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Review Open Access

Therapeutic considerations for patients with chronic plantar fasciitis (Review)

Daniela Poenaru, Silviu Constantin Badoiu, Anca Mirela Ionescu

Article Number: 9 Published online on: 15 July 2021
Article Open Access

Application of an internal drainage tube in laparoscopic common bile duct exploration

Hanzhang Dong, Xi Liu, Mingjian Luo, Shaobiao Ke, Jiulin Zhan, Zhiwei Li

Article Number: 14 Published online on: 02 September 2021
Review Open Access

Ameliorative effect of taurine against diabetes and renal‑associated disorders (Review)

Stella Baliou, Maria Adamaki, Petros Ioannou, Aglaia Pappa, Mihalis I. Panayiotidis, Ioannis Christodoulou, Demetrios A. Spandidos, Anthony M. Kyriakopoulos, Vassilis Zoumpourlis

Article Number: 3 Published online on: 31 May 2021
Review Open Access

Medical uses for phenol in the urinary tract: A possible forgotten treatment (Review)

Takuya Sadahira, Yuki Maruyama, Toyohiko Watanabe, Takanori Sekito, Yosuke Mitsui, Koichiro Wada, Motoo Araki, Masami Watanabe

Article Number: 13 Published online on: 31 August 2021
Article Open Access

Long‑term outcomes of non‑systematic device reimplantation following lead extraction in selected patients

Wencheng Zheng, Feng Ze, Dandan Yang, Ding Li, Xu Zhou, Cuizhen Yuan, Xuebin Li

Article Number: 11 Published online on: 04 August 2021
Article Open Access

Clinical outcome of patients with inoperable pancreatic cancer treated with FOLFIRINOX or gemcitabine plus Nab‑paclitaxel as a first‑line therapy: A retrospective analysis

Hiroyuki Sakaguchi, Azusa Tanimoto, Shigeki Sato, Naohiro Yanagimura, Chiaki Suzuki, Yohei Takumi, Akihiro Nishiyama, Kaname Yamashita, Shinji Takeuchi, Koshiro Ohtsubo, Seiji Yano

Article Number: 8 Published online on: 05 July 2021
Article Open Access

Epidemiology of neoplastic colorectal polyps in a Caribbean country

Shamir O. Cawich, Avidesh Mahabir, Milton Arthurs

Article Number: 10 Published online on: 29 July 2021
Review Open Access
Review Open Access

Intracranial post‑clipping residual or recurrent aneurysms: Current status and treatment options (Review)

Jianmin Piao, Tengfei Luan, Lai Qu, Jinlu Yu

Article Number: 1 Published online on: 12 April 2021
Article Open Access

Structural risk analysis of a potential Ebola outbreak with respect to infrastructural aspects amid the current COVID-19 pandemic

Mohamed Arafkas, Issideen Ayinla Osseni, Justyna Schubert, Jacek Bania, Joanna Kulas, Veria Khosrawipour, Maya Karine Labbé, Piotr Frelkiewicz, Tanja Khosrawipour

Article Number: 7 Published online on: 05 July 2021
Article Open Access

Colorectal cancer demographics in Barbados

Sahle Griffith, Greg Padmore, Emil Phillips, Solange S.K. Ramkissoon, Sierra  Moore, Keisha Walkes, Abdelaziz A. Gohar, Shamir O. Cawich

Article Number: 2 Published online on: 28 April 2021
Article Open Access

Peripheral artery disease, the ‘lost syndrome’ during lockdown for COVID‑19: A report of three cases

Chiara Panzavolta, Beniamino Zalunardo, Sandro Irsara, Luca Ferretto, Adriana Visonà

Article Number: 15 Published online on: 16 September 2021
Article Open Access

Imaging characteristics and endovascular treatment strategy for cerebellar arteriovenous malformations

Jianmin Piao, Tengfei Luan, Yiheng Wang, Jinlu Yu

Article Number: 5 Published online on: 23 June 2021
Case Report Open Access

Traumatic carotid‑cavernous fistula with perimedullary venous drainage and delayed myelopathy: A case report

Chun-Long Ding, Chun-Lei Zhang, Feng Hua, Shao-Dong Xi, Qin-Wei Zhou, Hui-Jun Wang, Jun-Jie Chen, Jie Qiu

Article Number: 16 Published online on: 17 September 2021
Article Open Access

Impact of bariatric surgery on periodontal status in an obese cohort at one year of follow‑up

Silie Arboleda, Roquelina Pianeta, Miguel Vargas, Gloria Inés Lafaurie, Fanny Aldana‑Parra, Carlos Felipe Chaux

Article Number: 4 Published online on: 11 June 2021
Case Report Open Access

Massive ovarian edema with paraovarian cyst torsion treated with laparoscopic surgery: A case report

Takeshi Fukuda, Kenji Imai, Makoto Yamauchi, Mari Kasai, Tomoyuki Ichimura, Tomoyo Yasui, Toshiyuki Sumi

Article Number: 17 Published online on: 12 October 2021
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September-October 2021
Volume 1 Issue 4

Print ISSN: 2754-3242
Online ISSN: 2754-1304

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