Journal Articles

Congenital Growth and Development Defects

Lead Editor:

    Dr Qiang Huang
    Duke University
    United States

Congenital growth and developmental defects are mainly caused by congenital malformations, which are structural or functional anomalies occurring as the fetus is growing within its mother’s womb. They are caused by genetic, infectious, nutritional, or environmental factors. There is no specific therapy for these defects, even though some have existing therapeutic methods, such as surgeries, vaccination, specific medicine. Many therapeutic methods are in development, such as gene editing and stem cell therapy. In this special issue, we will talk about the defect-related aspects, including experimental models, the development of therapeutic methods (including surgeries in development), etiology, diagnosis, and prevention. We invite review and original research papers related, but not limited, to the above topics in order to realize a special issue that will further the defect medicine.

Submission deadline: 24/06/2023