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Estrogen receptor-positive breast cancer molecular signatures and therapeutic potentials (Review)

Mei Hong Zhang, Hong Tao Man, Xiao Dan Zhao, Ni Dong, Shi Liang Ma

Pages: 41-52 Published online on: 25 October 2013
Open Access

Detection of stanozolol in the urine of athletes at a pg level: The possibility of passive exposure

Christina Tsitsimpikou, Konstantinos Tsarouhas, Demetrios A. Spandidos, Aristides M. Tsatsakis

Pages: 665-666 Published online on: 27 October 2016

Crimean‑Congo hemorrhagic fever: Risk factors and control measures for the infection abatement (Review)

Saadia Aslam, Muhammad Shahzad Latif, Muhammad Daud, Zia Ur Rahman, Bushra Tabassum, Muhammad Sohail Riaz, Anwar Khan, Muhammad Tariq, Tayyab Husnain

Pages: 15-20 Published online on: 18 November 2015

Comparison of the effects of melatonin and genistein on radiation‑induced nephrotoxicity: Results of an experimental study

Emine Canyilmaz, Gonca Hanedan Uslu, Zumrut Bahat, Mustafa Kandaz, Sevdegul Mungan, Emel Haciislamoglu, Ahmet Mentese, Adnan Yoney

Pages: 45-50 Published online on: 24 November 2015
Open Access

Safe use of chemicals by professional users and health care specialists

Margarita Apatsidou, Ioanna Konstantopoulou, Eleni Foufa, Konstantinos Tsarouhas, Petros Papalexis, Ramin Rezaee, Demetrios A. Spandidos, Demetrios Kouretas, Christina Tsitsimpikou

Pages: 160-165 Published online on: 02 January 2018
Open Access

Current understanding of chronic total occlusion of the internal carotid artery (Review)

Baofeng Xu, Chao Li, Yunbao Guo, Kan Xu, Yi Yang, Jinlu Yu

Pages: 117-125 Published online on: 18 December 2017

Mesenchymal stem cells in the tumor microenvironment (Review)

Jian Guan, Jie Chen

Pages: 517-521 Published online on: 10 May 2013

Thymidine kinase 1 as a diagnostic tumor marker is of moderate value in cancer patients: A meta‑analysis

Yanqun Xiang, Hua Zeng, Xiang Liu, Hui Zhou, Ling Luo, Chaohui Duan, Xiaohong Luo, Haiyan Yan

Pages: 629-637 Published online on: 28 May 2013

Therapeutics discovery: From bench to first in-human trials*

Ensaf M. Al-Hujaily, Tanvir Khatlani, Zeyad Alehaideb, Rizwan Ali, Bader Almuzaini, Bahauddeen M Alrfaei, Jahangir Iqbal, Imadul Islam, Shuja Malik, Bader A Marwani, Salam Massadeh, Atef Nehdi, Barrak Alsomaie, Bader Debasi, Ibraheem Bushnak, Saeed Noibi, Syed Hussain, Wahid Abdul Wajid, Jean-Pierre Armand, Sheraz Gul, Julen Oyarzabal, Rana Rais, Chas Bountra, Ahmed Alaskar, Bander Al Knawy, Mohamed Boudjelal

Pages: 275-282 Published online on: 31 January 2018

Involvement of the NF-κB signaling pathway in the renoprotective effects of isorhamnetin in a type 2 diabetic rat model

Shujuan Qiu, Guiling Sun, Yunxia Zhang, Xiangling Li, Rong Wang

Pages: 628-634 Published online on: 22 March 2016
Open Access

Alcohol consumption and risk of subarachnoid hemorrhage: A meta-analysis of 14 observational studies

Xiyang Yao, Kai Zhang, Jieyong Bian, Gang Chen

Pages: 428-436 Published online on: 23 August 2016

Metformin in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease: A systematic review and meta‑analysis

Yan Li, Lei Liu, Bin Wang, Jun Wang, Dongfeng Chen

Pages: 57-64 Published online on: 09 October 2012
Open Access

Identification of genetic variants in pharmacogenetic genes associated with type 2 diabetes in a Mexican-Mestizo population

Nidia Samara Rodríguez-Rivera, Patricia Cuautle-Rodríguez, Fernando Castillo-Nájera, Juan Arcadio Molina-Guarneros

Pages: 21-28 Published online on: 02 June 2017

Second trimester maternal serum triple screening marker levels in normal twin and singleton pregnancies

Feng Ren, Yu Hu, Huan Zhou, Wen-Ying Zhu, Li Jia, Jing-Jing Xu, Jing Xue

Pages: 475-478 Published online on: 24 February 2016

Predominance of precore mutations and clinical significance of basal core promoter mutations in chronic hepatitis B virus infection in Indonesia

Juniastuti, Takako Utsumi, Eduardus Bimo Aksono, Yoshihiko Yano, Soetjipto, Yoshitake Hayashi, Hak Hotta, Fedik Abdul Rantam, Hernomo Ontoseno Kusumobroto, Maria Inge Lusida

Pages: 522-528 Published online on: 15 May 2013

Unraveling the genes implicated in Alzheimer's disease (Review)

Mohan Giri, Abhilasha Shah, Bibhuti Upreti, Jayanti Chamling Rai

Pages: 105-114 Published online on: 14 June 2017

XB130: A novel adaptor protein in cancer signal transduction (Review)

Ruiyao Zhang, Jingyao Zhang, Qifei Wu, Fandi Meng, Chang Liu

Pages: 300-306 Published online on: 01 February 2016

Improvement of thoracic aortic vasoreactivity by continuous and intermittent exercise in high‑fat diet-induced obese rats

Hongpeng Liu, Zhen Yang, Jian Hu, Yan Luo, Lingqin Zhu, Huifang Yang, Guanghua Li

Pages: 527-532 Published online on: 16 April 2015

Expression of CD39 mRNA is altered in the peripheral blood of patients with allergic asthma

Lin‑Lin Wang, Ping‑Hua Tang, Chao‑Guo Shi, Ying‑Huan Wan, Wei Tang, Xia‑Xiao Hou, Na‑Li Pan, Yu‑Bao Shi, Qin‑Lian Tao

Pages: 75-78 Published online on: 06 November 2013

Effect of celecoxib plus standard chemotherapy on serum levels of vascular endothelial growth factor and cyclooxygenase‑2 in patients with gastric cancer

Xiaopeng Han, Hongtao Li, Lin Su, Wankun Zhu, Wei Xu, Kun Li, Qingchuan Zhao, Hua Yang, Hongbin Liu

Pages: 183-187 Published online on: 06 December 2013
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March 2018
Volume 8 Issue 3

Print ISSN: 2049-9434
Online ISSN: 2049-9442

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