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Tumor immunotherapy based on tumor‑derived heat shock proteins (Review)

Yunfei Zhang, Lianhe Zheng

Pages: 1543-1549 Published online on: 10 October 2013

Local hyperthermia for esophageal cancer in a rabbit tumor model: Magnetic stent hyperthermia versus magnetic fluid hyperthermia

Jiayi Liu, Ning Li, Li Li, Danye Li, Kai Liu, Lingyun Zhao, Jintian Tang, Liya Li

Pages: 1550-1558 Published online on: 11 October 2013

Association of osteopontin and cyclooxygenase‑2 expression with breast cancer subtypes and their use as potential biomarkers

Dhanashri Thorat, Asutosh Sahu, Reeti Behera, Kirti Lohite, Sanjay Deshmukh, Anupama Mane, Swapnil Karnik, Suhaschandra Doke, Gopal C. Kundu

Pages: 1559-1564 Published online on: 01 October 2013

The overexpression of glypican-5 promotes cancer cell migration and is associated with shorter overall survival in non-small cell lung cancer

Yan Li, Liyun Miao, Hourong Cai, Jingjing Ding, Yonglong Xiao, Jun Yang, Deping Zhang

Pages: 1565-1572 Published online on: 11 October 2013

Long‑term survival without surgery following a complete response to pre‑operative chemoradiotherapy for rectal cancer: A case series

Seung‑Gu Yeo, Dae Yong Kim, Jae Hwan Oh

Pages: 1573-1576 Published online on: 01 October 2013

Mesenchymal stem cells derived from breast cancer tissue promote the proliferation and migration of the MCF‑7 cell line in vitro

Chunfu Zhang, Wei Zhai, Yan Xie, Qiaolin Chen, Wei Zhu, Xiaochun Sun

Pages: 1577-1582 Published online on: 11 October 2013

A novel POLH mutation causes XP‑V disease and XP‑V tumor proneness may involve imbalance of numerous DNA polymerases

Jia Guo, Guilan Zhou, Wenfeng Zhang, Yaling Song, Zhuan Bian

Pages: 1583-1590 Published online on: 07 October 2013

HER2 status in advanced gastric carcinoma: A retrospective multicentric analysis from Sicily

A. Ieni, V. Barresi, G. Giuffrè, R. A. Caruso, S. Lanzafame, L. Villari, E. Salomone, E. Roz, D. Cabibi, V. Franco, G. Certo, A. Labate, C. Nagar, E. Magliolo, B. Broggi, C. Fazzari, F. Italia, G. Tuccari

Pages: 1591-1594 Published online on: 10 October 2013

Overexpression of periostin predicts poor prognosis in non-small cell lung cancer

Ling-Zhi Hong, Xiao-Wei Wei, Jin-Fei Chen, Yi Shi

Pages: 1595-1603 Published online on: 18 September 2013

Sinomenine sensitizes gastric cancer cells to 5-fluorouracil in vitro and in vivo

Fei Liao, Zirong Yang, Xiaohong Lu, Xufeng Guo, Weiguo Dong

Pages: 1604-1610 Published online on: 18 September 2013

Papillary thyroid carcinoma and laryngeal squamous cell carcinoma manifesting as a collision tumor of the neck: A case report

Xin Wang, Xiang‑Yan Cui, Ning Fang, Wei‑Lun Chen, Hong Yu, Wei Zhu

Pages: 1616-1618 Published online on: 15 October 2013

Corosolic acid enhances the antitumor effects of chemotherapy on epithelial ovarian cancer by inhibiting signal transducer and activator of transcription 3 signaling

Yukio Fujiwara, Kiyomi Takaishi, Junko Nakao, Tsuyoshi Ikeda, Hidetaka Katabuchi, Motohiro Takeya, Yoshihiro Komohara

Pages: 1619-1623 Published online on: 18 September 2013

DUSP6, a tumor suppressor, is involved in differentiation and apoptosis in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma

Jianjuan Ma, Xiying Yu, Liping Guo, Shih Hsin Lu

Pages: 1624-1630 Published online on: 07 October 2013

Prognostic value of Annexin A3 in human colorectal cancer and its correlation with hypoxia‑inducible factor‑1α

Yong‑Qiu Xie, Di Fu, Zheng‑Hua He, Qing‑Dong Tan

Pages: 1631-1635 Published online on: 11 October 2013

MicroRNA‑145 inhibits the proliferation, migration and invasion of the human TCA8113 oral cancer line

Yuan Shao, Shao‑Qiang Zhang, Fang Quan, Peng‑Fei Zhang, Sheng‑Li Wu

Pages: 1636-1640 Published online on: 11 October 2013

Prognostic impact of p16 and p21 on gastroenteropancreatic neuroendocrine tumors

Shuzheng Liu, Yuxi Chang, Jie Ma, Xu Li, Xiaohong Li, Jinhu Fan, Rong Huang, Guangcai Duan, Xibin Sun

Pages: 1641-1645 Published online on: 09 October 2013

Misdiagnosis of a giant intrapelvic schwannoma: A case report

Fan Zou, Min Dai, Bin Zhang, Tao Nie

Pages: 1646-1648 Published online on: 15 October 2013

Identification of U251 glioma stem cells and their heterogeneous stem‑like phenotypes

Suojun Zhang, Ruifan Xie, Feng Wan, Fei Ye, Dongsheng Guo, Ting Lei

Pages: 1649-1655 Published online on: 11 October 2013

The role of the retinoblastoma protein‑interacting zinc finger gene 1 tumor suppressor gene in human esophageal squamous cell carcinoma cells

Shangwen Dong, Peng Zhang, Shaojie Liang, Shuo Wang, Pei Sun, Yuanguo Wang

Pages: 1656-1662 Published online on: 09 October 2013

Survival of >20 years in a myeloma patient with an unusual combination of t(14;16) and hyperdiploidy: A case report

Chor Sang Chim, Edmond Siu Kwan Ma

Pages: 1663-1664 Published online on: 11 October 2013

Chloroquine has tumor‑inhibitory and tumor‑promoting effects in triple‑negative breast cancer

Johanna Tuomela, Jouko Sandholm, Joonas H. Kauppila, Petri Lehenkari, Kevin W. Harris, Katri S. Selander

Pages: 1665-1672 Published online on: 04 October 2013

Identification of a cancer stem cell‑like side population in the HeLa human cervical carcinoma cell line

Kefang Wang, Jianfang Zeng, Lijing Luo, Jiaxin Yang, Jie Chen, Bin Li, Keng Shen

Pages: 1673-1680 Published online on: 07 October 2013

Higher expression of circulating miR‑182 as a novel biomarker for breast cancer

Ping‑Yu Wang, Hai‑Tao Gong, Bao‑Feng Li, Chun‑Lei Lv, Huan‑Tai  Wang, Hui‑Hui Zhou, Xin‑Xin Li, Shu‑Yang Xie, Bao‑Fa Jiang

Pages: 1681-1686 Published online on: 24 September 2013

DNA methylation as an epigenetic biomarker in colorectal cancer

Tiago Donizetti Silva, Veronica Marques Vidigal, Aledson Vitor Felipe, Jacqueline Miranda De Lima, Ricardo Artigiani Neto, Sarhan Sidney Saad, Nora Manoukian Forones

Pages: 1687-1692 Published online on: 07 October 2013

Lymph node ratio is a better prognosticator than lymph node status for gastric cancer: A retrospective study of 138 cases

Wei‑Juan Zeng, Wen‑Qin Hu, Lin‑Wei Wang, Shu‑Guang Yan, Jian‑Ding Li, Hao‑Liang Zhao, Chun‑Wei Peng, Gui‑Fang Yang, Yan Li

Pages: 1693-1700 Published online on: 10 October 2013

Differential phosphofructokinase‑1 isoenzyme patterns associated with glycolytic efficiency in human breast cancer and paracancer tissues

Guannan Wang, Zhiliang Xu, Changhua Wang, Feng Yao, Juanjuan Li, Chuang Chen, Shengrong Sun

Pages: 1701-1706 Published online on: 01 October 2013

Choi criteria are superior in evaluating tumor response in patients treated with transarterial radioembolization for hepatocellular carcinoma

Zhihong Weng, Judith Ertle, Shaoping Zheng, Thomas Lauenstein, Stefan Mueller, Andreas Bockisch, Guido Gerken, Dongliang Yang, Joerg F. Schlaak

Pages: 1707-1712 Published online on: 10 October 2013

microRNA-449a functions as a tumor-suppressor in gastric adenocarcinoma by targeting Bcl‑2

Bin Wei, Ying Song, Yonghong Zhang, Mingjun Hu

Pages: 1713-1718 Published online on: 09 October 2013

Diaphragmatic perforation with colonic herniation due to hepatic radiofrequency ablation: A case report and review of the literature

Meiqi Zhou, Haifei He, Hongke Cai, Hailong Chen, Yue Hu, Zheng Shu, Yongchuan Deng

Pages: 1719-1722 Published online on: 15 October 2013

Type II cGMP‑dependent protein kinase inhibits epidermal growth factor‑induced phosphatidylinositol‑3‑kinase/Akt signal transduction in gastric cancer cells

Min Wu, Yongchang Chen, Lu Jiang, Yueying Li, Ting Lan, Ying Wang, Hai Qian

Pages: 1723-1728 Published online on: 15 October 2013

99mTcO4- scintigraphic detection of follicular thyroid cancer and multiple metastatic lesions: A case report

Chang‑Yin Wang, Bang‑Ru Xiao, Mei‑Juan Shen, Ying Shen, Kun‑Wei Cui

Pages: 1729-1732 Published online on: 23 October 2013

Serum microRNA‑21 levels are related to tumor size in gastric cancer patients but cannot predict prognosis

Jianning Song, Zhigang Bai, Jun Zhang, Hua Meng, Jun Cai, Wei Deng, Jintao Bi, Xuemei Ma, Zhongtao Zhang

Pages: 1733-1737 Published online on: 15 October 2013

Palliative surgery for primary sarcoma in the abdominal aorta: A case report and review of the literature

Ju‑Liang Zhang, Su-Min Yang, Qing Yao, Jiang‑Hao Chen, Ting Wang, Hui Wang, Jing Fan, Rui Ling, Jun Yi, Shi‑Fang Yuan, Ling Wang

Pages: 1738-1740 Published online on: 25 September 2013

Inflammatory myofibroblastic tumor of the kidney with viral hepatitis B and trauma: A case report

Zeyu Li, Weigang Wang, Yuantao Wang, Xiuyu Zhai, Ye Tian, Yaowen Fu, Honglan Zhou

Pages: 1741-1743 Published online on: 01 October 2013

Cloning and expression analysis of the gastric carcinoma‑related gene, ELCOX3

Runliang Gan, Xiaomin Liu, Yadong Zhou, Yeru Tan, Hongguang Liu, Guoqing Li, Yunlian Tang, Hailong Xie

Pages: 1744-1748 Published online on: 27 September 2013

Gallic acid reduces cell viability, proliferation, invasion and angiogenesis in human cervical cancer cells

Bing Zhao, Mengcai Hu

Pages: 1749-1755 Published online on: 15 October 2013

Complications of 5‑azacytidine: Three cases of severe ischemic colitis in elderly patients with myelodysplastic syndrome

Thomas Melchardt, Lukas Weiss, Lisa Pleyer, Susanne Steinkirchner, Jutta Auberger, Georg Hopfinger, Richard Greil, Alexander Egle

Pages: 1756-1758 Published online on: 15 October 2013

A rare case of primary nodal hemangioendothelioma

Giuseppe Donato, Francesco Conforti, Eugenia Allegra

Pages: 1759-1761 Published online on: 15 October 2013

Asiatic acid, a triterpene, inhibits cell proliferation through regulating the expression of focal adhesion kinase in multiple myeloma cells

Junli Zhang, Lisha Ai, Tingting Lv, Xudong Jiang, Fang Liu

Pages: 1762-1766 Published online on: 01 October 2013

Snail mediates invasion through uPA/uPAR and the MAPK signaling pathway in prostate cancer cells

Diandra D. Randle, Shineka Clarke, Veronica Henderson, Valerie A. Odero‑Marah

Pages: 1767-1773 Published online on: 18 October 2013

Transfusion‑dependent low‑risk myelodysplastic patients receiving deferasirox: Long‑term follow‑up

Salvatore Improta, Maria Rosaria Villa, Antonio Volpe, Angela Lombardi, Paola Stiuso, Nicola Cantore, Lucia Mastrullo

Pages: 1774-1778 Published online on: 10 October 2013

Bevacizumab treatment for advanced non‑small cell lung cancer: A case report

Yun Fan, Zhiyu Huang, Weimin Mao

Pages: 1779-1783 Published online on: 04 October 2013

Apoptosis induced by β,β‑dimethylacrylshikonin is associated with Bcl‑2 and NF‑κB in human breast carcinoma MCF‑7 cells

Yao Xiong, Xiu‑Ying Ma, Ziran Zhang, Zhen‑Jun Shao, Yuan‑Yuan Zhang, Li‑Ming Zhou

Pages: 1789-1793 Published online on: 10 October 2013

Analysis of somatostatin receptors and somatostatin promoter methylation in human gastric cancer

Xuefei Shi, Xiao Li, Lin Chen, Chunhui Wang

Pages: 1794-1798 Published online on: 10 October 2013

Immunological suppression of head and neck carcinoma by dendritic cell tumor fusion vaccine

Yongbin Mou, Hao Xie, Xiaofeng Huang, Wei Han, Yanhong  Ni, Hang Su, Zhiyong Wang, Qingang Hu

Pages: 1799-1803 Published online on: 15 October 2013

PX‑12‑induced HeLa cell death is associated with oxidative stress and GSH depletion

Hye Rim Shin, Bo Ra You, Woo Hyun Park

Pages: 1804-1810 Published online on: 21 October 2013

Circulating microRNA‑101 as a potential biomarker for hepatitis B virus‑related hepatocellular carcinoma

Yu Fu, Xufu Wei, Chengyong Tang, Jianping Li, Rui Liu, Ai Shen, Zhongjun Wu

Pages: 1811-1815 Published online on: 21 October 2013
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