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Rapid response to systemic bevacizumab therapy in recurrent respiratory papillomatosis

Michael Mohr, Christoph Schliemann, Christoph Biermann, Lars‑Henning  Schmidt, Torsten Kessler, Joachim Schmidt, Karsten Wiebe, Klaus‑Michael Müller, Thomas K. Hoffmann, Andreas H. Groll, Claudius Werner, Christina  Kessler, Rainer Wiewrodt, Claudia Rudack, Wolfgang E. Berdel

Pages: 1912-1918 Published online on: 28 August 2014
Open Access

Butyrate upregulates the TLR4 expression and the phosphorylation of MAPKs and NK‑κB in colon cancer cell in vitro

Tengfei Xiao, Shuiyun Wu, Cheng Yan, Chuanxiang Zhao, Huimin Jin, Nannan Yan, Jie Xu, Yi Wu, Ci Li, Qixiang Shao, Sheng Xia

Pages: 4439-4447 Published online on: 24 July 2018

Medullary thyroid carcinoma: The third most common thyroid cancer reviewed

Michael Stamatakos, Panoraia Paraskeva, Charikleia Stefanaki, Paraskevas Katsaronis, Andreas Lazaris, Konstantinos Safioleas, Konstantinos Kontzoglou

Pages: 49-53 Published online on: 23 November 2010
Open Access

Renin angiotensin system deregulation as renal cancer risk factor (Review)

Paweł Sobczuk, Cezary Szczylik, Camillo Porta, Anna M. Czarnecka

Pages: 5059-5068 Published online on: 25 August 2017
Open Access

Metformin and cancer: An existing drug for cancer prevention and therapy (Review)

Fuming Zi, Huapu Zi, Yi Li, Jingsong He, Qingzhi Shi, Zhen Cai

Pages: 683-690 Published online on: 14 November 2017
Open Access

Antitumor efficacy of the Runx2‑dendritic cell vaccine in triple‑negative breast cancer in vitro

Mi Tang, Yu Liu, Qiao‑Chu Zhang, Peng Zhang, Jue‑Kun Wu, Jia‑Ni Wang, Ying Ruan, Yong Huang

Pages: 2813-2822 Published online on: 21 June 2018

Familial risk for lung cancer (Review)

Madiha Kanwal, Xiao‑Ji Ding, Yi Cao

Pages: 535-542 Published online on: 20 December 2016
Open Access

A curated target gene pool assisting disease prediction and patient‑specific biomarker selection for lung squamous cell carcinoma

Bin Huang, Ning Zhong, Hongbao Cao, Guiping Yu

Pages: 5140-5146 Published online on: 31 July 2018

The diagnostic and prognostic value of plasma microRNA‑125b‑5p in patients with multiple myeloma

Yanxia Jiang, Yajing Luan, Hong Chang, Guoan Chen

Pages: 4001-4007 Published online on: 11 July 2018
Open Access

Overexpression of TPX2 is associated with progression and prognosis of prostate cancer

Jun Zou, Rui‑Yan Huang, Fu‑Neng Jiang, De‑Xiong Chen, Cong Wang, Zhao‑Dong Han, Yu‑Xiang Liang, Wei‑De Zhong

Pages: 2823-2832 Published online on: 25 June 2018

Shift in prevalence of HPV types in cervical cytology specimens in the era of HPV vaccination

Sonja Fischer, Marcus Bettstetter, Andrea Becher, Marlene Lessel, Cyril Bank, Matthias Krams, Ingrid Becker, Arndt Hartmann, Wolfgang Jagla, Andreas Gaumann

Pages: 601-610 Published online on: 01 June 2016
Open Access

Intra‑tumoral treatment with oxygen‑ozone in glioblastoma: A systematic literature search and results of a case series

Richard Megele, Markus J. Riemenschneider, Frank Dodoo‑Schittko, Matthias Feyrer, Andrea Kleindienst

Published online on: September 5, 2018
Open Access

Whole‑exome sequencing identifies variants in invasive pituitary adenomas

Xiaolei Lan, Hua Gao, Fei Wang, Jie Feng, Jiwei Bai, Peng Zhao, Lei Cao, Songbai Gui, Lei Gong, Yazhuo Zhang

Pages: 2319-2328 Published online on: 16 August 2016
Open Access

miR-16 targets SALL4 to repress the proliferation and migration of gastric cancer

Xuefeng Jiang, Zhe Wang

Pages: 3005-3012 Published online on: 20 June 2018

Proteins involved in cutaneous basal cell carcinoma development

Magdalena Ciążyńska, Igor A. Bednarski, Karolina Wódz, Paweł Kolano, Joanna Narbutt, Michał Sobjanek, Anna Woźniacka, Aleksandra Lesiak

Pages: 4064-4072 Published online on: 11 July 2018
Open Access

Overexpression of SMARCA2 or CAMK2D is associated with cisplatin resistance in human epithelial ovarian cancer

Xiaoli Xu, Zhiguo Zheng, Lanlan Jia, Shasha Suo, Bowen Liu, Tianning Shao, Qinqing Tu, Yuejin Hua, Hong Xu

Pages: 3796-3804 Published online on: 10 July 2018
Open Access

Liver regeneration during the associating liver partition and portal vein ligation for staged hepatectomy procedure in Sus scrofa is positively modulated by stem cells

Martin Bartas, Jiri Červeň, Jan Oppelt, Matus Peteja, Petr Vávra, Pavel Zonča, Vaclav Procházka, Vaclav Brázda, Petr Pečinka

Pages: 6309-6321 Published online on: 22 February 2018

A meta‑analysis of transcriptome datasets characterizes malignant transformation from melanocytes and nevi to melanoma

Daniel Ortega‑Bernal, Claudia H. González‑De La Rosa, Elena Arechaga‑Ocampo, Miguel Angel Alvarez‑Avitia, Nora Sobrevilla Moreno, Claudia Rangel‑Escareño

Pages: 1899-1911 Published online on: 31 May 2018
Open Access

Anterior gradient 2 as a supervisory marker for tumor vessel normalization induced by anti‑angiogenic treatment

Fan Pan, Wei Li, Wende Yang, Xiao‑Yan Yang, Shuhao Liu, Xin Li, Xiaoxu Zhao, Hui Ding, Li Qin, Yunlong Pan

Pages: 3083-3091 Published online on: 20 June 2018
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October 2018
Volume 16 Issue 4

Print ISSN: 1792-1074
Online ISSN: 1792-1082

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