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KLF4 suppresses the proliferation of perihilar cholangiocarcinoma by negatively regulating GDF15 and phosphorylating AKT

Xiaoming Zhang, Weijia Wang, Chunlei Lu, Haifeng Zhang

Article Number: 222 Published online on: 06 November 2023

Cucurbitacin E inhibits the proliferation of glioblastoma cells via FAK/AKT/GSK3β pathway

Wen Chen, Fuhong Liu, Xingcheng Lin, Lehui Li, Wenting Chen, Tiantian Zhang, Yuwei Liu, Liyan Niu, Yangbo Zhang, Ping Hu

Article Number: 221 Published online on: 02 November 2023
Review Open Access

HELQ as a DNA helicase: Its novel role in normal cell function and tumorigenesis (Review)

Nan Tang, Weilun Wen, Zhihe Liu, Xifeng Xiong, Yanhua Wu

Article Number: 220 Published online on: 02 November 2023
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P53‑microRNA interactions regulate the response of colorectal tumor cells to oxaliplatin under normoxic and hypoxic conditions

Jiayu Zhang, Chenguang Li, Luanbiao Sun, Denghua Sun, Tiancheng Zhao

Article Number: 219 Published online on: 31 October 2023
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Cyclosporin A inhibits prostate cancer growth through suppression of E2F8 transcription factor in a MELK‑dependent manner

Da Young Lee, Sanghoon Lee, Young Sik Kim, Soonbum Park, Sang-Mun Bae, Eun A Cho, Eun-Jung Park, Hyun Ho Park, Sang-Yeob Kim, Insuk So, Jung Nyeo Chun, Ju-Hong Jeon

Article Number: 218 Published online on: 25 October 2023
Review Open Access

Heterogeneity and individualized treatment of microenvironment in glioblastoma (Review)

Wei Kang, Zhixiao Mo, Wenshan Li, Haifeng Ma, Qiang Zhang

Article Number: 217 Published online on: 25 October 2023
Article Open Access

Starvation insult induces the translocation of high mobility group box 1 to cytosolic compartments in glioma

Xiaohang Cui, Anhui Yao, Liyun Jia

Article Number: 216 Published online on: 24 October 2023
Article Open Access

Analysis of the expression and mechanism of follistatin‑like protein 1 in cervical cancer

Zhen Liu, Hong Zhang, Xiaoxia Hu

Article Number: 215 Published online on: 23 October 2023
Article Open Access

Licochalcone A induces cell cycle arrest and apoptosis via suppressing MAPK signaling pathway and the expression of FBXO5 in lung squamous cell cancer

Xiaoli Fan, Guoqiang Guan, Juan Wang, Meihua Jin, Liming Wang, Xiaoqun Duan

Article Number: 214 Published online on: 20 October 2023
Review Open Access

Emerging histological and serological biomarkers in oral squamous cell carcinoma: Applications in diagnosis, prognosis evaluation and personalized therapeutics (Review)

Leonel Pekarek, Maria J. Garrido‑Gil, Alicia Sánchez‑Cendra, Javier Cassinello, Tatiana Pekarek, Oscar Fraile‑Martinez, Cielo García‑Montero, Laura Lopez‑Gonzalez, Antonio Rios‑Parra, Melchor Álvarez‑Mon, Julio Acero, Raul Diaz‑Pedrero, Miguel A. Ortega

Article Number: 213 Published online on: 20 October 2023
Article Open Access

Cancer therapeutic trispecific antibodies recruiting both T and natural killer cells to cancer cells

Kouki Kimura, Atsushi Kuwahara, Saori Suzuki, Takeshi Nakanishi, Izumi Kumagai, Ryutaro Asano

Article Number: 212 Published online on: 20 October 2023
Review Open Access

MicroRNA‑mediated regulation in lung adenocarcinoma: Signaling pathways and potential therapeutic implications (Review)

Jiye Liu, Fei Zhang, Jiahe Wang, Yibing Wang

Article Number: 211 Published online on: 18 October 2023
Article Open Access

PRMT1 accelerates cell proliferation, migration, and tumor growth by upregulating ZEB1/H4R3me2as in thyroid carcinoma

Guoli Feng, Changju Chen, Yi Luo

Article Number: 210 Published online on: 16 October 2023
Correction Open Access

[Corrigendum] Sulforaphane sensitizes human cholangiocarcinoma to cisplatin via the downregulation of anti‑apoptotic proteins

Rokas Račkauskas, Dachen Zhou, Simonas Ūselis, Kęstutis Strupas, Ingrid Herr, Peter Schemmer

Article Number: 209 Published online on: 11 October 2023
Article Open Access

Targeting of STAT5 using the small molecule topotecan hydrochloride suppresses acute myeloid leukemia progression

Jiahui Li, Bin Tang, Ying Miao, Guihong Li, Zhenliang Sun

Article Number: 208 Published online on: 11 October 2023
Retraction Open Access

[Retracted] miR‑25 promotes metastasis via targeting FBXW7 in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma

Ye Hua, Kai Zhao, Gang Tao, Chunhua Dai, Yuting Su

Article Number: 207 Published online on: 09 October 2023
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