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Effects of NVP‑BEZ235, a dual phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase/mammalian target of rapamycin inhibitor, on HTLV-1-infected T-cell lines

Chie Ishikawa, Masachika Senba, Naoki Mori

Pages: 5311-5317 Published online on: 07 February 2018

MAP30 promotes apoptosis of U251 and U87 cells by suppressing the LGR5 and Wnt/β-catenin signaling pathway, and enhancing Smac expression

Yilin Jiang, Junjie Miao, Dongliang Wang, Jingru Zhou, Bo Liu, Feng Jiao, Jiangfeng Liang, Yangshuo Wang, Cungang Fan, Qingjun Zhang

Pages: 5833-5840 Published online on: 16 February 2018
Open Access

Assessment of CXC ligand 12-mediated calcium signalling and its regulators in basal-like breast cancer cells

S. Y. N. Jamaludin, I. Azimi, F. M. Davis, A. A. Peters, T. J. Gonda, E. W. Thompson, S. J. Roberts‑Thomson, G. R. Monteith

Pages: 4289-4295 Published online on: 19 January 2018
Open Access

Awareness of hepatic arterial variants is required in surgical oncology decision making strategy: Case report and review of literature

Robert Sitarz, Monika Berbecka, Jerzy Mielko, Karol Rawicz‑Pruszyński, Grzegorz Staśkiewicz, Ryszard Maciejewski, Wojciech Polkowski

Pages: 6251-6256 Published online on: 22 February 2018
Open Access

Potential tumor suppressing role of microRNA-545 in epithelial ovarian cancer

Xibiao Jia, Xiaogang Liu, Ming Li, Yu Zeng, Zaoming Feng, Xian Su, Yan Huang, Maomao Chen, Xueyi Yang

Pages: 6386-6392 Published online on: 27 February 2018

Energy metabolism of cancer: Glycolysis versus oxidative phosphorylation (Review)

Jie Zheng

Pages: 1151-1157 Published online on: 20 September 2012

Dendritic cells loaded with HeLa-derived exosomes simulate an antitumor immune response

Guoping Ren, Yanhong Wang, Shexia Yuan, Baolian Wang

Pages: 6636-6640 Published online on: 27 February 2018
Open Access

Tumor suppressor candidate 3: A novel grading tool and predictor of clinical malignancy in human gliomas

Jing Yuan, Xinshuang Yu, Aihua Wang, Yan Li, Fengjun Liu, Yao Wang, Shanmei Sun, Xiuyang Bing, Yiming Liu, Juan Du

Pages: 5655-5661 Published online on: 16 February 2018

Identification of an HLA-A2-restricted CD147 epitope that can induce specific CTL cytotoxicity against drug resistant MCF-7/Adr cells

Chuang Qu, Shuhui Gao, Hongwei Shao, Wenfeng Zhang, Huabben Bo, Xin Lu, Tianjiao Chen, Jing Kou, Yue Wang, Gui Si Chen, Shulin Huang, Han Shen

Pages: 6050-6056 Published online on: 16 February 2018
Open Access

Differential levels of L‑homocysteic acid and lysophosphatidylcholine (16:0) in sera of patients with ovarian cancer

Seung Cheol Kim, Min Kyung Kim, Yun Hwan Kim, Sun‑A Ahn, Kyung‑Hee Kim, Kun Kim, Won Ki Kim, Jun Hwa Lee, Jae Youl Cho, Byong Chul Yoo

Pages: 566-574 Published online on: 03 June 2014

Anti‑cancer effect of ursolic acid activates apoptosis through ROCK/PTEN mediated mitochondrial translocation of cofilin‑1 in prostate cancer

Wen‑Tao Gai, Da‑Peng Yu, Xin‑Sheng Wang, Pei‑Tao Wang

Pages: 2880-2885 Published online on: 16 August 2016

Improving immunotherapy for colorectal cancer using dendritic cells combined with anti-programmed death-ligand in vitro

Zilong Hu, Yue Ma, Zhiyang Shang, Shidong Hu, Kai Liang, Wentao Liang, Xiaowei Xing, Yufeng Wang, Xiaohui Du

Pages: 5345-5351 Published online on: 07 February 2018

Gastric cancer patients have elevated plasmacytoid and CD1c+ dendritic cells in the peripheral blood

Weihuang Liu, Jie Zhao, Qiaoqi Li, Qiaona Wang, Ying Zhou, Zan Tong

Pages: 5087-5092 Published online on: 07 February 2018
Open Access

Clinical significance and effect of Sam68 expression in gastric cancer

Jinzhang Xiao, Qiuhong Wang, Qichang Yang, Hua Wang, Fulin Qiang, Song He, Jin Cai, Lei Yang, Yingying Wang

Pages: 4745-4752 Published online on: 02 February 2018

Identification of potential key genes and high-frequency mutant genes in prostate cancer by using RNA-Seq data

Ze Zhang, He Wu, Hong Zhou, Yunhe Gu, Yufeng Bai, Shiliang Yu, Ruihua An, Jiping Qi

Pages: 4550-4556 Published online on: 24 January 2018
Open Access

Apatinib promotes apoptosis of the SMMC-7721 hepatocellular carcinoma cell line via the PI3K/Akt pathway

Hua Zhang, Yumei Cao, Yuru Chen, Guangxi Li, Hanshu Yu

Pages: 5739-5743 Published online on: 12 February 2018
Open Access

Liver regeneration during the associating liver partition and portal vein ligation for staged hepatectomy procedure in Sus scrofa is positively modulated by stem cells

Martin Bartas, Jiri Červeň, Jan Oppelt, Matus Peteja, Petr Vávra, Pavel Zonča, Vaclav Procházka, Vaclav Brázda, Petr Pečinka

Pages: 6309-6321 Published online on: 22 February 2018
Open Access

Analysis of H3K27me3 expression and DNA methylation at CCGG sites in smoking and non-smoking patients with non-small cell lung cancer and their clinical significance

Kunshou Zhu, Yujie Deng, Guoxing Weng, Dan Hu, Cheng Huang, Keitaro Matsumoto, Takeshi Nagayasu, Takehiko Koji, Xiongwei Zheng, Wenhui Jiang, Gen Lin, Yibin Cai, Guibin Weng, Xiaohui Chen

Pages: 6179-6188 Published online on: 21 February 2018
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May 2018
Volume 15 Issue 5

Print ISSN: 1792-1074
Online ISSN: 1792-1082

2016 Impact Factor: 1.39
Ranked #68/217 Oncology
(total number of cites)

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