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Current status of uterine regenerative medicine for absolute uterine factor infertility (Review)

Yusuke Matoba, Iori Kisu, Asako Sera, Megumi Yanokura, Kouji Banno, Daisuke Aoki

Pages: 79-86 Published online on: 04 January 2019

Circular RNAs in leukemia (Review)

Tuğçe Balci Okcanoğlu, Cumhur Gündüz

Pages: 87-91 Published online on: 10 December 2018

Clinicopathological features of cystic lesions in the eyelid

Yuka Suimon, Satoru Kase, Kan Ishijima, Hiromi Kanno‑Okada, Susumu Ishida

Pages: 92-96 Published online on: 07 December 2018
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Alteration in cardiac PI3K/Akt/mTOR and ERK signaling pathways with the use of growth hormone and swimming, and the roles of miR21 and miR133

Orkide Palabiyik, Ebru Tastekin, Zeynep Banu Doganlar, Pinar Tayfur, Ayten Dogan, Selma Arzu Vardar

Pages: 97-106 Published online on: 13 December 2018
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Detection of G338R FGFR2 mutation in a Vietnamese patient with Crouzon syndrome

Anh Lan Thi Luong, Thuong Thi Ho, Ha Hoang, Trung Quang Nguyen, Tu Cam Ho, Phan Duc Tran, Thuy Thi Hoang, Nam Trung Nguyen, Hoang Ha Chu

Pages: 107-112 Published online on: 03 January 2019

Influence of GnRH antagonist in reproductive women on in vitro fertilization and embryo transfer in fresh cycles

Yang Xu, Yu‑Song Zhang, Dong‑Yi Zhu, Xiang‑Hong Zhai, Feng‑Xia Wu, An‑Cong Wang

Pages: 113-118 Published online on: 29 November 2018

Influence of nasal polyp tissue on the differentiation and activation of T lymphocytes in a co‑culture system

Pascal Ickrath, Agmal Scherzad, Norbert Kleinsasser, Chr Ginzkey, Rudolf Hagen, Stephan Hackenberg

Pages: 119-126 Published online on: 08 January 2019

Analysis of the rs2476601 polymorphism of PTPN22 in Mexican mestizo patients with leprosy

Mónica Escamilla‑Tilch, Thalía Gabriela Pérez‑Suárez, Nora Magdalena Torres‑Carrillo, Rosario Rodríguez‑Guillén, Roberto Arenas‑Guzmán, Marcela Torres‑Hernández, Mary Fafutis‑Morris, Sergio Estrada‑Parra, Iris Estrada‑García, Maricela García‑Lechuga, Julio Granados, Rosalio Ramos‑Payan

Pages: 127-132 Published online on: 07 January 2019

Adiponectin gene rs1501299 polymorphism is associated with increased risk of anterior cruciate ligament rupture

Wanvisa Udomsinprasert, Pongsak Yuktanandana, Thanathep Tanpowpong, Somkiat Malila, Wiroj Jiamjarasrangsi, Sittisak Honsawek

Pages: 133-139 Published online on: 31 December 2018

Circulating angiopoietin‑like protein 2 levels are associated with decreased renal function in HIV+ subjects on cART: A potential marker of kidney disease

Marilia Rita Pinzone, Manuela Ceccarelli, Emmanuele Venanzi Rullo, Mauro Maresca, Roberto Bruno, Fabrizio Condorelli, Michele Di Rosa, Giordano Madeddu, Emanuele Focà, Andrea Calcagno, Benedetto Maurizio Celesia, Bruno Cacopardo, Giuseppe Nunnari, Giovanni F. Pellicanò

Pages: 140-144 Published online on: 07 January 2019
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Volume 10 Issue 2

Print ISSN: 2049-9434
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