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SARS-CoV-2 associated unilateral parotitis in children: A case report and literature review

Andrea Marino, Giovanni Cacciaguerra, Serena Spampinato, Monica Palermo, Arturo Biasco, Emanuele Liotta, Salvatore Cocuzza, Emmanuele Venanzi Rullo, Giuseppe Nunnari, Piero Pavone

Article Number: 83 Published online on: 27 March 2024
Review Open Access

Multiple molecular and cellular mechanisms of the antitumour effect of dihydromyricetin (Review)

Tian Xia, Runzhi Zhu

Article Number: 82 Published online on: 26 March 2024
Review Open Access

Viruses as a potential environmental trigger of type 1 diabetes mellitus (Review)

Jayra Juliana Paiva Alves Abrantes, Jenner Chrystian Veríssimo de Azevedo, Fernando Liberalino Fernandes, Valéria Duarte Almeida, Laura Andrade Custódio de Oliveira, Maryana Thalyta Ferreira De Oliveira, Josélio Maria Galvão de Araújo, Daniel Carlos Ferreira Lanza, Fabiana Lima Bezerra, Vania Sousa Andrade, Thales Allyrio Araújo de Medeiros Fernandes, José Veríssimo Fernandes

Article Number: 81 Published online on: 26 March 2024
Review Open Access

Activity of isoflavone in managing polycystic ovary syndrome symptoms (Review)

Cut Raihanah, Sukrasno Sukrasno, Neng Fisheri Kurniati

Article Number: 80 Published online on: 21 March 2024
Case Report Open Access

Rare histopathological finding of ovarian pseudotumor: A case report

Batool Samara, Suha Shriam, Aseel Al-Balas, Reham Isied, Ismaiel Abu Mahfouz, Anwar Almasri

Article Number: 79 Published online on: 19 March 2024
Article Open Access

Effectiveness and safety of immune response to SARS‑CoV‑2 vaccine in patients with chronic kidney disease and dialysis: A systematic review and meta‑analysis

Kejia Li, Yang Xia, Hua Ye, Xian Sun, Bairu Shi, Jiajun Wu

Article Number: 78 Published online on: 19 March 2024
Article Open Access

Diagnostic value of laboratory parameters for complicated appendicitis: A two‑center study

Qian Zhang, Hongwei Zhao, Fangli Wang, Wenqiang Li, Peng Zhang

Article Number: 77 Published online on: 15 March 2024
Article Open Access

Ca2+ signals in human umbilical endothelial cells derived from pregnancy with fetal growth restriction associated with hypertensive disorder

Magdalena P. Cortés, Catalina Alonso, Raúl Vinet, Karla Valdivia‑Cortés, Leonel Muñoz‑Sagredo, Tania F. Bahamondez‑Canas, Ana María Cárdenas

Article Number: 76 Published online on: 14 March 2024
Article Open Access

Alcohol extract of Rubia yunnanensis: Metabolic alterations and preventive effects against OGD/R‑induced oxidative damage in HT22 cells

Jianghao Cheng, Gaoyizhou Li, Liping Yang, Pu Chen, Xiaohua Duan

Article Number: 75 Published online on: 12 March 2024
Review Open Access

Alien hand syndrome: Pathophysiology, semiology and differential diagnosis with psychiatric disorders (Review)

Mihnea Costin Manea, Floris Petru Iliuta, Mirela Manea, Radu Mihail Lacau, Corina-Ioana Varlam, Aliss Madalina Mares, Constantin Alexandru Ciobanu, Adela Magdalena Ciobanu

Article Number: 74 Published online on: 11 March 2024
Article Open Access

Effects of tidal volume on physiology and clinical outcomes in patients with one‑lung ventilation undergoing surgery: A meta‑analysis of randomized controlled trials

Jie Jiang, Feiping Xia, Zhonghua Lu, Yuying Tang, Haibo Qiu, Yi Yang, Fengmei Guo

Article Number: 73 Published online on: 08 March 2024
Article Open Access

Sleep disorders, stress coping strategies and neurobehavioral aspects: an outlook on the impact of covid‑19 in first‑year resident physicians

Michele Teodoro, Sebastiano Italia, Federica Giambò, Chiara Costa, Concettina Fenga

Article Number: 72 Published online on: 06 March 2024
Case Report Open Access

Squamous cell carcinoma arising from chronic osteomyelitis of the femur: A case report

Nan Jiang, Yu-Sheng Yang, Qing-Rong Lin, Yan-Jun Hu, Bin Yu

Article Number: 71 Published online on: 06 March 2024
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