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Deciphering the impaired cytokine cascades in chronic leg ulcers (Review)

Pascale Quatresooz, Frédérique Henry, Philippe Paquet, Claudine Pierard-Franchimont, Keith Harding, Gérald E. Pierard

Pages: 411-418 Published online on: 01 April 2003

Induction of ATP-binding cassette A1 by all-trans retinoic acid: Possible role of liver X receptor-α

Dick Wågsäter, Jan Dimberg, Allan Sirsjö

Pages: 419-423 Published online on: 01 April 2003

Persistent expression of the α1S-dihydropyridine receptor in aged human skeletal muscle: Implications for the excitation-contraction uncoupling hypothesis of sarcopenia

Michelle Ryan, Gillian Butler-Browne, Ida Erzen, Vincent Mouly, Lars-Eric Thornell, Anton Wernig, Kay Ohlendieck

Pages: 425-434 Published online on: 01 April 2003

A large deletion of the repeat site in semenogelin I is not involved in male infertility

Satetsu Miyano, Kaoru Yoshida, Miki Yoshiike, Chikara Miyamoto, Yasuhiro Furuichi, Teruaki Iwamoto

Pages: 435-440 Published online on: 01 April 2003

FHIT expression and hypermethylation in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma

Tsuyoshi Noguchi, Shinsuke Takeno, Yasuhiko Kimura, Yuzo Uchida, Tsutomu Daa, Shigeo Yokoyama, Helmut E. Gabbert, Wolfram Mueller

Pages: 441-447 Published online on: 01 April 2003

Influence of histochemical stains on quantitative gene expression analysis after laser-assisted microdissection

Ali-Fuat Okuducu, Viktor Janzen, Jens Claus Hahne, Yon Ko, Nicolas Wernert

Pages: 449-453 Published online on: 01 April 2003

Comparison of radiation-induced reactive oxygen species formation in adult articular chondrocytes and that in human peripheral T cells: Possible implication in radiosensitivity

Yasuhiro Ogawa, Toshiaki Takahashi, Toshihiro Kobayashi, Michio Toda, Akihito Nishioka, Shinji Kariya, Harumichu Seguchi, Hiroshi Yamamoto, Shoji Yoshida

Pages: 455-459 Published online on: 01 April 2003

Mutation of β-catenin and its protein accumulation in solid and cystic tumor of the pancreas associated with metastasis

Jiangyong Miao, Takeshi Kusafuka, Seika Kuroda, Akihiro Yoneda, Zhiwei Zhou, Akira Okada

Pages: 461-464 Published online on: 01 April 2003

Peptide mimotopes of oncoproteins as therapeutic agents in breast cancer

B. T. Ashok, L. David, Y. G. Chen, V. P.S. Garikapaty, B. Chander, D. Kanduc, A. Mittelman, R. K. Tiwari

Pages: 465-471 Published online on: 01 April 2003

The HIP gene encoding a heparin/heparan sulfate interacting protein is mutated in metastatic human colorectal cancer

Yuxun Wang, Sandra Tan, Shing Chuan Hooi

Pages: 473-477 Published online on: 01 April 2003

Reactive oxygen species and antioxidants in apoptosis of esophageal cancer cells induced by As2O3

Zhong-Ying Shen, Wen-Ying Shen, Ming-Hua Chen, Jian Shen, Yi Zeng

Pages: 479-484 Published online on: 01 April 2003

Telomeric repeat-length alterations in colorectal carcinoma are associated with loss of heterozygosity and point mutation in p53 gene

Shinji Ohki, Masamitsu Onda, Toshihiko Fukushima, Kenichi Takita, Shinichi Suzuki, Masami Hoshino, Atsuo Tsuchiya, Rikiya Abe, Seiichi Takenoshita

Pages: 485-490 Published online on: 01 April 2003

Phospholipase C-γ1 is required for subculture-induced terminal differentiation of normal human oral keratinocytes

Ju-Eun Oh, Joong-Ki Kook, Kyung-Hee Park, Gene Lee, Byoung-Moo Seo, Byung-Moo Min

Pages: 491-498 Published online on: 01 April 2003

Different apoptotic regulation of TRAIL-caspase pathway in HBV- and HCV-related hepatocellular carcinoma

Yoshihiko Yano, Yoshitake Hayashi, Miyuki Nakaji, Hidenobu Nagano, Yasushi Seo, Toshiaki Ninomiya, Seitetsu Yoon, Atushi Wada, Midori Hirai, Soo Ryang Kim, Hiroshi Yokozaki, Masato Kasuga

Pages: 499-504 Published online on: 01 April 2003

A novel mutation, 1234del(C), of the IRF6 in a Thai family with Van der Woude syndrome

Vorasuk Shotelersuk, Chalurmpon Srichomthong, Koh-Ichiro Yoshiura, Norio Niikawa

Pages: 505-507 Published online on: 01 April 2003

Purification by affinity chromatography of H1° RNA-binding proteins from rat brain

Maria Scaturrok, Anna Sala, Giuseppe Cutrona, Lavinia Raimondi, Giuseppe Cannino, Simona Fontana, Ida Pucci-Minafra, Italia Di Liegro

Pages: 509-513 Published online on: 01 April 2003

Molecular basis for the RhD negative phenotype in Chinese

Ching-Tien Peng, Mu-Chin Shih, Ta-Chih Liu, I-Ling Lin, San-Jang Jaung, Jan-Gowth Chang

Pages: 515-521 Published online on: 01 April 2003

A novel approach for immunization, screening and characterization of selected scFv libraries using membrane fractions of tumor cells

Mehmet Kemal Tur, Achim Rothe, Michael Huhn, Ute Goerres, Alexander Klimka, Michael Stöcker, Andreas Engert, Rainerr Fischer, Ricarda Finner, Stefan Barth

Pages: 523-527 Published online on: 01 April 2003

Difference between Swedish and Japanese men in the association between AR CAG repeats and prostate cancer suggesting a susceptibility-modifying locus overlapping the androgen receptor gene

Chunde Li, Henrik Grönberg, Hideyasu Matsuyama, Günther Weber, Magnus Nordenskjöld, Katsusuke Naito, Anders Bergh, Ulf Bergerheim, Jan-Erik Damber, Catharina Larsson, Peter Ekman

Pages: 529-533 Published online on: 01 April 2003

Differential effects of fluoxetine enantiomers in mammalian neural and cardiac tissues

János Magyar, Zoltán Rusznák, Csaba Harasztosi, Ágnes Körtvély, Pál Pacher, Tamás Bányász, Csaba Pankucsi, László Kovács, Géza Szûcs, Péter P. Nánási, Valéria Kecskeméti

Pages: 535-542 Published online on: 01 April 2003
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April 2003
Volume 11 Issue 4

Print ISSN: 1107-3756
Online ISSN: 1791-244X

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