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Ultraviolet light exposure influences skin cancer in association with latitude

Miguel Rivas, María C. Araya, Fresia Caba, Elisa Rojas, Gloria M. Calaf

Pages: 1153-1159 Published online on: 26 January 2011

Quercetin in prostate cancer: Chemotherapeutic and chemopreventive effects, mechanisms and clinical application potential (Review)

Feiya Yang, Liming Song, Huiping Wang, Jun Wang, Zhiqing Xu, Nianzeng Xing

Pages: 2659-2668 Published online on: 31 March 2015

CYP24A1-induced vitamin D insufficiency promotes breast cancer growth

Makoto Osanai, Gang-Hong Lee

Pages: 2755-2762 Published online on: 05 September 2016
Article Open Access

miR‑10a increases the cisplatin resistance of lung adenocarcinoma circulating tumor cells via targeting PIK3CA in the PI3K/Akt pathway

Tonghai Huang, Kangqi Ren, Guanggui Ding, Lin Yang, Yuxin Wen, Bin Peng, Guangsuo Wang, Zheng Wang

Pages: 1906-1914 Published online on: 17 March 2020

The interaction between miR‑148a and DNMT1 suppresses cell migration and invasion by reactivating tumor suppressor genes in pancreatic cancer

Le Hong, Gen Sun, Long Peng, Yi Tu, Zhen Wan, Haiwei Xiong, Yong Li, Weidong Xiao

Pages: 2916-2925 Published online on: 12 September 2018

Tetrandrine enhances cytotoxicity of cisplatin in human drug-resistant esophageal squamous carcinoma cells by inhibition of multidrug resistance-associated protein 1

Tian Hu Wang, Jing Yuan Wan, Xia Gong, Hong Zhong Li, Yuan Cheng

Pages: 1681-1686 Published online on: 30 August 2012

The flavonoid Baohuoside-I inhibits cell growth and downregulates survivin and cyclin D1 expression in esophageal carcinoma via β-catenin-dependent signaling

Lifang Wang , An Lu, Xiaoxia Liu, Meixiang Sang, Baoen Shan, Fanru Meng, Qing Cao, Xin Ji

Pages: 1149-1156 Published online on: 22 July 2011

Anti-proliferation and anti-metastasis effect of barbaloin in non-small cell lung cancer via inactivating p38MAPK/Cdc25B/Hsp27 pathway

Zhang Zhang, Wei Rui, Zi-Chen Wang, Da-Xin Liu, Lin Du

Pages: 1172-1180 Published online on: 27 June 2017

Combination of cannabidiol with low‑dose naltrexone increases the anticancer action of chemotherapy in vitro and in vivo

Wai M. Liu, Nadine K. Hall, Harry S.Y. Liu, Francis L. Hood, Angus G. Dalgleish

Article Number: 76 Published online on: 18 February 2022
Article Open Access

Gene expression alterations of human liver cancer cells following borax exposure

Lun Wu, Ying Wei, Wen‑Bo Zhou, You‑Shun Zhang, Qin‑Hua Chen, Ming‑Xing Liu, Zheng‑Peng Zhu, Jiao Zhou, Li‑Hua Yang, Hong‑Mei Wang, Guang‑Min Wei, Sheng Wang, Zhi‑Gang Tang

Pages: 115-130 Published online on: 23 May 2019
Article Open Access

Prognostic and therapeutic value of mitochondrial serine hydroxyl-methyltransferase 2 as a breast cancer biomarker

Lahong Zhang, Zhaojun Chen, Dan Xue, Qi Zhang, Xiyong Liu, Frank Luh, Liquan Hong, Hang Zhang, Feng Pan, Yuhua Liu, Peiguo Chu, Shu Zheng, Guoqiang Lou, Yun Yen

Pages: 2489-2500 Published online on: 20 September 2016

MicroRNA-223 functions as an oncogene in human colorectal cancer cells

Jufeng Zhang, Xia Luo, Huiming Li, Xupeng Yue, Lin Deng, Yuanyuan Cui, Yanxin Lu

Pages: 115-120 Published online on: 08 May 2014

Antiproliferative effects of β-blockers on human colorectal cancer cells

M. Coelho, M. Moz, G. Correia, A. Teixeira, R. Medeiros, L. Ribeiro

Pages: 2513-2520 Published online on: 23 March 2015
Article Open Access

Ruscogenin induces ferroptosis in pancreatic cancer cells

Zhiwang Song, Xiaojun Xiang, Junhe Li, Jun Deng, Ziling Fang, Ling Zhang, Jianping Xiong

Pages: 516-524 Published online on: 10 December 2019
Article Open Access

Akt‑mediated phosphorylation of Oct4 is associated with the proliferation of stem‑like cancer cells

Qing‑Wei Zhao, Yan‑Wen Zhou, Wen‑Xin Li, Bo Kang, Xiao‑Qian Zhang, Ying Yang, Jie Cheng, Sheng‑Yong Yin, Ying Tong, Jian‑Qin He, Hang‑Ping Yao, Min Zheng, Ying‑Jie Wang

Pages: 1621-1629 Published online on: 27 January 2015

β-catenin is regulated by USP9x and mediates resistance to TRAIL-induced apoptosis in breast cancer

Wen Ouyang, Shimin Zhang, Bo Yang, Chunxu Yang, Junhong Zhang, Fuxiang Zhou, Conghua Xie

Pages: 717-724 Published online on: 27 November 2015

Harmol induces autophagy and subsequent apoptosis in U251MG human glioma cells through the downregulation of survivin

Akihisa Abe, Hiroko Kokuba

Pages: 1333-1342 Published online on: 18 January 2013

Expression and mechanism of PinX1 and telomerase activity in the carcinogenesis of esophageal epithelial cells

Jing Zuo, Da-Hu Wang, Yu-Jun Zhang, Liang Liu, Feng-Ling Liu, Wei Liu

Pages: 1823-1831 Published online on: 01 August 2013
Article Open Access

Identification of diagnostic markers in colorectal cancer via integrative epigenomics and genomics data

Teow Kok-Sin, Norfilza Mohd Mokhtar, Nur Zarina Ali Hassan, Ismail Sagap, Isa Mohamed Rose, Roslan Harun, Rahman Jamal

Pages: 22-32 Published online on: 19 May 2015

Identification and characterization of human TMEM25 and mouse Tmem25 genes in silico

Masuko Katoh, Masaru Katoh

Pages: 429-433 Published online on: 01 August 2004
Journal Cover

Volume 49 Issue 4

Print ISSN: 1021-335X
Online ISSN: 1791-2431

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