Journal Articles

Translational research, techniques and innovation in GI endoscopy

Lead Editor:

    Dr Hajime Isomoto
    Department Gastroenterology and Nephrology, Tottori University

Recent advancement in GI endoscopic diagnostic yield and interventions has been outstanding by involvement by AI technology, robotics, innovative conceptions. Whilst, the invention has been supported by case series experience by experts even in certain sole case technical success or by translational research using animal models or basic research using the state-of-art technologies including omics. In this specific issues, we propose submission of full original communications related to topics above mentioned while case series experiences or informative case success if authors discuss potential prevalence of the novel techniques expanding to real world practice, insightful contrivance, or innovative concept that would open the door for breakthrough and foreseeable future perspective.

Submission deadline: 06/01/2023