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The role of diet in the pathogenesis and management of irritable bowel syndrome (Review)

M. El-Salhy, H. Østgaard, D. Gundersen, J. G. Hatlebakk, T. Hausken

Pages: 723-731 Published online on: 24 February 2012
Open Access

Effects of thermal water on skin regeneration

Angela Faga, Giovanni Nicoletti, Cesarina Gregotti, Valentina Finotti, Agnese Nitto, Luciana Gioglio

Pages: 732-740 Published online on: 15 February 2012
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Effect of a hot water extract of Chlorella vulgaris on proliferation of IEC-6 cells

Seo-Hyeon Song, In-Hye Kim, Taek-Jeong Nam

Pages: 741-746 Published online on: 01 February 2012
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MicroRNA profiling in murine liver after partial hepatectomy

Ioannis Chaveles, Apostolos Zaravinos, Ioannis G. Habeos, Dimitrios D. Karavias, Ioannis Maroulis, Demetrios A. Spandidos, Dionisios Karavias

Pages: 747-755 Published online on: 03 February 2012

Relationship between serum undercarboxylated osteocalcin and hyaluronan levels in patients with bilateral knee osteoarthritis

Kiyohito Naito, Taiji Watari, Osamu Obayashi, Sadanobu Katsube, Isao Nagaoka, Kazuo Kaneko

Pages: 756-760 Published online on: 26 January 2012

Anti-aging effects of high molecular weight proteoglycan from salmon nasal cartilage in hairless mice

Masashi Goto, Shota Yamazaki, Yoji Kato, Kazushi Yamamoto, Yohtaro  Katagata

Pages: 761-768 Published online on: 16 February 2012

Radiation-induced double strand breaks and subsequent apoptotic DNA fragmentation in human peripheral blood mononuclear cells

Myriam Ghardi, Marjan Moreels, Bernard Chatelain, Christian Chatelain, Sarah Baatout

Pages: 769-780 Published online on: 07 February 2012

Tgf-β1 induces autophagy and promotes apoptosis in renal tubular epithelial cells

Yanfang Xu, Shuyu Yang, Jiyi Huang, Shiwei Ruan, Zhang Zheng, Jiumao Lin

Pages: 781-790 Published online on: 09 February 2012

Proteomic analysis of ubiquitination-associated proteins in a cisplatin-resistant human lung adenocarcinoma cell line

Xia Qin, Shizhi Chen, Zongyin Qiu, Yuan Zhang, Feng Qiu

Pages: 791-800 Published online on: 13 February 2012

The n-butanol fraction of Naematoloma sublateritium suppresses the inflammatory response through downregulation of NF-κB in human endothelial cells

Yu Ran Lee, Ki Mo Kim, Byeong Hwa Jeon, Jong Woon Choi, Sunga Choi

Pages: 801-808 Published online on: 14 February 2012

Immunotherapy for SV40 T/t antigen-induced breast cancer by recombinant adeno-associated virus serotype 2 carrying interleukin-15 in mice

Giou-Teng Yiang, Pei-Lun Chou, Hsiu-Feng Tsai, Li-Ann Chen, Wei-Jung Chang, Yung-Luen Yu, Chyou-Wei Wei

Pages: 809-814 Published online on: 17 February 2012

Millimeter wave treatment promotes chondrocyte proliferation via G1/S cell cycle transition

Xihai Li, Hongzhi Ye, Fangrong Yu, Liangliang Cai, Huiting Li, Jiashou Chen, Mingxia Wu, Wenlie Chen, Ruhui Lin, Zuanfang Li, Chunsong Zheng, Huifeng Xu, Guangwen Wu, Xianxiang Liu

Pages: 823-831 Published online on: 16 February 2012

Detection and identification of peroxiredoxin 3 as a biomarker in hepatocellular carcinoma by a proteomic approach

Bingbing Qiao, Jiajia Wang, Jianfei Xie, Ying Niu, Shaojun Ye, Qiquan Wan, Qifa Ye

Pages: 832-840 Published online on: 15 February 2012

Expression of thymosin β4 in odontoblasts during mouse tooth development

Baik-Dong Choi, Seong-Ho Yun, Soon-Jeong Jeong, Guanlin Wang, Heung-Joong Kim, Do-Seon Lim, Moon-Jin Jeong

Pages: 841-847 Published online on: 13 February 2012

Tanshinone IIA inhibits BT-20 human breast cancer cell proliferation through increasing caspase 12, GADD153 and phospho-p38 protein expression

Meng-Yi Yan, Su-Yu Chien, Shou-Jen Kuo, Dar-Ren Chen, Chin-Cheng Su

Pages: 855-863 Published online on: 07 February 2012

Janex-1, a JAK3 inhibitor, ameliorates tumor necrosis factor‑α‑induced expression of cell adhesion molecules and improves myocardial vascular permeability in endotoxemic mice

Jung Eun Lee, Ae Sin Lee, Duk Hoon Kim, Yu Jin Jung, Sik Lee, Byung-Hyun Park, Sun Hwa Lee, Sung Kwang Park, Won Kim, Kyung Pyo Kang

Pages: 864-870 Published online on: 16 February 2012

Molecular profile of organ culture-stored corneal epithelium: Lgr5 is a potential new phenotypic marker of residual human corneal limbal epithelial stem cells

Joanna Brzeszczynska, Kanna Ramaesh, Bal Dhillon, James A. Ross

Pages: 871-876 Published online on: 06 February 2012

Bradykinin prevents the apoptosis of NIT-1 cells induced by TNF-α via the PI3K/Akt and MAPK signaling pathways

Xizhen Xu, Ling Tu, Wei Jiang, Wenjing Feng, Chun Xia Zhao, Dao Wen Wang

Pages: 891-898 Published online on: 21 February 2012
Open Access

Impaired synthesis contributes to diabetes-induced decrease in liver glutathione

Anna Lisa Furfaro, Mariapaola Nitti, Barbara Marengo, Cinzia Domenicotti, Damiano Cottalasso, Umberto Maria Marinari, Maria Adelaide Pronzato, Nicola Traverso

Pages: 899-905 Published online on: 14 February 2012

Transforming growth factor-β1 induces glutathione peroxidase-1 and protects from H2O2-induced cell death in colon cancer cells via the Smad2/ERK1/2/HIF-1α pathway

Ying Huang, Wenfeng Fang, Yulei Wang, Wancai Yang, Bin Xiong

Pages: 906-912 Published online on: 03 February 2012

Polysaccharide isolated from Triticum aestivum stimulates insulin release from pancreatic cells via the ATP-sensitive K+ channel

Sun-Hee Lee, Sung-Won Lim, Young-Mi Lee, Hoi-Seon Lee, Dae-Ki Kim

Pages: 913-919 Published online on: 06 February 2012

microRNA-21-mediated regulation of Sprouty2 protein expression enhances the cytotoxic effect of 5-fluorouracil and metformin in colon cancer cells

Yin-Hsun Feng, Chao-Liang Wu, Ai-Li Shiau, Jenq-Chang Lee, Jan-Gowth Chang, Pei-Jung Lu, Chao-Ling Tung, Li-Yia Feng, Wen-Tsung Huang, Chao-Jung Tsao

Pages: 920-926 Published online on: 09 February 2012

Association study between TRIM26 polymorphisms and risk of aspirin-exacerbated respiratory disease

Jin Sol Lee, Joon Seol Bae, Jeong-Hyun Kim, Jason Yongha Kim, Tae Joon Park, Charisse Flerida Pasaje, Byung-Lae Park, Hyun Sub Cheong, An-Soo Jang, Soo-Taek Uh, Choon-Sik Park, Hyoung Doo Shin

Pages: 927-933 Published online on: 26 January 2012

High dose 1,25(OH)2D3 inhibits osteoblast mineralization in vitro

Masayoshi Yamaguchi, M. Neale Weitzmann

Pages: 934-938 Published online on: 01 February 2012

Expression of a humanized single-chain variable fragment antibody targeting chronic myeloid leukemia cells in Escherichia coli and its characterization

Xiaoying Zhu, Dong Wang, Shenfeng Li, Qing Xiao, Kun Tao, Jing Hu, Weixi Cao, Wenli Feng

Pages: 939-945 Published online on: 07 February 2012

Epigallocatechin-3-gallate prevents TNF-α-induced NF-κB activation thereby upregulating ABCA1 via the Nrf2/Keap1 pathway in macrophage foam cells

Jin Jiang, Zhong-Cheng Mo, Kai Yin, Guo-Jun Zhao, Yun-Cheng Lv , Xin-Ping Ouyang, Zhi-Sheng Jiang, Yuchang Fu, Chao-Ke Tang

Pages: 946-956 Published online on: 21 February 2012
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May 2012
Volume 29 Issue 5

Print ISSN: 1107-3756
Online ISSN: 1791-244X

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