophagy regulates phenotypic transformation and behavior of smooth muscle cells via the Ras/Raf/MEK/ERK signaling pathway in human aortic dissection

Keshuai He, Haoliang Sun, Junjie Zhang, Rui Zheng, Jiaxi Gu, Ming Luo, Yongfeng Shao

Pages: 3105-3113 Published online on: 14 February 2019
Open Access

Proliferation and differentiation of direct co‑culture of bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells and pigmented cells from the ciliary margin

Yan Li, Xinzheng He, Jun Li, Fangfang Ni, Qingqing Sun, Yan Zhou

Pages: 3529-3534 Published online on: 19 April 2017
Open Access

Serum microRNA profiling and bioinformatics analysis of patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus in a Chinese population

Ze‑Min Yang, Long‑Hui Chen, Min Hong, Ying‑Yu Chen, Xiao‑Rong Yang, Si‑Meng Tang, Qian‑Fa Yuan, Wei‑Wen Chen

Pages: 2143-2153 Published online on: 22 February 2017

Role of CYP1A2 polymorphisms in breast cancer risk in women

Imene Ayari, Ugo Fedeli, Saad Saguem, Samir Hidar, Saida Khlifi, Sofia Pavanello

Pages: 280-286 Published online on: 01 November 2012

The anti‑dengue virus properties of statins may be associated with alterations in the cellular antiviral profile expression

Owen Lloyd Bryan‑Marrugo, Daniel Arellanos-Soto, Augusto Rojas‑Martinez, Hugo Barrera‑Saldaña, Javier Ramos‑Jimenez, Roman Vidaltamayo, Ana María Rivas‑Estilla

Pages: 2155-2163 Published online on: 13 July 2016

Puerarin regulates neovascular glaucoma through pigment epithelium‑derived growth factor‑induced NF‑κB signaling pathway

Hui‑Yu Wei, Ya‑Jie Zhang, Shao‑Zhen Zhao

Pages: 7866-7874 Published online on: 28 March 2018
Open Access

Melanopsin retinal ganglion cell loss and circadian dysfunction in Alzheimer's disease (Review)

Ruiqi Feng, Lijuan Li, Haiyan Yu, Min Liu, Wei Zhao

Pages: 3397-3400 Published online on: 02 March 2016
Open Access

Screening of underlying genetic biomarkers for ankylosing spondylitis

Xutao Fan, Bao Qi, Longfei Ma, Fengyu Ma

Pages: 5263-5274 Published online on: 24 April 2019

Kidney and heavy metals - The role of environmental exposure (Review)

Paolo Lentini, Luca Zanoli, Antonio Granata, Salvatore Santo Signorelli, Pietro Castellino, Roberto Dell'Aquila

Pages: 3413-3419 Published online on: 24 March 2017
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November 2019
Volume 20 Issue 5

Print ISSN: 1791-2997
Online ISSN: 1791-3004

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