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Combination of cannabidiol with low‑dose naltrexone increases the anticancer action of chemotherapy in vitro and in vivo

Wai M. Liu, Nadine K. Hall, Harry S.Y. Liu, Francis L. Hood, Angus G. Dalgleish

Article Number: 76 Published online on: 18 February 2022

CAR T cell therapy: A new era for cancer treatment (Review)

Rimjhim Mohanty, Chitran Roy Chowdhury, Solomon Arega, Prakriti Sen, Pooja Ganguly, Niladri Ganguly

Pages: 2183-2195 Published online on: 24 September 2019

Non-coding RNAs as regulators in epigenetics (Review)

Jian-Wei Wei, Kai Huang, Chao Yang, Chun-Sheng Kang

Pages: 3-9 Published online on: 08 November 2016
Article Open Access

Molecular mechanisms of platinum‑based chemotherapy resistance in ovarian cancer (Review)

Ling Yang, Hong-Jian Xie, Ying-Ying Li, Xia Wang, Xing-Xin Liu, Jia Mai

Article Number: 82 Published online on: 25 February 2022
Article Open Access

Comparison of 2D- and 3D-culture models as drug-testing platforms in breast cancer

Yoshinori Imamura, Toru Mukohara, Yohei Shimono, Yohei Funakoshi, Naoko Chayahara, Masanori Toyoda, Naomi Kiyota, Shintaro Takao, Seishi Kono, Tetsuya Nakatsura, Hironobu Minami

Pages: 1837-1843 Published online on: 29 January 2015
Article Open Access

Lidocaine attenuates TMZ resistance and inhibits cell migration by modulating the MET pathway in glioblastoma cells

Ming-Shan Chen, Zhi-Yong Chong, Cheng Huang, Hsiu-Chen Huang, Pin-Hsuan Su, Jui-Chieh Chen

Article Number: 72 Published online on: 08 April 2024

Cancer patients treated with the Banerji protocols utilising homoeopathic medicine: A Best Case Series Program of the National Cancer Institute USA

Prasanta Banerji, Donald R. Campbell, Pratip Banerji

Pages: 69-74 Published online on: 01 July 2008

Effects of different mycotoxins on humans, cell genome and their involvement in cancer (Review)

Mowaffaq Adam Ahmed Adam, Yasser M. Tabana, Khirun Binti Musa, Doblin Anak Sandai

Pages: 1321-1336 Published online on: 06 February 2017

Quercetin in prostate cancer: Chemotherapeutic and chemopreventive effects, mechanisms and clinical application potential (Review)

Feiya Yang, Liming Song, Huiping Wang, Jun Wang, Zhiqing Xu, Nianzeng Xing

Pages: 2659-2668 Published online on: 31 March 2015
Review Open Access

The role of ferroptosis in radiotherapy and combination therapy for head and neck squamous cell carcinoma (Review)

Yu Feng, Xiulei Li, Bingwu Yang, Maocai Li, Yongya Du, Jing Wang, Siyu Liu, Lili Gong, Lianqing Li, Lei Gao

Article Number: 79 Published online on: 18 April 2024

Chemotherapy for breast cancer (Review)

M. S.U. Hassan, J. Ansari, D. Spooner, S. A. Hussain

Pages: 1121-1131 Published online on: 01 November 2010
Review Open Access

HSP90 inhibitors and cancer: Prospects for use in targeted therapies (Review)

Zi-Nan Li, Ying Luo

Article Number: 6 Published online on: 09 November 2022
Review Open Access

Cetuximab chemotherapy resistance: Insight into the homeostatic evolution of head and neck cancer (Review)

Carlos Henrique De Paula Diniz, Tiago Henrique, Ana Carolina B. Stefanini, Tialfi Bergamin De Castro, Eloiza H. Tajara

Article Number: 80 Published online on: 19 April 2024

Role of the tumor microenvironment in tumor progression and the clinical applications (Review)

Yao Yuan, Yu-Chen Jiang, Chong-Kui Sun, Qian-Ming Chen

Pages: 2499-2515 Published online on: 07 March 2016
Review Open Access

Cancer drug delivery in the nano era: An overview and perspectives (Review)

Zhen Li, Shirui Tan, Shuan Li, Qiang Shen, Kunhua Wang

Pages: 611-624 Published online on: 14 June 2017
Review Open Access

Regulation of ferroptosis by non‑coding RNAs in the development and treatment of cancer (Review)

Yajun Luo, Qingmei Huang, Bin He, Yilei Liu, Siqi Huang, Jiangwei Xiao

Pages: 29-48 Published online on: 05 November 2020
Article Open Access

Butyrate increases methylglyoxal production through regulation of the JAK2/Stat3/Nrf2/Glo1 pathway in castration‑resistant prostate cancer cells

Yi-Jan Hsia, Zhang-Min Lin, Taolan Zhang, Tz-Chong Chou

Article Number: 71 Published online on: 05 April 2024

Epigenetic regulation and cancer (Review)

Q. W. Chen, X. Y. Zhu, Y. Y. Li, Z. Q. Meng

Pages: 523-532 Published online on: 11 December 2013
Review Open Access

Modulating epigenetic modifications for cancer therapy (Review)

Leonardo Josué Castro-Muñoz, Elenaé Vázquez Ulloa, Cecilia Sahlgren, Marcela Lizano, Erick De La Cruz-Hernández, Adriana Contreras-Paredes

Article Number: 59 Published online on: 10 February 2023
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Volume 51 Issue 6

Print ISSN: 1021-335X
Online ISSN: 1791-2431

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