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Nanotechnology and its use in imaging and drug delivery (Review)

Serjay Sim, Nyet Kui Wong

Article Number: 42 Published online on: 05 March 2021

Drug development: Lessons from nature (Review)

Sunil Mathur, Clare Hoskins

Pages: 612-614 Published online on: 09 May 2017

Potential role of bromelain in clinical and therapeutic applications (Review)

Vidhya Rathnavelu, Noorjahan Banu Alitheen, Subramaniam Sohila, Samikannu Kanagesan, Rajendran Ramesh

Pages: 283-288 Published online on: 18 July 2016
Review Open Access

Parkinson's disease and cardiovascular involvement: Edifying insights (Review)

Laura Grosu, Alin Ionut Grosu, Dana Crisan, Alexandru Zlibut, Lacramioara Perju-Dumbrava

Article Number: 25 Published online on: 14 February 2023

DNA‑PKcs phosphorylation specific inhibitor, NU7441, enhances the radiosensitivity of clinically relevant radioresistant oral squamous cell carcinoma cells

Kentaro Ohuchi, Ryo Saga, Kazuki Hasegawa, Eichi Tsuruga, Yoichiro Hosokawa, Manabu Fukumoto, Kazuhiko Okumura

Article Number: 28 Published online on: 24 February 2023

Mechanism of alternative splicing and its regulation (Review)

Yan Wang, Jing Liu, Bo Huang, Yan‑Mei Xu, Jing Li, Lin‑Feng Huang, Jin Lin, Jing Zhang, Qing‑Hua Min, Wei‑Ming Yang, Xiao‑Zhong Wang

Pages: 152-158 Published online on: 17 December 2014

Study of the in vitro cytotoxicity testing of medical devices (Review)

Weijia Li, Jing Zhou, Yuyin Xu

Pages: 617-620 Published online on: 19 June 2015
Article Open Access

Probiotic potential of β‑galactosidase‑producing lactic acid bacteria from fermented milk and their molecular characterization

Mahanthesh Vasudha, Chakra S Prashantkumar, Mallika Bellurkar, Vishwas Kaveeshwar, Devaraja Gayathri

Article Number: 23 Published online on: 08 February 2023

Menin represses the proliferation of gastric cancer cells by interacting with IQGAP1

Feng Ren, Qin Guo, Huan Zhou

Article Number: 27 Published online on: 17 February 2023
Article Open Access

Potential prognostic and predictive value of UBE2N, IMPDH1, DYNC1LI1 and HRASLS2 in colorectal cancer stool specimens

Yu-Nung Chen, Cheng-Yen Shih, Shu-Lin Guo, Chih-Yi Liu, Ming-Hung Shen, Shih-Chang Chang, Wei-Chi Ku, Chi-Cheng Huang, Chi-Jung Huang

Article Number: 22 Published online on: 07 February 2023
Review Open Access

Types of acute phase reactants and their importance in vaccination (Review)

Rafaat H. Khalil, Nabil Al-Humadi

Pages: 143-152 Published online on: 11 February 2020
Article Open Access

Ameliorative effects of 6‑gingerol in cerebral ischemia are mediated via the activation of antioxidant and anti‑inflammatory pathways

Ratchaniporn Kongsui, Jinatta Jittiwat

Article Number: 26 Published online on: 15 February 2023
Article Open Access

A multiple comorbidities mouse lung infection model in ApoE‑deficient mice

Benjamin Bartlett, Silvia Lee, Herbert P. Ludewick, Teck Siew, Shipra Verma, Grant Waterer, Vicente F. Corrales-Medina, Girish Dwivedi

Article Number: 21 Published online on: 06 February 2023
Article Open Access

Efficacy of PP121 in primary and metastatic non‑small cell lung cancers

Quincy A. Quick

Article Number: 29 Published online on: 01 March 2023

Personalized medicine could transform healthcare (Review)

Sunil Mathur, Joseph Sutton

Pages: 3-5 Published online on: 02 June 2017
Article Open Access

Pinostrobin alleviates chronic restraint stress‑induced cognitive impairment by modulating oxidative stress and the function of astrocytes in the hippocampus of rats

Sitthisak Thongrong, Serm Surapinit, Tichanon Promsrisuk, Jinatta Jittiwat, Ratchaniporn Kongsui

Article Number: 20 Published online on: 02 February 2023

Essentials of recurrent aphthous stomatitis (Review)

César Rivera

Pages: 47-50 Published online on: 11 June 2019
Review Open Access

Role of oxidative stress in Alzheimer's disease (Review)

Wen‑Juan Huang, Xia Zhang, Wei‑Wei Chen

Pages: 519-522 Published online on: 15 March 2016

A method for extracting DNA from hard tissues for use in forensic identification

Jarunya Samsuwan, Thanutham Somboonchokepisal, Thunyathorn Akaraputtiporn, Tunwarut Srimuang, Phuris Phuengsukdaeng, Aunchulee Suwannarat, Apiwat Mutirangura, Nakarin Kitkumthorn

Pages: 433-438 Published online on: 13 September 2018
Case Report

Cyst of the Canal of Nuck in adult females: A case report and systematic review

Anastasia Prodromidou, Anna Paspala, Dimitrios Schizas, Eleftherios Spartalis, Constantinos Nastos, Nikolaos Machairas

Pages: 333-338 Published online on: 27 March 2020
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Volume 18 Issue 4

Print ISSN: 2049-9434
Online ISSN: 2049-9442

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