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Ki67 is a promising molecular target in the diagnosis of cancer (Review)

Lian Tao Li, Guan Jiang, Qian Chen, Jun Nian Zheng

Pages: 1566-1572 Published online on: 10 November 2014

Chamomile: A herbal medicine of the past with a bright future (Review)

Janmejai K. Srivastava, Eswar Shankar, Sanjay Gupta

Pages: 895-901 Published online on: 27 September 2010
Open Access

Role of HLA-B27 in the pathogenesis of ankylosing spondylitis (Review)

Bin Chen, Jia Li, Chongru He, Dahe Li, Wenwen Tong, Yuming Zou, Weidong Xu

Pages: 1943-1951 Published online on: 24 February 2017
Open Access

Nicotinamide phosphoribosyltransferase‑related signaling pathway in early Alzheimer's disease mouse models

Sanli Xing, Yiran Hu, Xujiao Huang, Dingzhu Shen, Chuan Chen

Pages: 5163-5171 Published online on: 30 October 2019

High-density lipoprotein synthesis and metabolism (Review)

Lingyan Zhou, Congcong Li, Ling Gao, Aihong Wang

Pages: 4015-4021 Published online on: 15 June 2015

Kidney and heavy metals - The role of environmental exposure (Review)

Paolo Lentini, Luca Zanoli, Antonio Granata, Salvatore Santo Signorelli, Pietro Castellino, Roberto Dell'Aquila

Pages: 3413-3419 Published online on: 24 March 2017

Chromolaena odorata: A neglected weed with a wide spectrum of pharmacological activities (Review)

Kavitha Vijayaraghavan, Johanna Rajkumar, Syed Nasir Abbas Bukhari, Badr Al‑Sayed, Mohammed Ali Seyed

Pages: 1007-1016 Published online on: 19 January 2017
Open Access

Discovery of potent telomerase activators: Unfolding new therapeutic and anti-aging perspectives

Dimitris Tsoukalas, Persefoni Fragkiadaki, Anca Oana Docea, Athanasios K. Alegakis, Evangelia Sarandi, Maria Thanasoula, Demetrios A. Spandidos, Aristidis Tsatsakis, Mayya Petrovna Razgonova, Daniela Calina

Pages: 3701-3708 Published online on: 23 August 2019
Open Access

Disorders of sex development: Genetic characterization of a patient cohort

Mary García-Acero, Olga Moreno-Niño, Fernando Suárez-Obando, Mónica Molina, María Carolina Manotas, Juan Carlos Prieto, Catalina Forero, Camila Céspedes, Jaime Pérez, Nicolas Fernandez, Adriana Rojas

Pages: 97-106 Published online on: 12 November 2019
Open Access

Role of neuroinflammation in neurodegenerative diseases (Review)

Wei‑Wei Chen, Xia Zhang, Wen‑Juan Huang

Pages: 3391-3396 Published online on: 29 February 2016
Open Access

Mangiferin: An effective therapeutic agent against several disorders (Review)

Suya Du, Huirong Liu, Tiantian Lei, Xiaofang Xie, Hailian Wang, Xia He, Rongsheng Tong, Yi Wang

Pages: 4775-4786 Published online on: 02 October 2018

Evaluation of the effect of glucosamine administration on biomarkers of cartilage and bone metabolism in bicycle racers

Rei Momomura, Kiyohito Naito, Mamoru Igarashi, Taiji Watari, Atsuhiko Terakado, Shinji Oike, Koji Sakamoto, Isao Nagaoka, Kazuo Kaneko

Pages: 742-746 Published online on: 25 January 2013
Open Access

miR‑455 targets FABP4 to protect human endometrial stromal cells from cytotoxicity induced by hydrogen peroxide

Wenbo Tang, Oujing Chen, Fengxiang Yao, Lining Cui

Pages: 4781-4790 Published online on: 04 October 2019
Open Access

HIV‑1 integrase inhibitors targeting various DDE transposases: Retroviral integration versus RAG‑mediated recombination (Review)

Mihaela Georgiana Mușat, George Mihai Nițulescu, Marius Surleac, Aristidis Tsatsakis, Demetrios A. Spandidos, Denisa Margină

Pages: 4749-4762 Published online on: 30 October 2019

Comparison of the IHC, FISH, SISH and qPCR methods for the molecular diagnosis of breast cancer

D. Tvrdík, L. Staněk, H. Skálová, P. Dundr, Z. Velenská, C. Povýšil

Pages: 439-443 Published online on: 17 May 2012
Open Access

The cyclic AMP signaling pathway: Exploring targets for successful drug discovery (Review)

Kuo Yan, Li‑Na Gao, Yuan‑Lu Cui, Yi Zhang, Xin Zhou

Pages: 3715-3723 Published online on: 18 March 2016

Monoamine oxidase inhibitors: Promising therapeutic agents for Alzheimer's disease (Review)

Zhiyou Cai

Pages: 1533-1541 Published online on: 11 March 2014
Open Access

CXCR4 and CXCR3 are two distinct prognostic biomarkers in breast cancer: Database mining for CXCR family members

Kaibo Guo, Guan Feng, Qingying Yan, Leitao Sun, Kai Zhang, Fengfei Shen, Minhe Shen, Shanming Ruan

Pages: 4791-4802 Published online on: 30 October 2019

Hyperoside protects human kidney‑2 cells against oxidative damage induced by oxalic acid

Yongliang Chen, Lihong Ye, Wangjian Li, Dongzhang Li, Feng Li

Pages: 486-494 Published online on: 02 May 2018
Open Access

Chronic aerobic exercise improves insulin sensitivity and modulates Nrf2 and NF‑κB/IκBα pathways in the skeletal muscle of rats fed with a high fat diet

Qian Yu, Zhengyun Xia, Emily Chiu Liong, George Lim Tipoe

Pages: 4963-4972 Published online on: 31 October 2019
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January 2020
Volume 21 Issue 1

Print ISSN: 1791-2997
Online ISSN: 1791-3004

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