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Cepharanthine hydrochloride reverses P‑glycoprotein-mediated multidrug resistance in human ovarian carcinoma A2780/Taxol cells by inhibiting the PI3K/Akt signaling pathway

Chen-Zheng Huang, Ya-Feng Wang, Yan Zhang, You-Mei Peng, Yi-Xian Liu, Fang Ma, Jin-Hua Jiang, Qing-Duan Wang

Pages: 2558-2564 Published online on: 04 August 2017

CYP24A1-induced vitamin D insufficiency promotes breast cancer growth

Makoto Osanai, Gang-Hong Lee

Pages: 2755-2762 Published online on: 05 September 2016

Tetrandrine enhances cytotoxicity of cisplatin in human drug-resistant esophageal squamous carcinoma cells by inhibition of multidrug resistance-associated protein 1

Tian Hu Wang, Jing Yuan Wan, Xia Gong, Hong Zhong Li, Yuan Cheng

Pages: 1681-1686 Published online on: 30 August 2012

The flavonoid Baohuoside-I inhibits cell growth and downregulates survivin and cyclin D1 expression in esophageal carcinoma via β-catenin-dependent signaling

Lifang Wang , An Lu, Xiaoxia Liu, Meixiang Sang, Baoen Shan, Fanru Meng, Qing Cao, Xin Ji

Pages: 1149-1156 Published online on: 22 July 2011

MicroRNA-223 functions as an oncogene in human colorectal cancer cells

Jufeng Zhang, Xia Luo, Huiming Li, Xupeng Yue, Lin Deng, Yuanyuan Cui, Yanxin Lu

Pages: 115-120 Published online on: 08 May 2014

Docetaxel-loaded PEG-albumin nanoparticles with improved antitumor efficiency against non-small cell lung cancer

Guangming Jin, Mingji Jin, Zhehu Jin, Zhonggao Gao, Xuezhe Yin

Pages: 871-876 Published online on: 08 June 2016

Harmol induces autophagy and subsequent apoptosis in U251MG human glioma cells through the downregulation of survivin

Akihisa Abe, Hiroko Kokuba

Pages: 1333-1342 Published online on: 18 January 2013

The prognostic significance of PD-L1 in bladder cancer

Yide Huang, Shu-Dong Zhang, Cian McCrudden, Kwok-Wah Chan, Yao Lin, Hang-Fai Kwok

Pages: 3075-3084 Published online on: 27 April 2015

PI3K inhibitor LY294002 inhibits activation of the Akt/mTOR pathway induced by an oncolytic adenovirus expressing TRAIL and sensitizes multiple myeloma cells to the oncolytic virus

Yin Tong, Weiwei Zhu, Xianbo Huang, Liangshun You, Xiujun Han, Chunmei Yang, Wenbin Qian

Pages: 1581-1588 Published online on: 11 February 2014

The interaction between miR‑148a and DNMT1 suppresses cell migration and invasion by reactivating tumor suppressor genes in pancreatic cancer

Le Hong, Gen Sun, Long Peng, Yi Tu, Zhen Wan, Haiwei Xiong, Yong Li, Weidong Xiao

Pages: 2916-2925 Published online on: 12 September 2018
Article Open Access

Alpinia katsumadai Hayata induces growth inhibition and autophagy‑related apoptosis by regulating the AMPK and Akt/mTOR/p70S6K signaling pathways in cancer cells

Weixiao An, Yuxi Zhang, Honglin Lai, Yangyang Zhang, Hongmei Zhang, Ge Zhao, Minghua Liu, Yang Li, Xiukun Lin, Shousong Cao

Article Number: 142 Published online on: 20 June 2022
Article Open Access

UBE2T regulates FANCI monoubiquitination to promote NSCLC progression by activating EMT

Jiguang Zhang, Jingdong Wang, Jincheng Wu, Jianyuan Huang, Zhaoxian Lin, Xing Lin

Article Number: 139 Published online on: 14 June 2022
Article Open Access

Dual STAT‑3 and IL‑6R inhibition with stattic and tocilizumab decreases migration, invasion and proliferation of prostate cancer cells by targeting the IL‑6/IL‑6R/STAT‑3 axis

Anibal Méndez‑Clemente, Alejandro Bravo‑Cuellar, Salvador González‑Ochoa, Maria Santiago‑Mercado, Luis Palafox‑Mariscal, Luis Jave‑Suárez, Fabiola Solorzano‑Ibarra, Maria Villaseñor‑García, Pablo Ortiz‑Lazareno, Georgina Hernández‑Flores

Article Number: 138 Published online on: 14 June 2022

miRNAs and the Hippo pathway in cancer: Exploring the therapeutic potential (Review)

Taruna Arora, Mohd. Adnan Kausar, Shimaa Mohammed Aboelnaga, Sadaf Anwar, Malik Asif Hussain, Sadaf Sadaf, Simran Kaur, Alaa Abdulaziz Eisa, Vyas Murti Madhavrao Shingatgeri, Mohammad Zeeshan Najm, Abdulaziz A. Aloliqi

Article Number: 135 Published online on: 10 June 2022

Induction of apoptosis by D-limonene is mediated by inactivation of Akt in LS174T human colon cancer cells

Shu-Sheng Jia, Guang-Peng Xi, Ming Zhang, Yan-Bo Chen, Bo Lei, Xin-Shu Dong, Yan-Mei Yang

Pages: 349-354 Published online on: 19 October 2012

TP53 codon 72 polymorphism in radiation-associated human papillary thyroid cancer

Tatiana I. Rogounovitch, Vladimir A. Saenko, Kiyoto Ashizawa, Ilya A. Sedliarou, Hiroyuki Namba, Aleksandr Yu. Abrosimov, Eugeny F. Lushnikov, Pavel O. Roumiantsev, Marina V. Konova, Natalia S. Petoukhova, Irina V. Tchebotareva, Viktor K. Ivanov, Sergei Yu. Chekin, Tatiana I. Bogdanova, Mykola D. Tronko, Anatoly F. Tsyb, Gerry A. Thomas, Shunichi Yamashita

Pages: 949-956 Published online on: 01 April 2006
Article Open Access

Overexpression of ERCC6L correlates with poor prognosis and confers malignant phenotypes of lung adenocarcinoma

Xiaoyue Huang, Lingyu Jiang, Sufang Lu, Mingqing Yuan, Hui Lin, Baijun Li, Zhaoke Wen, Yonglong Zhong

Article Number: 131 Published online on: 02 June 2022

β‑catenin blockers enhance the effect of CDK4/6 inhibitors on stemness and proliferation suppression in endocrine‑resistant breast cancer cells

Ahrong Ham, Min Hee Cho, Hye Sung Won, Jungmin Jo, Kyoung Eun Lee

Article Number: 130 Published online on: 02 June 2022

Early and delayed intervention with Rapamycin prevents NNK-induced lung adenocarcinoma in A/J mice

Jagan M.R. Patlolla, Levy Kopelovich, Li Qian, Yuting Zhang, Gaurav Kumar, Venkateshwar Madka, Altaf Mohammed, Laura Biddick, Michael Sadeghi, Stan Lightfoot, Chinthalapally V. Rao

Pages: 2925-2934 Published online on: 16 September 2015

Combination of cannabidiol with low‑dose naltrexone increases the anticancer action of chemotherapy in vitro and in vivo

Wai M. Liu, Nadine K. Hall, Harry S.Y. Liu, Francis L. Hood, Angus G. Dalgleish

Article Number: 76 Published online on: 18 February 2022
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Volume 48 Issue 1

Print ISSN: 1021-335X
Online ISSN: 1791-2431

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