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Case Report Open Access

Ollier disease: A case report and literature review

Jiani Wang, Jian Li, Zhuangzhuang Wu

Article Number: 35 Published online on: 10 May 2021
Article Open Access

Measurements of radiofrequency electromagnetic fields, including 5G, in the city of Columbia, SC, USA

Tarmo Koppel, Lennart Hardell

Article Number: 22 Published online on: 24 March 2022
Review Open Access

Inhaled biguanides and mTOR inhibition for influenza and coronavirus (Review)

Steven Lehrer

Article Number: 1 Published online on: 29 March 2020
Article Open Access

Legionella pneumophila pneumonia: A 5‑year retrospective clinical evaluation and commentary

Andrea Marino, Stefano Stracquadanio, Edoardo Campanella, Manuela Ceccarelli, Aldo Zagami, Maria Gussio, Licia Larocca, Giuseppe Nunnari, Bruno Cacopardo

Article Number: 18 Published online on: 07 June 2023
Case Report Open Access

Marjolin's ulcer: A case report and literature review

Ju Tian, Ji-Ping Zou, Xiao-Fei Xiang, Jian-Bing Tang, Biao Cheng

Article Number: 5 Published online on: 30 November 2020
Case Report Open Access

Management of ventilator‑associated pneumonia due to Stenotrophomonas maltophilia infection: A case report and literature review

Edoardo Campanella, Andrea Marino, Stefano Stracquadanio, Roberta Restivo, Cristina Micali, Giuseppe Nunnari, Bruno Cacopardo, Manuela Ceccarelli

Article Number: 16 Published online on: 05 April 2023
Article Open Access

Molecular docking analysis and dynamics simulation of ethanol extract of Citrus sinensis as a Keap1 and NMDA inhibitor in brain injury

Mokhamad Fahmi Rizki Syaban, Gumilar Fardhani Ami Putra, Rossa Arianda Vadhana, Afrizal Alif Azzam Muhyiddin, Lia Dia Farida, Faradilah Lukmana Sabila, Muhammad Haitsam, Widodo Mardi Santoso

Article Number: 14 Published online on: 23 February 2023
Article Open Access

Jinhua Qinggan granule, a Chinese herbal medicine against COVID‑19, induces rapid changes in the neutrophil/lymphocyte ratio and plasma levels of IL‑6 and IFN‑γ: An open‑label, single‑arm pilot study

Yasunari Kageyama, Koichi Aida, Kimihiko Kawauchi, Masafumi Morimoto, Tomoka Ebisui, Tetsu Akiyama, Tsutomu Nakamura

Article Number: 2 Published online on: 16 November 2021
Article Open Access

Structural models for the design of novel antiviral agents against Spondweni virus helicase

Louis Papageorgiou, Eleni Tzanou, Eleni Papakonstantinou, Kalliopi Io Diakou, Katerina Pierouli, Konstantina Dragoumani, Demetrios A. Spandidos, Flora Bacopoulou, George P. Chrousos, Elias Eliopoulos, Dimitrios Vlachakis

Article Number: 40 Published online on: 26 October 2022
Review Open Access

VIPoma: Mechanisms, clinical presentation, diagnosis and treatment (Review)

Leila Abdullayeva

Pages: 229-235 Published online on: 10 September 2019
Review Open Access

Multiple cell death modalities and their key features (Review)

Ge Yan, Mohamed Elbadawi, Thomas Efferth

Pages: 39-48 Published online on: 11 March 2020
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July-August 2023
Volume 5 Issue 4

Print ISSN: 2632-2900
Online ISSN: 2632-2919

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