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The future of microbiota in human diseases: from diagnosis to treatments

Lead Editor:

    Professor Amedeo Amedei
    University of Florence

The microbiota, the trillions of microorganisms that live on and in humans, as well as the roles they may play in nutrition, sickness, cancer, and even brain development, have sparked a surge of interest in the last decade. Many scientists want to learn more about the microbiota so that we can use it to well define the pathogenesis of more human diseases and to improve the health. But different questions are currently open: how do we get there, and what challenges will we face along the way? What does microbial research have in store for the future? What is the future of microbiome research? What has to be done in order for this field to fulfil its potential? The idea of this special issue is to explore the innovative studies regarding the impacting role of microbiota in several human diseases and also its therapeutic approaches